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  1. The wonderful Bill Miller ! hope you managed to find time to attend his lecture. He's a Cunard Legend.
  2. Yes, Vancouver return to Vancouver, the same itinerary as 'Kmerlin14' has posted above. The highlight of the trip was the Hubbard Glacier and the White Pass railway.
  3. Each to his/her own, as I posted "In my opinion".
  4. Just disembarked from an Alaska Trip which was wonderful , I'm sure you'll still enjoy QE. Perhaps I'm being a bit unfair to the QE, it's just that I'm a seasoned Cunard traveller and I guess we all have our favourites. The majority of the crew on Q. Vic are from the old days of QE2 , although ,some of these are now having to rotate across the Cunard fleet.
  5. The Crew ! don't get me started on the QE ( disembarked the other day) The QE (IMO) is a ship without a soul, give me Q Victoria any day 😉 She has always been known as a happy ship .
  6. Hopefully your sons have better taste than wearing trainers and trousers half mast ( in the evening) I'm all for this sort of look my self (with no socks) however, I'd be ditching the trainers for a pair of Gucci loafers. Edited to add; If their hair is that length they might want to be ahead of their game and tie it up in a 'Man Bun'.... now we are talking style 😉
  7. It was once offered for other categories (eg Britannia ) on certain marketing promotions way back in the past. In 2016/17 I took advantage of one of these promotional offers. ( if I remember correctly the value of the drink at that time was up to $9. ?) You are correct I don't think we have seen it offered recently for non Grills ,however, when it is offered in a Grills promotion, more often than not it's usually for booking in the USA . Having said that, at the end of the day........... We all know there is no such thing as a free Lunch 😉
  8. Thank You for your review and good to hear you will consider another voyage/cruise with Cunard. Just to clarify for other readers who may be considering Cunard Grills . Drinks packages ( other than in-suite bar set up) are not part of the Grills product , Drinks packages are offered (occasionally) on certain sales promotions. ( and more often than not for those customers in USA)
  9. The voyage booklet is not the resource for the daily onboard activities. You'll find more information in the 'Daily Programme' (delivered to your stateroom ) Rest assured, the Queens Room will be open every evening with live music for Ballroom/Latin dancing every evening ,including one evening of party music/dancing. All details in the daily programme 😉
  10. No, however, many Diamond guests are able to exchange their 'complimentary Verandah lunch voucher' for a visit to the Lido/KC alternative dining.
  11. No, this concept ( booking in the cruise terminal) is not available on Cunard. The Lido/Kings Court alternative evening menu can be subject to change. These themed evening meals are often on a three day cycle, however, if the uptake for bookings (during a cruise/voyage) are low, then the alternative menu could change each day. You will find details in your Daily programme ( back page) As other posters have commented, there is no need to book 'Well Ahead' unless you wish to celebration a special occasion. Having said that, my experience has been, the 'Coriander' (traditional Indian cuisine) is very popular. Here's a tip, On embarkation day speak with Lido/KC Maitre'D ( not the restaurant MD) occasionally they will provide you with a print out of the suggested dates of the themed menu.
  12. Intrigued , Was the safe door 'open' when you checked into your cabin ? just wondering, otherwise you would have needed a code to access . Kind of you to be so caring in delivering the found items to the front desk, shame on P&O for not keeping you in the loop.
  13. My experience this week onboard QE was poor. In fact they were unable to turn up a pair of trousers. Maybe they were busy or did not have the time. ?
  14. Depends what ship you are referring to. I wouldn't count on the QE.
  15. Bell Boy

    QE - sushi?

    Yes every day in the Lido Just disembarked QE today.
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