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  1. Just an FYI - I think the best pricing of the year was the Veterans Day Sale!
  2. 7 night cruise out of San Juan to the Southern Caribbean on the Summit!
  3. Hi All - I am looking for a beach for my husband and I. The MOST important thing is that it must have shade. Our ship is arriving late at 11AM, so I need somewhere where we will still be able to get an umbrella or palapa at noon. I have had 3 skin cancers and even though I load up with sunscreen, I burn pretty quickly. I do a mad dash and swim for 10 or 15 minutes, then back under the umbrella. I originally was looking at Nachi Cocum, but it has mixed reviews and also says if you do not arrive early, you won't get a palapa and they don't have umbrellas. So please help me find a spot where we can enjoy a few hours at a beach. We are not drinkers, so all inclusive is not a factor for us. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. I have booked the Tuscan Grill for our first evening on the Equinox. We have sailed only 1 other time on Celebrity - on the Summit last March. We did not do any specialty dining, so we don't have a standard to compare it with. I am hoping it will be good as we are celebrating our 45th. I know Murano gets rave reviews, but the menu is not so appealing to me. PS - we had those horrible chairs in the Main Dining Room. So ridiculous to get in and out of, and my back was killing me. Our server brought pillows for my back when she saw me coming!
  5. Why are the majority of balcony cabins connecting??? I don't understand the thought in the design of these. I go out of my way to find cabins not connected, and it is hard.
  6. Hello fellow cruisers. Our cruise on Symphony of the Seas in May has a late arrival to St. Thomas. We will be there 11am to 7pm. We have already been to St. John, Magen's Bay and Coki Beach. We were thinking of trying Sapphire Beach this time. Will it be too crowded in the afternoon or what else would you recommend? We don't want a boat type snorkel as we are doing that in St. Maarten. Thank you for your help!
  7. I have seen pics of these, and they are often listed as a fave. So I am going to try these on our cruise in May. It looks like a big serving for just an app. I may have to share.
  8. That is why is it good to book with a good TA. We were set to book online, but my younger brother went into a local storefront for a popular online cruise agency. They had a group block of rooms for our date, and we were able to save $1500. Many agencies reserve blocks of rooms on popular ships/dates. It is worth a try.
  9. Maybe 10 minutes? It really creates havoc with the service and your table mates if you are late. Your server has to "catch up". If you don't think you can make 5:30, then do MTD and select a fixed time for each night. It is considered rude in cruise etiquette to be late.
  10. We opted for MTD on our cruise in May for 6:30pm. 5:30 is really early, especially on port days! It will be our first time using MTD.
  11. We did our first Celebrity cruise in May 2019 - cruise #10 on the Summit out of San Juan. Our other cruises were on Carnival and Royal Caribbean. We are in our 60's and I can say I think I have found the cruise line that fits me best. The food and service were very good and the buffet area was wonderfully laid out in stations and had a great variety. We had plenty of live music and we really enjoyed the shows. We were lucky to have the American Ballet performance on our cruise. The trivia shows were a little lacking and there was some equipment failure - but we chalked it up to being the first cruise after the refurbishment. The solarium was our favorite to date. The pool there had some pipes that you lay on from which water bubbled up and massaged you! The ship was beautiful, clean, and well appointed. Our room was quite large and had plenty of storage as did the bathroom. We did have an issue with our steward. We were in a Concierge room. We were compensated with $250 future credit each! Which led us to book our next Celebrity cruise in October on the Equinox. I think you will love her!
  12. We mix it with the lemonade to make it more palatable! Thanks for your replies. I didn't know the soda machines also dispensed water. I suppose we will have to bring drink cups.
  13. Hi All. I have a question about refreshments. We are not alcohol drinkers nor do we drink much soda, so we did not buy any packages. We drink mostly water and ice tea or lemonade. This ship is huge! Do I have to go up to the lido buffet every time I want an ice tea? Thanks in advance!
  14. Well, I do like snapper and grouper which are local to Florida. I agree on the rest of it, however!
  15. Thanks for all your help and suggestions. The Boatyard looks wonderful, however, I was thinking of something less pricey like the downstairs at 15th Street Fisheries. We have amazing seafood restaurants here in Rhode Island, so I don't need to do upscale and I didn't want to drop $100 on our first night out. However, Kelly's Landing also looks like an interesting choice. Home away from home, lol.
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