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  1. In our part of North Yorkshire, it's Blue for tins and glass, Brown for paper and cardboard, the other 2 are the same. Until very recently we had boxes for paper, tins and glass, they were a real pain, we had to carry them to the roadside and the lids blew off in high winds.
  2. We are in rural North Yorkshire which is still on the lowest alert at level one. The problem is we are surrounded by West and South Yorkshire which are all in higher levels, they are not actually in lockdown but have more restrictions on them. Even the city of York is in level two, we tend to do our shopping in York but are sticking to the supermarkets on the outskirts of the city. The whole of Wales and many parts of Scotland are in a temporary lockdown, the government in England are trying to avoid that, only time will tell which is the better option.
  3. We have used KLM it means a change in Amsterdam but they have loads of good connections to UK regional airports.
  4. We drove pass the Designer Centre yesterday our way home from York, could have popped in to meet you Graham. Eric.
  5. It certainly was, I met one of the ships officers on a later cruise and he told me that the captain said that it was his cruise from hell.
  6. This is a review I did of a very eventful cruise on Celebroty Century 1n 2007. We left Barcelona and travelled overnight to Villefranche a port between Monaco and Nice on the Riviera & took a scenic coach ride around the sights The next stop was Malaga in Spain were we took a trip to a mountain village which was much nicer than staying in the city, while in port ambulances met the ship and several people who were either ill or injured were taken away. That night we sailed through the straights of Gibraltar on route to Madeira, at about 3am we were woken by a loud noise, a helicopter had been dispatched from Spain to take off yet another seriously ill passenger. Our day in Madeira was met with torrential rain and flooded roads but that was the only real bad weather the whole trip. The next evening during dinner several announcements were made asking for a gentleman to contact any member of the crew urgently, this was repeated several times. Later on after midnight some people in adjacent cabins were awakened shown a picture and asked has anyone seen this man, it appeared that someone was missing and a search of the ship had not found him. The next day we were told that he had not been seen since the first day on board, he had not left the ship at all(everyone is logged on and off electronically with a sea pass) and his cabin had not been used, he was never found. I have read somewhere that about 50 people a year go missing from cruise ships, this man had apparently insisted on a cabin with a balcony so maybe he had decided to end it all in style. Two days out into the Atlantic I was sitting on our balcony at the stern of the ship watching a beautiful sunset. I suddenly realised that I should not be watching the sun setting has we were sailing westwards and the sun should be setting over the bow of the ship. I turned on the TV and tuned to the map showing our progress and sure enough we were sailing in the wrong direction away from the USA back towards Europe. Then the Captain announced that we were making for the Azores to off load a seriously injured passenger who needed urgent hospitalisation(I suppose given the age profile on board this is pretty common.. Later on it was announced that we were to be met the next morning by a US Navy warship who would take off the passenger in mid ocean. In the event three people, one injured and another two seriously ill were taken off along with their families and tendered over to the other ship which was a helicopter carrier USS Wasp on the way home after three months at sea. It was quite a sight as they were leaving the ships company lined up on deck to give us a farewell salute, some of the Americans on board said that a least their tax dollars are occasionally put to good use. . The rest of the trip went smoothly and we were only 3 hours late docking in Miami which was pretty good considering all that had gone before. We met our American friends and spent a very enjoyable couple of days together, .
  7. It is a lovely passage, we did it on Azamara Journey, sister ship to Adonia (now Azamara Pursuit). It was a lovely Summers day in June, one village we passed though must have been having a festival and the band serenaded us has we passed bye. The ship joined in hooting the horn in time to the music.
  8. Our first real cruise was in 2006 to Alaska on Celebrity Summit We had done a few ferry crossings before and a short cruise around the Barrier Reef in Australia. Our holidays had usually been land tours, we just flew somewhere, hired a car and off we went. Having traveled extensively in America I wanted to see Alaska and thought a cruise with be the best option. My Wife took some convincing but eventually agreed, we flew to L.A and cruised up to Alaska, returning from Vancouver, she loved it. Most of our holidays since then have been cruises, in recent years on Azamara has we are not fans of the huge ships. Not sure if our cruising days are now over, all depends on how things pan out, far to many things are uncertain.
  9. Go in the Spring(if you can), Late October is not the best time anyway.
  10. I also feel the same but it's very difficult to strike a balance, so its sometimes better to say nothing..
  11. I remember seeing Shane Fenton and the Fentones, he later became much more famous has Alvin Stardust.
  12. The moderators on some of the other forums seem to be a lot stricter than on this P and O one, you seem to be allowed much more freedom here.
  13. The first record I bought was by Tommy Steele in the 50s, called Butterfingers.
  14. I agree, Roy was a real one off, in later life he made a brilliant album with Eric Clapton and George Harrison calling themselves the Travelling Wilberries. The Batley Variety Club was a great venue, they had all the top acts of the day.
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