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  1. I agree with @Tedferg who is correct. What happened to @memoak should not happen. As the OP mentioned, there is almost nothing fitting the perk coupon (it should have been increased in price when the new wine list came in). We got a useless $13 photo "perk" for the first time on our just-completed cruise. It is for a 6x8 photo, but once you get on-board, the photo team will tell you that you do not get any old photo made that size. NO, not that. All you can get are photos that they pre-print in 6x8 which are pretty much only the dumb embarkation and port disembarkation photos. So you have to pay extra to get a table photo or one of the posed photos taken on-board as they are all 8x10. And no option to swap for OBC. Pretty useless "perk" - may as well be the cost of a 8x10 or just a waste.
  2. Why not inquire on board when you sign up for the first leg? My guess is YES.
  3. I don't think this is simply an expanded Anniversary Sale. That sale is still ongoing, but does not apply to near-term cruises. They seem to be adding an internet benefit - the 4-device plan. The Cyber deal perks apply to near-term cruises and supposedly 40% off.
  4. The "routine" is not at all like the original check-in/embarkation. You gather the morning of turnover according to directions received in cabin and you will then walk as a group into the terminal and be processed (quickly generally) by a US CBP agent and then back onto the ship. Alternatively, you can disembark with other passengers (clearing customs) and then re-board the ship later in the day (you will be issued an IN TRANSIT pass to facilitate this).
  5. New time limit. I posted this just prior to our recent cruise. Casino credit orders must be done at least 14 days prior to departure.
  6. Okay, so we have stories about the existing Royal Class ships. What the OP wanted - and I am interested as well - is to hear of any reports on the Sky.
  7. This is a recent development with Princess. I have seen Pickleball posted as an activity this year in the Princess Patter. They have a general use ball court way up top and aft. If it is setup for Pickleball and not in use otherwise, then you could potentially play anytime you can arrange a game.
  8. OR... request early seating in the mid-ship DR that has ATD later. Advise waiter as a courtesy when not coming and the host(ess) can seat ATD folks at "your" table when you are not there. If missing most of the nights for sure then I agree - book ATD and not TD.
  9. As I recall, it is a pretty limited menu. If you are on a Medallion Class ship, you can order any food items - or drinks - available in the app to your location. I used to go off and get my own food for lunch as it was a good opportunity to get up and stretch and move muscles. I was often picking up food from the buffet and didn't expect Sanctuary staff to attempt that. Even for pizza, I would go down and check the options and get what I wanted.
  10. There are different answers posted above, but the answers are not mixed. Yes, you have to pre-pay and that was consistently stated. You pay with credit card or OBC - if you have sufficient on file. Some OBC may not be credited to your account until you are actually on board the cruise. You can only use OBC already posted to your reservation.
  11. And you can get full shade there if desired, depending on the lounger location.
  12. Yes, NP to cancel, but you should do it at least the day before - unless a last minute back-out due to rain. And there is no refund needed as you are not charged until each the day you occupy a chair. Exception is a full cruise booking in which case you are charged up-front.
  13. Doesn't have to be a separate time. Could be. You each have your own Medallion Class app and identity, so it is one per passenger per cruise (until they stop doing it). My guess is they will keep it going at least until all ships are on Medallion Class or they figure most customers have experienced it. It is a nice little perk - not quite replacing Happy Hour, but much appreciated.
  14. Yes. And it was the only time we used it as well. Just off CROWN.
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