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  1. If you are looking at the water, go down to the far left end of the beach.
  2. We had the same issue on our transatlantic. We arrived in Lisbon a day early and stayed on the ship as a waterfront hotel. They got us safely across an ocean. I'm not complaining. 😊
  3. buchbim: You should go back and read your contract to see what was really promised or not...
  4. Cruising can be a crapshoot, especially if you are traveling in areas with typically rough seas or unpredictable weather. Look at the people who complain about river cruises. I don't understand cruising to cold climates, but I like warm weather LOL. Still, you pays your money and you takes your chances. 😉
  5. The only storms that cause problems in the Caribbean in February are the ones in the north Atlantic. They can cause ground swell with waves that impact some beaches. Which beaches depend on the direction of the swell, but usually northerly facing ones.
  6. Well, you stand at the side of the road and wave at them. They may or may not stop. Quite honestly, they are licensed taxis, but run this route like a bus. If you look like a tourist, they may try to charge you more. Ask the driver before you get on if it is the dollar ride.
  7. A safari is a converted truck with open bench seating in the back. It goes in a circular route around the island. No hop-on hop-off, unless you want to pay a new fare.
  8. If you go to places like Bruges on a cruise, you will experience over tourism. Stay several nights and walk along the canals and the squares in the moonlight and you will have a different view. IMHO
  9. milepig: How can you not love Bruges? It's a #!#@! fairy tale town! 🤣
  10. Google says: "Country club casual dressing is precisely what you think it is. Men in white shirts, polo tops and tan chinos and women in simple blouses, fitted trousers, tennis skirts and beautiful dresses." How is this different from the old "long pants, collared shirt" code??
  11. Maybe he meant the days of small ships are over..for Windstar. I dunno
  12. In a conversation with an officer on our last cruise, he basically said that the days of small ships are over. 😥 They are too expensive to run.
  13. Here is another question: How do you make sure the ship goes through the old locks? And also: Is there an advantage to taking the cruise one direction or the other? I would rather take Windstar, but some of the big boats are cheaper and have the advantage of cheaper airfare (i.e. FL and Ca vs. Costa Rica and Panama). I'm mainly interested in the canal part, not Mexico, Costa Rica, etc.
  14. Del Rio: I was being facetious. My emoji was supposed to help. I'm sorry...
  15. It is in town. Ask anyone for directions. It's near Government House. P.S. Count the steps as you walk up....
  16. Neither is secluded. Brewer's has better snorkeling, food trucks and bathrooms/showers. Mainly a local beach with access to UVI; you may see marine biology students there. Smith Bay/Lindqvist is part of the territorial park system, like Magens. There is some snorkeling on the edges, but it has a beautiful sandy section in the middle.
  17. What is an "unfinished bottle"?? 🤣
  18. Okay, I don't mean to be a niggler, but I get the feeling that people are asking for a full-service resort like they see in Mexico or the Bahamas, etc. They want to sit at a fancy pool and have someone bring them drinks with umbrellas. St Thomas does not have that sort of place. Sapphire is a condominium-hotel, as is Secret Harbour. The time shares (Ritz Residences, Frenchman's Cove, Margaritaville) probably would love day visitors, but you may have to endure a sales pitch. Emerald Beach IS a hotel and does have many hotel amenities, but it isn't at all like the new shiny corporate resorts many think about. One of the nice things (so far) is that St Thomas is short on Beaches/Sandals type accommodations. It is much more low key and old-time Caribbean... IMHO, of course.😊
  19. Okay, I'm curious Blue.. What resorts?
  20. The pirate museum is basically next door to the tram. Easy walk!
  21. Like many Caribbean destinations, Aruba has a tourist driven economy. Yes, they have gone for the high rise hotels along the beach. Barbados does the same thing. But, if you get away from the hustle-bustle, there are some amazing sights. The north coast is a weird moonscape with a natural bridge (which collapsed several years ago) and a chapel. It used to be a thing to rent jeeps and drive yourself out on the sand. Being from America, we couldn't believe that they weren't managing this area better. People were out there doing donuts and all sorts of ecologically damaging maneuvers. Not to mention that this was before everyone had cell phones and it was really remote! I think they now have guided tours, from looking at the website. Still, a very eerie place.
  22. Well, I don't think the Reef or Sugar Bay are going to be open by January. Those were the only ones that encouraged cruise ship visitors, as far as I know.
  23. Again, there really are no resorts open. St Thomas is more of a do-it-yourself destination. You go to a beach, hang out, snorkel, swim, etc.
  24. Also SOS Antiques on the waterfront in town has/had nautical items.
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