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  1. I am no HVAC pro (wouldn't call myself an amateur even 😉 ), but if a bunch of HEPA filters were installed in a HVAC system, would that affect airflow and perhaps end up requiring stronger fans in order to push and circulate the same amount of air?
  2. Agreed - I guess it just took a little longer to change the pricing. Same thing today when I just checked. I like the USD pricing, less TA discount.
  3. Did not see this "trick" going on when we did the cruise last summer. On Day 1, they did have passengers heading off the ship in bunches so the immigration building would not be over-crowded.
  4. SPB is also very good. Both companies offer a discount if you book at 2+ or 3+of the ports. Check their websites. We had a terrific guide from SPB for the two days in St Petersburg.
  5. Of course, just when Princess puts new rate (1.40) in effect, the CAD has been rallying and is now at 1.3625 this morning. Except I am not seeing the rate 1.40 applied - still looks to be 1.30 on my next booking when pricing it out.
  6. Most of the Princess voyage catalog is repeated annually - just might be a different vessel.
  7. My EZ-Air info has still been sitting there, but cannot be changed. If you check with the airline(s) using the booking numbers, I bet you will find those flights are gone. I did that in my case and they are no longer in airline systems.
  8. Ah, thanks. So new that many websites are not updated.
  9. Not sure where your pricing is from, but I get $4,329 price difference between Princess Saver and Early Booking Benefits pricing for both a Balcony and an Inside cabin. Wifi pricing can easily be only $200/pp if passenger is Platinum or above which most are on these voyages. I agree with your Grats value. So, $4,329 - ($1609.50 + $200) = $2,519.50. $400 may well be on the high side for an EZ-Air economy ticket on average (I wonder if one can book Business/First and get a rebate reduction from Princess for value of the Econ fare on same flights??). I am going to pick $355 for fun. That leaves $2,519.50 - $355 air = $2,164.50 allocated to PBP. That works out to $19.50/day, which is more in line with what I would expect and aligns somewhat with other cruises I have priced and analyzed. At $12 per day in your example, I would agree and for us it would be worth it as to do my own wine costs about $5/day/pp. But $20/day for PVP just isn't worth it in our case. Now, another consideration is how much wine can I reasonably get from Total Wine onto the ship on boarding day (I don't need advice there - just joking) for a 111 day voyage??!!!
  10. Where did you get that date? The last published date was July 1 AFAIK.
  11. For 2021 (first year using Island), Princess released a whole slew of segments, including stopping/starting in Singapore for example. The only segment being offered this far for 2022 is FL to ROME. We are on a wait-list for Singapore to FL for 2021, but not looking to take the trip (just wondering if we will ever get a notice of availability for our cabin type). The 2021 release was all at the same time (perhaps they did so as it was first year with a larger ship). However, the inventory available to be booked was severely limited.
  12. The new TA of course. Or no one.
  13. So, virtually 10% when rounded off. ($2039 - $350 = $1689 x 10% = $168.90 and you got $170). Voila.
  14. Just to clarify, I had noticed some variations in pricing on my agency website for our fall 2020 cruise that is now cancelled out. This was around when Pause 1 had happened. I think the agency was reacting to whatever Princess was doing and perhaps the decline in business. I probably should have left the above out, as other promotions and pricing came along later on and things were back to normal. For anything after Dec 25, it was normal as in the past.
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