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  1. Up date; Those embarking tomorrow (Friday) have received an email/text to arrive 3 to 4 hours later than indicated on their e ticket $25 pp will credited to their onboard account to cover light lunch shoreside. They expect check-in to open at 3pm . Looks like Queen Victoria will sail out alone. 😕
  2. Friends onboard have messaged me to say, the Captain has just announced that they expect to arrived late morning, early afternoon ( around 12 noon) I expect that means check-in and embarkation around 4pm ?
  3. I shall be onboard too and will be cracking open a bottle of Fizz ( maybe two) if the announcement is 'not' a Queen 😉
  4. Indeed rog747, I believe far too many solo guests rush to book these single cabins without taking time to look into promotions on other grades/categories . These single cabins are almost always the first to be sold, (as there are only a few of them) and often 'offered at a premium'. I certainly would never opt again for a single cabin, especially on the vista class ships , these additional single cabins were an afterthought and added without any consideration of what other 'crew working venues' are in the immediate area. I agree with rog747, the single cabins on QM2 are slightly better, however, far better value to look for a discounted twin, even with the single supplement.
  5. Please avoid single cabin 2018 ( cabins just behind the casino) 2018 is at the far end of the corridor and is adjacent to a working area and a slamming door ! ( a very busy working area throughout the day ) I had the most miserable time in that cabin on an Alaska cruise 2019. Finally, after three days customer services managed to move me . I must point out only after I insisted that senior officers from the hotel department visit the cabin, they were shocked at the level of disturbance .
  6. Yes ! experienced a Cunard 'Vancouver /UK flight' earlier this year. Personally would never opt to do this again. One disembarks the QE at around '8.30am', finally embark the tour bus at 10am ( after collecting luggage and waiting around for transfer bus to arrive ) A three hour tour of the city , then dropped off at Vancouver airport at 1pm ! to sit around until 7.pm ( BA) check-in . Regardless if you have first or business travel. I'd opt for an overnight in hotel on day embarkation and arrange for a late check out the next day .
  7. This question often comes up on various cruise forums from time to time . Often posted by those who have never experience a Transatlantic crossing since the 1960's . The majority of us who take a crossing these days are not in a hurry and don't want to get off , otherwise we'd have chosen to travelled by air. For many of us who enjoy QM2, the ship is the destination !
  8. Yes, but you weren't dealing with P&O/Cunard's IT system .
  9. Intrigued, what sort of things are 'Christmas activities' ? Not too sure I'd pay thousands ££$$ to experience a luxury cruise ship and then sit around watching a movie, when I can do that sort of thing at home . 😉
  10. May I just add, as a fellow Brit, you need to find your self a Competent TA who understands and clearly explains to you the Cunard booking system . I suggest you look for a Cunard Cruise Specialist. ( there is one, not too far from your area ,Oxford -Berkshire . As others have posted , OBC depends on the fare structure one has booked.
  11. Yes, such happy memories I remember it well, I was onboard too. Not forgetting that other iconic event , 'Three Queens Waltz' in the River Mersey Liverpool, which attracted millions and millions of spectators bringing the port of Liverpool to a standstill. Now one doesn't find the likes of this on RCI 😉
  12. Spectacular Drone effect from Queen Elizabeth accompanies her arrival into Melbourne. As usual Cunard Line pulls out all the stops, as only Cunard know how. Any savvy folk on here who know how to post phots/links , please do so for all to see. ( share from other cruise forums ) Memo to my self/Bell Boy : .....NewYears resolution ! learn how to post pics here on CC 🤔
  13. As you already know the idea of an early self disembarkation is that one is able to leave immediately after the ship has been cleared by the local authorities, providing one carries their own luggage. It's only fair that those guests who have not elected for the early disembarkation are required to wait until their call is made to avoid clogging up the exit area/s. Disembarkation calls for the remaining guests will only be made once their luggage has been offloaded and confirmation that it has been delivered to the shoreside baggage hall. One will not be permitted to disembark early and then stand around in the baggage hall waiting for their luggage to be offloaded . As you are Diamond you will be in one of the first groups to disembark so you shouldn't be waiting too long in the departure lounge. You will be notified of the venue for the priority departure lounge at the same time as you receive your coloured disembarkation labels.
  14. Is that the Carl who hadn't heard of 'Love never Dies' . I requested a couple of tunes from the musical 'Love never Dies', all I got was a blank look and a shrug of the shoulders. I'm on the full South American sojourn , I better bring him the full score for piano. 🤣
  15. Ref Corkage charge: Mark, a poster on another forum is reporting that the 'Corkage Charge' on Queen Elizabeth has just (yesterday) been increased to $28 ( from $25) When you have, time can you ask your Sommelier if this increase is 'across the fleet' or, only for the QE whilst deployed in Australia. The poster believes this increase is only whilst the QE is deployed over seas ? Many Thanks .
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