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  1. I think I received the email notification from Norwegian about 2-3 months prior to departure, and Norwegian only skipped Nynashamn for certain itineraries last summer, not sure why. Some passengers mentioned about port fees, others mentioned the ship had to skip Stockholm several times in the past because of wind condition (navigate among the small islands into Stockholm).
  2. Hello Buffy, our ship changed port for the good, instead of docking in Nynashamn it docked right in Stockholm Frihamnen, so we ended up taking a short bus ride to Vasa, then walked around Gamla Stan, but no time for palace/museum (we had a short time in port until early afternoon). Enjoy your trip!
  3. Thanks again for all the helpful replies! Good to know that the transfer drops off close to Plaza de Espana (I searched CC and someone mentioned RCCL transfer dropped them on Calle La Rabida), and KirkNC thanks for mentioning that you had 4 hours in Sevilla. To Rosalyn, thanks for the advice on prebooking the Alcazar and Cathedral, and good to know that you actually had more time to explore Sevilla than with a private tour, and I'd have to figure out the timing of arrival to Sevilla in order to prebook the entries.
  4. Thanks for all the helpful replies! To Oregonpoppa: agree, I debated about whether to go to Sevilla from Cadiz due to the little time in Sevilla. To Caribbean Chris: glad to know you had a great time with HAL sponsored tour. Their prices start at $200 vs $75 for the transfer, that's the reason I am exploring the transfer option. To FlaMariner: yes Spanish day tours (SDT) is the other good option I considered. They go into Alcazar but not the Seville Cathedral, and might stop in Plaza de Espana if time allowed as mentioned by the reviews. Prices are about the same as HAL transfer. To taxmantoo: you did the HAL transfer! Do you recall where they dropped you off in Sevilla? I am also concerned that the transfer starts a bit late at 8:30AM (ship arrives to Cadiz at 7 AM).
  5. Our ship calls in Cadiz, Spain, in June, and one of HAL sponsored excursion is "Transfer to Seville" for $75. Has anyone used the transfer? And if so, how was your experience? The HAL website only says the tour is 8 hours, leaves at 8:30AM (though the ship is in port from 7AM to 5PM, why wait until 8:30AM?), and passengers will be drop off in a "central location". I also looked into other big private tour company but the schedule seems to be rigid and not flexible (we are mainly interested in Alcazar, Seville Cathedral, and Plaza de Espania). Thanks in advance!
  6. Flight Ease seems interesting, though I still have 2 questions after reading the posts: 1. Can you choose to arrive to your departing port a few days prior to the departure, and stay a few days at the final destination port after cruise? If so, how many days? We usually like to do some sightseeing before and after the cruise. 2. Is Flight Ease offered across the travel agencies? Looking at Europe 2021, I noticed the Flight Ease + cruise package is available when I search HAL website, but not available when I search the 6 letter big warehouse website. Also I noticed the flight ease package is not offered in Europe 2020 itineraries. Thanks in advance!
  7. I know I should ask Holland America as well, but it's already closed. Are we allowed to leave the ship in the middle of the trip (instead of ending at the last port)? I am considering a European cruise next year which ends in Copenhagen, but I'd like to disembark in Amsterdam (which is the port before Copenhagen) instead of Copenhagen because I was just in Copenhagen a few months ago but never been to Amsterdam. Anyone has experience doing this? Thanks in advance!
  8. thanks for all the useful info! I don't have many choices for veranda cabin for 4 people at the intended cruise, either deck 4 toward the aft (VC) above the dinning room, or deck 10 VB, unless we go for the Neptune suite (no Signature suite available). As long as there is no noise issue and we can have a good night sleep, I think we can live with the tiny "Juliet balcony" and the tiny 174 sf VB cabin at deck 10.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply and the photo showing the balcony! I think I can live with that balcony size, as long as there is no other issues.
  10. I noticed the VB cabins at deck 10 Observation deck are not fully booked up as the rest of the veranda cabins (VA and VB are all gone in deck 4 and 5). Are these cabins less desirable? Only thing I noticed is that they are sandwiched between Explorations cafe and Sliding Dome Cover. Thanks in advance!
  11. I am new to HAL, was looking into June 2020 Europe 12-day cruise on Zuiderdam (Rome to Copenhagen), and was surprised to see that most of cabins were almost booked a year in advance! A few questions for you HAL experts here: 1) is this a glitch, or most people really do book a year in advance in HAL? HAL website actually had Nothing across the board for 3 or 4 passenger cabin, but Costco website still has a few cabins, I am surprised and confused. 2) would teenagers feel out of place in HAL? 3) can you eat at the Lido buffet most of the time without a reservation? We cruised with Norwegian in Europe last 3 years and enjoyed their freestyle cruising, now looking into HAL because of the really interesting itineraries. We don't enjoy sit down restaurants and formalities. 4) How would you place HAL compared to other cruise lines? I noticed the price was on par with Norwegian and Carnival and RCI, and much cheaper compared with Celebrity. Thanks in advance!
  12. Thanks for the replies! Yes I use Uber app and I don't "call" Uber 🙂 I'd love to use local proper taxis service, but people reported been ripped off by the taxis waiting at the pier, because some of them would paint their cars to look like the recommended ones.
  13. Our cruise ship Norwegian Gateway will call in Tallin. What's the best way to get Uber from the cruise terminal to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral? I'd imagine the pier would be very congested with tourists and taxis. Should I walk to a close by landmark and then call Uber? I'd read the forum about the taxis warning, and I am not sure if I'll be able to find the recommended Tallink Takso and Tulika Takso from the other taxis at the pier, and I've never used Taxify. We cannot walk up the hills and steps to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, reason for the ride to the cathedral, then walk back to the ship. Other suggestions for the ride to Alexander Nevsky Cathedral (or top of the hill in Old Town) are welcome. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the photos and info! Was there a bus ticket dispenser inside the cruise terminal?
  15. Celebrity and Royal started to charge non-refundable deposits even for advanced reservations, and Norwegian offers free cancellation up to the final payment date.
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