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  1. The Secret Sands (Lindqvist/Smith Bay Beach) tour will be safari truck ride and a calm beach. The other two would be boating.
  2. When it's closer to your trip, you might want to check out https://viecotours.com/tours/st-thomas/mangrove-lagoon The mangroves are fascinating and very different from a beach.
  3. I was reading this post as for next summer, 2021. Not only are there no services on Water Island currently, there are no cruise ships either. LOL
  4. Another idea is to go to a beach- Lindbergh or Honeymoon on Water Island are the closest- and then get a ride to Havensight. Take the skyride to Paradise Point have some drinks and enjoy the sunset and view.
  5. I guess we were special! I'm glad that the Pride crew got to leave Puerto Rico and I hope many of them are home safely now.
  6. There is a pinned thread above called "Cancellation refunds-Post your experience". We got a 100% refund for our March 30th cruise about 8 weeks after it was cancelled. We were given a choice of 125% future credit or 100% refund. I think people have to be patient. What a mess for the travel agents and the cruise lines.
  7. We were booked on the Star Pride TA March 30. We waited for them to cancel, knowing that they would. We just got our refund- 100% for money paid to Windstar- deposit, fare, and one excursion. I'd rather be on the ship...😥
  8. Anyone else get a postcard from the crew at...whatever you call what the crew is on now? Not vacation... Very nice public relations... I miss the crew!!
  9. September is hurricane season, so they basically are saying no visitors until November.
  10. Many people who cruise do so because it is a bucket list or final desire item. You might be surprised at the number of passengers put off in ports for stroke, heart conditions, even broken hips, with numerous and severe underlying conditions. I always wondered why the cruise lines didn't have some sort of "fit to fly" rule.
  11. Okay, I'm going to stop after this. I feel like we need to give others wide berth in the way they approach and respond to this life changing time.
  12. You may call me an apologist if it pleases you. At the time Misty was sailing, the captain and crew were pondering incomprehensible news coming from the outside world. If you can't cut someone some slack for that, well...
  13. I'm sorry for you. I bet the captain and officers had a lot on their minds during your cruise. They probably had priorities which precluded being able to offer the top notch service you were expecting.
  14. I wonder if there is any way we could donate our hotel fees/gratuities from cancelled cruises to the Windstar crew? I see the NBA players trying to support the arena workers, something along those lines, although definitely I don't have NBA bucks.😂
  15. Windstar posted on Facebook today (March 9) that it is the Breeze's last week in dry dock. She has a new coat of paint, and will be floating in wet dock "in a few days" before sailing to Alaska for the summer.
  16. https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/international-travel/before-you-go/travelers-with-special-considerations/cruise-ship-passengers.html?fbclid=IwAR23mRlu4-382HLuSM8i0KWQBSaZ4heDniggmxR3kBR6e2EgWiKr6B0EseM
  17. Thank you, Kate. I wish you had asked about the spa/gym. I understand that it is a concession, like the late casino was. They are there to get you to buy spa services, but also some fairly questionable services (foot assessment, teeth whitening, etc.) I don't know what the background and certifications are of the gym director, but I don't think it's ACSM. The gym is fine to get in a workout, but definitely it's not extensive. LOL about the sodas. I don't get colored sweet carbonated water. 🤣 Re: entertainment. Last year we had a couple who were photographers. They gave almost daily talks about photography from beginners with iPhones to advanced topics. Also, there were movies in the lounge. We had a piano player who did two great Elton John shows, along with playing in the Compass Rose at night. However, you are right, You shouldn't go on a Windstar TA for entertainment. Go on a Royal Caribbean ship instead...
  18. All taxi fares are per person. To the OP, the CLOSEST beach to Havensight is Bolongo.
  19. St Thomas is unlike many Caribbean islands. There are currently very few "resorts" or hotels. Frenchman's Reef and Sugar Bay were two of the large hotel/resorts that were damaged in Irmaria of September, 2017. They have still not reopened. St Thomas is largely a condominium island. Sapphire Beach, for example, is comprised of condo units which are rented out, mostly individually, by the owner. Territorial law requires access to the beach by all, so those on cruise ships can and do go there. The owners have their own chairs, etc. and the dive shop there is allowed to rent chairs to "outsiders". This is similar to other condo communities on the island. There are no private beaches, although you may not be allowed access to the entire beach, pools, etc.
  20. Maybe I'm one of the few who like Windstar the way it is. When you look at the posts on some of the other cruise line boards here, there is a large amount of loyalty level envy going on. Mr.X gets free drinks and reserved seating in the pay extra restaurant. Mr. Y gets all that and a butler to bring him his free drinks. 😜 I felt special on my first trip. I don't need to be treated differently than the other passengers. I like that alcohol isn't included, even though I like to have a cocktail before dinner. There IS a cocktail party for returning passengers. You can get better fares by shopping around. Okay, it would be nice for the Windstar price to be the lowest... As an aside, the hotel and beverage service fee ("gratuities") is money that is split up among the service people, correct? Why would Windstar pay that? It's like going to a restaurant in the US and expecting your tip to be paid for by the owner. Yes, I know other countries do it differently, but I'm talking about the US system, whether you agree with it or not.
  21. The wreck is of a ship called the Cartanser: http://www.shipwreckexpo.com/tsstthomasshipwrecks.htm
  22. They also have your preferred cocktails in the computer from previous trips. I have this fear that they walk down the hall in the crew's quarters laughing at my embarkation photo- a slapdash mess from running to get on board!
  23. I think the OP's issue was being on a transatlantic. 😂
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