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  1. I was all either FCC or promo OBC, yet they did refund what was left over.
  2. I had quite a bit OBC left over and the Front Desk said to spend it. I did and the $7.00 I didn't spend was credited onto the final bill. I suspect that I could have had it all credited back to me. I might just depend on who at the Front Desk you ask. Maybe ask three or four times?
  3. Excellent! Good for you! Hope you enjoy the Azamara cruise and win with some of next years's picks.
  4. Always. We are not set on anything in particular at any particular time, so what is available at a good price can work for us. Air can be a problem, but if you book HAL FlightEase, the pricing is often very good, comparatively. What you save in cruise fare easily covers any extra cost for air. Once in a while there is a promo, too, but that is not often. This is not for pax who want a specific cruise at a specific time. But if you are flexible, the deals can be very good. In the past year we sailed 88 days (all 5 HAL cruises) booking from 45 to 25 days out and were very pleased with all.
  5. Yes, I saw all the photos, an excellent addition to the commentary. Will look forward to your review of the Eurodam. Great itinerary, a good time of the year for Alaska. Sailing from Seattle instead of Vancouber will be a change. Hope you go early as Seattle has much to see.
  6. I remember your excellent review of the Westerdam and am glad you are returning to HAL. The Eurodam is very similar to the Westerdam, plus Tamarind, so you will feel at home there. Love to read another review and hope you will do one. Enjoy planning for this great cruise!
  7. Haven't had that specific problem but my personal beef with the TP Holder is its placement: I find it impossible to wash my face at the sink without getting the TP roll wet. I try to be careful, but it is hard. Tight quarters and all, yet this is annoying! A few ships/cabin categories do not have this poor placement, but a lot do.
  8. LOVELY title, predicting an enjoyable read! Sounds exactly like the typical HAL TA that we love so much. I am sure a great cruise!
  9. A tug was in attendance, tenders were down. In the circumstances you note, certainly a bad situation. The one described on this thread, I think not.
  10. A ship is a ship, problems will crop up. Possibly an automatic power shut-down to avoid a much more serious problem. Been there and experienced that and never found it worth the fuss, outrage and panic some pax indulge in. Op: thanks for all the info. Enjoy your continuing cruise!! Lovely ship!
  11. It can be interesting to do so, though, during the day at least. We got "lost" in the hutongs, but saw quite a different Shanghai there than the usual areas we traverse. This was a few years ago, so maybe now it wouldn't be a great idea?
  12. Captain Draper - one of the old-fashioned captains! Overall excellent. So glad you enjoyed this cruise!
  13. Very informative, readable review! Who were your Captain and Hotel Director?
  14. Do expedited disembarkation (carry off your own luggage). The new terminal is a long haul through, but this will get you off first and out to the taxis as fast as possible. Good luck!
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