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  1. They anticipate that CDC will end the lockdown.
  2. My money is on Pacific Princess. Sure looks like a Princess logo on the paper lying on the bed.
  3. We are Elite with Princess and started sailing with them when they were NOT part of Carnival. Experience totally changed after that and not for the better. First sailing on X was on the old Horizon when Michel Roux was the Executive Chef. Food and service then were top shelf. We are also Elite+ on X but until Luminae came along, they couldn't hold a candle to O's food. In 2014 we took our first O cruise and never looked back. Amazing food( blows away Luminae), wonderful cabins, and a nice relaxed atmosphere. Also, O is more port intensive so if your goal is to actually see the world and not just your cabin, O is the choice. A caveat, we prefer the O class ships, Marina and Riviera, over the former Renaissance Cruises ships ( the R class). More room, more dining options, roughly the same size as the Millennium Class on X but with half the passengers. Give it a try. Only you can determine if it's for you but you'll never know if don't try it.
  4. Yes. July 2021, Athens to Istanbul. Two days shorter but most of the same ports.
  5. LOL! Try Masada in August at 118 degrees! I live in Florida so very heat tolerant. And thanks. I really think we'll be cruising by June.
  6. Had 4 cruises booked from this September to July 2021. First one was cancelled. Next one is late December (South America and crossing my fingers), Then 2 in the Med June 2021, then Israel in July. Gotta believe we'll make at least one of those.
  7. I was also one and did it gladly. My greatest fear then was being in an iron lung, unable to move. Had the shots and then the oral. Much preferred the oral! 🙂
  8. I would point out that in an interview on Monday on CNBC, The CEO of Moderna said their phase 3 test currently underway has no age limit and they are expecting it to include those over 70-80. He also stated that the goal is to have preliminary data by end of September and full data by end of October with a potential roll out of their vaccine in late November, mid December. The Moderna entry created monoclonal antibodies in every single test subject in Phases 1 and 2 at levels far exceeding recovered covid patients. There is hope, my friends.
  9. You will be amazed at the dining on Riviera whether in your stateroom or in the restaurants.
  10. The Penthouse is well worth it for the extra space alone.
  11. To those who got letter, were you in an upper level suite? Oceania or above. Curious if they just wanted to put all cabins on 90 days.
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