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  1. We did it in October and would recommend it.
  2. If not ask Celebrity for it although we had issues in the past with them where they had a block of seats and didn't allocate the passengers until nearer the cruise.
  3. At least it is your cabin attendant. We had this with both the cabin attendant and the butler for around 5 days on a recent MSC cruise. You do expect a little interaction otherwise how do you know who to tip.
  4. We have stayed in one of these with the window washing equipment and it has little impact on your enjoyment of the room. I do not recall these rooms having connecting doors. The two cabins in each corner have an area outside them and then there is a door which can be closed and locked to the main corridor. I would say that I have only been on Reflection once and not in these cabins but that is how it is on both the Eclipse and the Silhouette.
  5. We felt that way many years ago when we left the Eclipse to go to the Silhouette. We had done 5 Eclipse cruises in about 14 months (all in AQ) and had got to know all the waiters over that time. In Feb 2014 we finished a 14 night on the Eclipse and moved to the Silhouette for a week. Our first time in Blu on that cruise was weird for the first few days as we knew no one.
  6. The cabin you have booked will be around 300sqft excluding the balcony which should be around 75sqft. We have only done one of the S2 type suites on the Reflection and we found that with the shape of the room there was plenty room and there was plenty of storage space. If we do a Sky suite we usually do the S1s on the back corner. They feel bigger and the balcony, because of the corner is much larger. Downside is down to the shape of the room, the storage is a little less. The 4 perks, the Butler, Michaels Club and Luminae (it will be these when you sail as the Reflection does not get its upgrade until 2023) are much better than the use of the Diamond Lounge in RC.
  7. When you booked you were embarking and disembarking in FL. You were flying in and out via MIA. Surely you are saving about half the cost of your original planned transit from MIA to Port Everglades by leaving from the Port of Miami. If the ship goes back to Port Everglades that was where you booked to go back to and you would be paying for the transit to MIA anyway. It looks to me that Celebrity have saved you money and time just now rather than there being additional cost as a taxi from the airport to Port of Miami was around $35 the last time we did it whereas your taxi to FLL is nearer $90.
  8. We did afternoon teas on MSC once but decided that it wasn't worth the effort for the tiny things that were presented to us. The presentation was fine but the food was tiny! We did like the evening entertainment, its variety and the fact that it actually covered the whole evening unlike anything in Michael's which is only on for those that want to dine at 6pm. Celebrity and the concierges forget that half their customer base does not want to be dressed for dinner at 5.30 and be in bed by 8.30.
  9. I think there is an issue with the UK site as when I click on the link, it starts to show the move up page and then it returns a page not found message. After trying a few manoeuvres on their web site I did get a menu item for move but when I clicked on the link it took me back to the page not found page. getting frustrating!
  10. When do they usually do this. We have never been given the opportunity to try since the bid up process started. We have 2 cruises coming up in February in 73 days (Edge) and one in 80 days (Silhouette). We have a SS at the back corner on the Edge at the moment which I am quite happy with down to the large balcony although there are RS and CS available. We are in a CS on the Silhouette and everything above is full other than 1 Penthouse. I guess they will try and get a RS to bid on the PH which may leave a RS open.
  11. Almost every time we have been in Barbados (almost exclusively with Celebrity) it has been a Sunday with nothing open. We have walked round to the Oval but it is always totally deserted. Got a few pictures of the outside but that was it.
  12. Thanks Anne The cruise starts in Athens and, at the moment, BA is far cheaper than anywhere else. I have been checking using Skyscanner for a while. It may be because the low cost options will not have their schedules done that far in advance.
  13. We need to fly via Heathrow And there are a number of flights from Dubai to there each day and from there we can fly to Glasgow and Edinburgh almost every hour and a half. You have the issue there that we have flying to Florida where even from Heathrow there are 4 flights a day with different carriers but they are mostly at the same times.
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