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  1. Viking has officially announced what everyone suspected -- all cruises for the remainder of this year have been cancelled. Fortunately, they are continuing the 125% voucher if you choose to leave your money with them. I suspect, though, that future cruises are going to get harder and harder to book as a lot of folks scramble to move their 2020 cruises into 2021 and beyond. https://www.vikingcruises.com/oceans/my-trip/current-sailings/index.html
  2. Plenty of seating right now . . .
  3. Thanks for the kind comments, Jack, and for the advice about trans-Atlantic crossings!
  4. We did the South America and Chilean Fjords Cruise aboard the Viking Jupiter in January, sailing from Buenos Aires to Santiago. This was our sixth Viking Ocean cruise and the ship and crew were great. Unfortunately, the weather was not as welcoming. We had the expected hot days in Buenos Aires, mild days right next door in Montevideo, and returned to the heat in Puerto Madryn. The sail to the Falklands was nice, but by the time we arrived in the morning, the winds had kicked up and the Captain made the call not to tender anyone ashore. He thought we could probably make it on shore, but the
  5. Chocolate? Did someone say chocolate? In addition to the usual chocolate offerings, we had this chocolate extravaganza on our Cities of Antiquity and Holy Land cruise aboard Viking Jupiter last March/April!
  6. We’re on Jupiter now and they televised the playoffs this weekend and last. The games were showed on the cabin TV’s and on the big screen by the pool. The Pool Grill stayed open extra hours during the games as well.
  7. Thanks for the disembarkation information for folks on late flights. I'm surprised they made you get off the ship so early -- I would have thought you would be among the last off. One question - were you able to take carry-on luggage with you on the tour bus and to the hotel, or did you have to check it as well? I like to keep mine with me if possible. Thanks again for this and all your earlier information. We board on the 7th!
  8. We did this cruise in March/April of 2019 and had a great time. We never made it to Ashdod -- high winds caused the captain to stay in Haifa for an extra night -- but I have every confidence that Viking takes security very seriously and would not dock in a dangerous port. Setting that aside, though, Israel has one of the best security operations in the world and I wouldn't hesitate to visit. I posted a review of our trip here:
  9. We had this problem as well. The on-board future cruise consultants on two different cruises gave us a different website address to type into the web browser to bypass the English site. It worked fine both times.
  10. We did this cruise on Viking Jupiter in March/April and thoroughly enjoyed it. I posted a review and a link to photos taken on the cruise here if you are interested:
  11. I gather a day room is just a private hotel room that you have for the day. A hospitality room is a large, common room (maybe a big conference room, a ballroom or the like, where you and your fellow passengers can hang out, store your luggage, have some refreshments, etc.
  12. Thanks for your clarification (and for reading CC posts and responding!). The notification did not include any reference to day rooms or distinguish in any way between day rooms and a hospitality room, so I think that is where the confusion started. The information provided here clears that up. Again, thanks for the additional information!
  13. My understanding from the notification from Viking is that the hotel is in Santiago, not Valparaiso, so only an hour away from the airport. I also note below that Viking has responded in this thread and clarified the situation, making clear that folks with transfers will be accommodated in the hospitality room and given a later transfer from there to the airport at the appropriate time.
  14. We are on Jupiter for the January 7, 2020, South American and Chilean Fjords Cruise. Apparently, many of the flights out of Santiago after disembarkation depart late in the evening. Our flight, which was arranged independently (not through Viking Air), departs at 9:50 p.m. on disembarkation day. We did, however, purchase Viking transfers to the airport. There have been some messages on CC suggesting that under similar circumstances Viking will often transfer passengers to a hotel hospitality room for the day, and then later take them to the airport nearer in time to their late-night depart
  15. We've stayed in 8017, which is essentially the same cabin on the starboard side. We found it to be extremely quiet. There is very little traffic in the hallways on the eighth deck. The layout on the website is not exactly correct. 8016 and 8017 are really right at the elevator lobby, rather than forward of the lobby as shown on the diagram. We never heard any elevator noise, though, and truthfully there are so few cabins on deck eight that the elevator rarely goes to that floor. Also, the exits from the upper deck of the Explorer's Lounge into hallway are rarely used (at least that was o
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