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  1. They do state that you will still get credit for original booking JS when it comes to C&A points.
  2. That is why I want to talk to the Revenue department because on my invoice the 2nd passenger is billed at 0$ the entire faire is under the 1st passenger. My original cabin is a hump JS with extra large balcony with lounge chairs.
  3. Yes, and I book my cabin when they where 1st released over 18 months ago. They are unable to tell me what the refund is for a single as revenue is not open until Monday. If you click on the survey that was attached it gave you 3 dates to pick 2 in Feb and the one in March which makes me think multiple sailings affected.
  4. Sign in to your account on the website then click on my account (upper right hand corner). Choose setting, preferences, offers and communication and unclicks lines you are not interested in.
  5. At 18 the medical power of attorney may have to come from the 18 yr old herself, not the parents. Parents would be medical decision makers as next of kin but would not have to give permission to treat, as at 18 she is considered emancipated.
  6. They leave the key with it, it remains in the restaurant so no one can make off with it, and you can usually see where it is parked.
  7. The wait staff will move it to an out of the way area.
  8. I am also booked in JS on next three cruises and have received no emails with offers.
  9. Just so you are aware Norovirus is a very hearty virus and the wipes you can buy at the grocery store are not designed to be 100% effective against them. Here is the EPA list of registered wipes effective against Norovirus List G: EPA’s Registered Antimicrobial Products Effective Against Norovirus (PDF). They are hospital grade and it is recommended you wear gloves when handling and have good ventilation. All surfaces should be throughly wet for minimum of 4 minutes when used. They can only be used on hard nonporous surfaces and they will stain/bleach any fabrics they come in contact with. Your best protection is through hand washing with warm water and soap for 20 seconds.
  10. With me it is the combination of lime and sun. The rash would be on my upper chest,neck, and extended up to lower jaw in pattern that looked like finger prints. Now know if have any spa treatment to make sure lime is not one of the ingredients (it is in many Elemis products), and watch what kind of mixed drinks I have. The bartender can transfer lime to the glass then I would pick it up on my hands and spread it. It also took several trips to dermatologist and allergist with the lovely selfies and a trial of bringing my own sheets and towels to narrow down the issue.
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