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  1. We have never had it happen to us (have received credit though). I don’t think this is the cruise lines fault though.
  2. I did 5 cruises in 5 months recently and need a bit of a break. Our next “planned” (booked) cruise isn’t until October 2020 in Europe. However, if something last minute catches my eye I wouldn’t hesitate in the fall/winter to go again! Now I’m researching our ports in Europe since I’ve never been before. Your time will hopefully fly by quickly or maybe you’ll grab a last minute deal?!
  3. I did a 10 day cruise with a friend in January (having been used to cruising with my husband so one credit card). She registered using her card and I registered using mine. No problems at all. It made it very easy. It was her first cruise ever and we had a lot of fun and met lots of people. I joined our roll call and met other ladies who were also traveling with a friend not a spouse. Enjoy!
  4. I actually thought I would love the performance but just didn’t. However, I hope everyone gives it a try when offered on the ship as you never know. It was not because the singers didn’t have good voices-they certainly did.
  5. I was on the same cruise with you in January with a girlfriend (yes, I did the same cruise in February with family!!) and I heard about that. I’m thankful we didn’t go to that comedian-I would have walked out too. I did hear the later performance was changed.
  6. Yes. It was the 10 day starting February 24. Our son and DIL were also with us and did not enjoy the performance. I have never before seen that many people walk out on a performance on a ship. It’s a shame-I would never do that (unless vulgar) as I know how hard performers prepare.
  7. We didn’t walk out. I wanted to give it a fair chance. They’ve got lots of stuff on the internet and YouTube. Just didn’t like the style. Basically modern songs with a vintage twist.
  8. Also happy to hear it’s been located!! We also put a detailed itinerary and contact information in our suitcase, just in case.
  9. We saw it on the Koningsdam in February. It depends on your taste (you can google & see it). Lots of people were walking out after about 10-15 minutes. We stayed until the end but we didn’t like the performance. Others did though.
  10. CO looks cold and stark to me at breakfast. Although my husband has never been a fan of having breakfast in the Pinnacle, I have enjoyed it over the last 10+ years (and make him come with me!)
  11. We are 4 star and I told my husband I doubt we’d get to 5 star. With luck we will but we are happy reaching 4* as we love the laundry perk.
  12. Is it a restricted fare? That may be why? I would phone HAL directly or your TA and ask. Also, make sure it’s a refundable deposit since the cruises you are looking at are so far away.
  13. His attitude is the same as the last thread he started. It’s not worth our breath to even respond to his posts any longer. Maybe when he gets on the ship it will work out for him and maybe it won’t. We all tried to help on his last thread and this one but still get the bad attitude from him. Don’t take it personally Moriah.
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