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  1. Could you please tell me how you cancelled your prepaid item online?? I have gone into our booking and cannot see how to cancel our prepaid laundry package. Thanks
  2. Is there any way to cancel prepaid items now? Still waiting for MSC to process FCC and some have suggested cancelling prepaid items online. I went into our booking and cannot see how to cancel prepaid laundry package. Thanks.
  3. Same here. Cancelled June4 cruise on March12 and submitted FCC form. Received FCC request number and told email would follow in 14 days. Still nothing , except MSC offering us upgrade bid on that cruise. Manage my booking still shows as active booking.
  4. I was finally able to get into my account but, not my husbands. My account still shows old expiry date. I imagine it will take some time to update everyones account. I took screen shot of my Black Diamond status just in case that gets wiped out in the process. We have 11,800 points but when I enter individual Voyagers Number, I get back message this account does not exist. (Knowing MSC, They may "accidentally " wipe out everyones accounts.) On our current booking, it does show our numbers but not status. I suspect it will take months of work to get all accounts up to date. Our new expiry date should be March 30, 2023.
  5. FCC can be applied to ANY future cruise with MSC.
  6. good move on MSC part. Glad they decided to allay fears of those who were close to losing their Voyager Status this year.
  7. WOW!! Great review. Very thorough and insightful. Loved all the pictures. We were to do YC Prezioza this June but, had to cancel until next year. Still looking forward to doing our cruise. Now, we are more excited for next year. Thank you so much for taking the time to post such a wonderful review.
  8. phissy

    Refund or FCC

    As per MSC, difference issued as FCC, not a refund. Now the question is, expiration date of “new” FCC. Original date or date new cruise is booked?
  9. As per FAQS on MSC site, those will be refunded separately to original form of payment. They cannot keep those in the FCC.
  10. Just read posted statement from MSC -USA site. Announcement from Executive Chairman of MSC....all cruises cancelled until April 30. WOW.
  11. We cancelled our cruise March 10. Yesterday received offer to upgrade our cruise. On MSC, our cruise date still shows our cabin as not available. I guess there will be some lag time for requests to cancel. We were told within 14 days, confirmation email to be sent.
  12. I assume that “everything else sucks” refers to MSC customer service. They do have a reputation of outdated information on site and inability to reach CS by phone. Even if one is able to contact MSC by phone, poor training has resulted in inaccurate information given to customers. This is why we encourage HUCA when dealing with MSC. Many have reported frustration in dealing with MSC USA. They still are not up to speed in dealing with customers demands and questions.
  13. My understanding is that MSC will respond within 14 days with confirmation . It has been 7 days for us , not too worried about getting email. They are over whelmed right now. Just make sure you maintain a “paper trail” of information.
  14. OP posted,that they cancelled their cruise due to fears related to virus reported onboard. Unfortunately, MSC did not offer ability to cancel without penalty until March 10. they lost all cruise fare except for a portion(not complete) of taxes. I would recommend OP locate online form from MSC and fill in their cruise information including booking #. Under comments, mention your cruiseship had reports of virus and you are now requesting FCC for use as this should have been offered beginning of March. worth a try.
  15. Received email today from TA. He said he submitted the form .MSC will send written confirmation and FCC within 14 days.
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