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  1. I’ve been on over 40 days on various cruises on the koningsdam and the only place it felt crowded was on sea days when it was hot out and no lounge chairs to use-this was the aft Sea View pool area. Otherwise, never felt crowded at all.
  2. I’m so glad you’re enjoying my hometown of Vancouver even with the rain we had today. We do have tons of great restaurants and eateries. Glad you’ve sampled the local beer too! I love Little Mountain (QEP). So glad you had a chance to see it. Have a great cruise. I’ll be following your posts.
  3. I wonder if you could just check the weather conditions to see what the forecast is a couple days prior? If weather is looking bad/rough, take the patch. Everyone is different on how they react with rough seas-I haven’t had to use anything but hubby has. Also, is your cabin mid ship? That may also cause you issues if you’re forward or aft is it’s rough seas.
  4. I think you would quite enjoy the Westerdam and could easily get a balcony on her. I think you’d find a mixture of ages 50 and up. There is limited night life but should be enough to keep you entertained. We are not coffee drinkers but I enjoy lattes from the Explorations cafe often. If you splurged for a Neptune suite they have a coffee maker in your cabin and the Neptune lounge has coffee, teas and lattes etc.
  5. Wow-that was excellent, thank you for not only doing that but sharing with us!
  6. It is a shame they don’t go back to the 3 shows. When we did 21 days on the ship in December 2017 we were so impressed there were 3 show times! However the last 3X I was on it it was back to 2 shows. The theatre is WAY to small to handle the amount of people. It is also a shame when the ship was brand new they didn’t eliminate smoking in the casino. We still really like the ship though, especially the Dutch Cafe.
  7. I’d love to do another Alaska cruise but can’t convince hubby. We live so close to the port in Vancouver it’s ideal.
  8. We were on a partial Panama cruise during spring break 2 years ago-it was a 10 day cruise. We didn’t see many people under 25 years old. Like above poster said, it may be different depending on ship and area you’re cruising.
  9. My husband isn’t particularly fond of eating breakfast in the Pinnacle but on our last cruise, thinking soon it might not be available but instead having a Club Orange, he indulged me by going several times. It’s a beautiful breakfast venue and the service and food was excellent. I wish they would reconsider this Club Orange stuff. I’ve always enjoyed the perks of Neptune suites but sadly it seems they are lacking a lot now.
  10. It’s bizarre how different ships have different “rules”. Just makes no sense whatsoever.
  11. Wow. I had several on our short 6 day cruise on the NA April 28-May 4 in the Pinnacle and they were included. Why on earth would they allow them free for room service but not in the Pinnacle?!! Very strange.
  12. You can get lattes in the Neptune lounge as well (my favourite!) Yes, there is a coffee maker in your room although we’ve never used it. Make sure you go to the Pinnacle for breakfast-the hours are same as MDR so look at your Where/When program. (I had several mimosas there on our last cruise so be careful, they’re good and included!) You also get free laundry if you need it too. What a wonderful time you will all have! Enjoy the beautiful Neptune suites.
  13. Yes however when they get the cabin card it COULD be a different cabin and an upgrade. People have checked in thinking they were in a certain cabin only to be in a different one.
  14. It depends on what guarantee category you booked. Sounds like you booked a low category and that’s what you got. We personally do not like guarantees. You never know-maybe at check in you’ll be upgraded if there is lots of availability.
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