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  1. Certainly not on Alaska cruises as I experienced earlier this year. The Queen Mary 2, particularly on the transatlantic crossings has always been seen as more dressy in the evenings, often down to the demographic of the guest and the fact that it's not port intensive.
  2. Or the Ritz, no trolley service there.
  3. Sign me up for this, I'll do the job free. 😂
  4. Enlighten me on the food and drinks .
  5. Celebrate Bonfire night , onboard a ship . Seriously , are you serious 🤔
  6. Have to agree with you there Princeton 😉
  7. I can see why you are interested in Coriander, It's the most popular menu in the alternative dining (KC/Lido) Mine too.
  8. Your hubby sounds a Dapper guy, those two suits you mention will look fine. Personally ( and this is only my opinion) as you are splashing out on a 22 day cruise on the magnificent Queen May 2 I'd feel more comfortable in an evening suit on formal/Gala evenings ( or evening jacket worn over tuxedo trousers. One can pick up gents evening wear in M&S at a 'reasonable price'. Christmas and New Year is just around the corner and M&S have a range of 'limited edition' gents formal wear on their rails.
  9. Isn't that more or less what I posted Crompton21. ( post 28) It's common sense that Smoking or Vaping is only permitted in 'designated areas' which is obviously 'outside in designated areas' ( this is the norm now on most cruise lines these days ) In my reference to 'Public Areas' I was referring to 'indoor' public venues eg Bars, Lounges, restaurants. I believe most smokers when on cruise ships respect the directive.
  10. Shore Officials ? how do you know ( OP) that they were officials ? They could have been anyone who had a visitors pass. Either way, vaping is not permitted on board P&O in public areas. Sounds more like they were day visitors. Nothing at all to do with P&O officials.
  11. Haven't bothered to read any of the replies to your post, however, I don't know 'any cruise line 'that would have a formal evening on the first night of embarkation.
  12. You'll need to managed this on the day , as no two days at any cruise terminal ( world wide) are the same .
  13. According to the Executive Housekeeper ( in conversation with her, QM2 July 2019) Those ridiculous faded patterned carpets on the deck corridors, are to be changed. Britannia category bathrooms are also part of the refit, so I would expect that some Grills bathrooms will undergo a refresh too.
  14. I'm a Brit and I hold a US visa in my passport , I renew it every ten years (I'm not referring to an Esta) however, I still have to stand in long lines either at airports or cruise terminals. There is nothing traumatic in apply for a US visa ( I believe I pay around £75) saves me having to renew an Esta every two years.
  15. In the Terminal, just the same as arriving by air into any US city with long lines and arrogant clearance officers as usual. Our American cousins don't realise how easy the system is when arriving into the UK by Cunard ship. Just wave your US passport in the air and breeze through, then off in time for a nice pub lunch & a pint of beer. 😉
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