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  1. We had 2 cruises planned this year for our 45th! Congratulations and lets hope for better times soon.
  2. We had a Celebrity cruise booked for October. Our final payment was due 10 days ago and we didn't make it and just cancelled. I was not going to throw money at something we knew was not going to happen. If we don't cruise next year and end up losing our deposit, so be it... My thoughts are no cruises at least until January. I have a Brilliance cruise booked for next June and wondering if even that one was a good idea.
  3. We enjoyed our first balcony on Celebrity from PR last March. And now, there will be no going back. Yes, we are frugal. No drink packages or spa. However, we may do 1 night in specialty dining for a treat. As for excursions, we have always booked our own - we usually are 4 or 5 of us and often get a private van for less than the cruise line and a better experience. What I do is look for unique 1 off cruises - the 6 nighters which can be considerably cheaper, and usually go to the same number of islands, just 1 less sea day. As we are in our mid 60's, we are not interested in the bells and whistles of the Quantum/Oasis class, so the older ships are another way to save money. Going on the Brilliance hopefully next June.
  4. We might do more escorted land tours. We did one through Italy in 2006 with Insight Tours and it was amazing. Although, the repack your suitcase every 2 nights gets old, lol. It is nice not to have to drive and have someone arrange everything for you. We went right into the Vatican to see the Sistine Chapel, right into the Colosseum and also in to see Michelangelo's statue of David, etc. These would be long lines to the everyday tourist. Our group was the best and we spent the whole trip laughing. I suppose we were very lucky.
  5. According to a lawyer friend, you can sign all the waivers you want - for ice skating, for surf rider, etc., but when push comes to shove, you can still file a lawsuit. It is to scare people away from doing that.
  6. I spent many hours on the phone to try a lift and shift for next year - spoke to a variety of CSR's and their supervisors. We had a 6 night on the Equinox for October 2020, and there was no budging them to a 7 night (albeit it was 1 year and 8 weeks and not 4 from the original date). Final payment is due next week, and since they haven't cancelled, we will. Not smart on their part as we ending up booking an 8 night on RCCL for less than the price of our 6 night. I would have liked to stay with Celebrity, but keeping the purse strings tight as I will be retired next year.
  7. 794 of those cases were for people over 70, and sadly most in nursing homes. That is not a statistic anyone should be proud of and shows room for improvement there. However, our governor believes in Science and watches the numbers as she reopens our state in stage. https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-07-13/rhode-island-s-gina-raimondo-leads-the-way-on-covid-19-response
  8. I don't understand why Florida did not learn anything from the pandemic we in the Northeast experienced in March. NYC was the hot spot and things were crazy. We were wearing masks in RI by March 20th, business shut down and social distancing. My work remained open because we are an essential business. We have recovered wonderfully, but are still guarded. We are still required to wear masks in public and keep social distancing. Indoor dining at 50%. At our high point we had 25 to 30 people a day dying. Most days now is 1. Working together to keep eachother safe. Our governor follows the CDC and Science. If Florida doesn't get its act together, we will not be cruising anytime soon. We always fly there for our cruises, or do Disney. We won't be doing any for a long time at this rate (and yes, I know Disney is open, but I wouldn't go there now either).
  9. Agreed. Our Northeast states worked together to get control of this and our governors worked together well. Unfortunately, leadership is lacking in the South and that will delay our cruise sailing dates. I don't understand why they don't get it. Wear a mask, social distance and the numbers go down. We typically go on a cruise or do Disney for vacation. But unless Florida gets a handle on this, we won't feel comfortable to spend our tourist dollars there. Why can't neighboring Southern states come up with a plan? We are all in this together.
  10. Hi All. I live in Rhode Island and have been working the entire time as my company creates packaging for Duracell and Lysol, so we are deemed essential. We have had 3 positive cases since the beginning, the last case in April, so it is pretty safe and I have a corner desk away from everyone in the office. My DH and I still don't go anywhere, even though our state has opened up indoor dining to 50%. We are in our 60's, so we feel better taking extra precautions. We have been doing online grocery shopping - though my husband makes a BJ's run once a month. Our state has been slowly going through the CDC recommended stages and we haven't had another spike. We have now about 8 to 10 deaths a day with around 70 new positive cases a day, so definitely a downward curve. Almost 900 deaths to date and a positive testing rate of 2.3% a day. People are very respectful of our wearing masks in public law. Our May cruise was cancelled and we are going to cancel our October cruise if Royal doesn't cancel it by our final payment. We booked a cruise for late June 2021, so hopefully that will happen. Our state is going to Phase 3 in a couple of weeks, so we will see what that brings.
  11. The website for Moomba's looks like it a real busy place. We are also interested in a nice beach with changing rooms and place to buy lunch. However, something less busy than Moomba. Any recommendations?
  12. elaineb

    Excursion Help

    Your best beach bets are St. Maarten and Aruba. However, the best snorkeling we have had to date was in St. Maarten with Capt. Alan -https://captainalan.kiwishops.nl/ The beach - https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g147347-d2356032-r486571624-Great_Bay_Beach-Philipsburg_Sint_Maarten_St_Martin_St_Maarten.html St. Kitts - for a beach, Carambola Beach, or if you want an excursion, this was the best tour we have ever taken - https://www.thenfordgreytours.com/the-grand-tour-of-st-kitts The tour did end at a black sand beach (my first), but it was very steep and rocky getting out of the water. But the tour was amazing. Haven't been to Bonaire yet, and our first cruise to Aruba next June!
  13. Hello - we will be going to Labadee for the first time next June. I cannot be in the sun - I have had 4 basal cell surgeries. I love the beach, however, but need absolute shade. Here and there I will take a dip, but then need to return to cover. We also would like quiet, calm water, and access to the food area. What area would you recommend and what type of shelter is available? Thanks!
  14. Oh, I think you are correct! I reread the Cruise with Confidence and it is a future cruise credit. Not a cash refund. If there is a good promo around the 4th of July (my DH is an AF vet), I will book the Brilliance and then wait to see if they cancel our October cruise. When I have done mock bookings, it looks as if the deposit on RCCL is refundable.
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