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  1. Any FCC with a book-by date of December 31, 2020 should be extended significantly.
  2. Well, My Account and the March 13 email certainly do not agree on the timeframe. I''ll have to get onto my TA and have her ask HAL what they think is happening with this. Thanks very much for all your excellent info!
  3. Dear "Stuck in the same boat shipmate" :) HAL has not done a great job of this cruise's FCC. My email of March 13 says December 31, 2020 for booking and December 31, 2021 to take the cruise(s). Moreover, "My Account" on the HAL website quotes both these dates. So: 1. Would you please let me know who exactly you called at HAL and confirmed the one year from the date of the email? Phone number and department? 2. Would you mind telling me what the dates on your "My Account" specifies? Thanks so much! I really would like to get somewhere
  4. Ours is December 31, this year. There are different criteria for the expiry dates.
  5. Thanks you, Horizon Chaser. How did your election go? I haven't read the paper yet but will look and see :) We were also booked the OP's S. America cruise and have until December 31 this year to book for 2021. Thinking of booking mid-December when there might be a better idea of when and where HAL will actually be sailing. Really appreciate the answer to the OP's questions as we expect to be in the same boat with almost anything we book for 2021.
  6. In sum : if you do not want a lot of children around, do choose (1) long cruises, more than 3 weeks (2) to more exotic locations (3) when school is in. Asia, C America, South Pacific are good choices.
  7. I've always been able to get it fixed, but sometimes after 2 - 3 tries. Never any disagreement and always politeness from the Manager or Front Desk, but sometimes it just doesn't get done on the first try! I would love to know who is really responsible for the charging and adjustments: Specialty restaurant Manager, Accounting Dept on board, or is it supposed to be all computerized? I used to find this a pain, but in time it became more "interesting" to watch the issue unfold. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, kazu, from the West Coast to you on the East Coast.
  8. Ah, the "Night Auditor". Met him when I ran into the Rotterdam's Pinnacle Manager one morning early and told him for the 3rd time that we were charged for the the first of our complimentary Pinnacle dinners. (not pre-booked). He took me to the Front Office and pulled the Night Auditor (an accountant) from the back. They stood at a computer for quite a while and figured it out together. No more problems, on that cruise :) at least.
  9. Thank you. I hope there is no dry dock scheduled to make changes any time soon. Would like to spend a couple of weeks in Alaska this coming season on this ship.
  10. Has the Noordam's CN been changed over to the new style? Last year it was beautifully old-style and so comfortable!
  11. Carolyn! Although I enjoy reading of your saga, I have to say this is totally unreal! Personally, I am getting leery of booking with my FCC! Thanks a lot for all the smoke you sent our way. Glad for the rain that finally came!
  12. March 15, 2020 cruise: cancelled by HAL on March 13. Received: Refund of Flight Ease in mid-June FCC mid-June Fare refund today. Glad THAT is over with!
  13. I agree with our esteemed neighbours out in Chilliwack: I can't see how anything other than 2 tops will be in use, except for specific group tables (family and those sharing one stateroom), for the foreseeable future.
  14. OP: I think HAL is having enough problems just getting FCCs and refunds done and getting the website into usable shape. To answer your questions, we haven't had any communication from HAL since March but recently received Viking brochures. Although we are not in your targeted age group, we are 5 Stars and Platinum Medallion holders and sailing since 1999 on HAL. Not really expecting anything from HAL, but look to the website for info, such as it is.
  15. Oh, ugh! This should not be happening! HAL will just have to fix it. I swear that HAL has the most unreliable IT programs and now the accounting department's software is screwy. Our TA said she can't even phone HAL accounting but has to email them. It ends up taking several days instead of mere hours. Best of luck with this and please keep us posted:)
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