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  1. Wow. You had a great trivia day! Congratulations on your wins!
  2. Hi portofrome. I haven’t seen you post in a while. How is the situation in your area? Have you noticed a difference? I hope you and yours are well.
  3. I wonder at what point that cruise lines are going to have a meaningful chat with ports who refuse entry without cause.
  4. This was the first Bon Voyage thread I’ve read in a while because I was interested in whether people were actually going. Sorry you have had to cancel and are thinking of cancelling. It’s such a sad situation. All the best.
  5. There will still be the same amount of passengers wanting to eat in the MDR so I don’t quite get how this will save space.
  6. You are correct! Now could you please call the Mariner Society on my behalf and convince them of that? They won’t give it to me. 😠
  7. Ditto to what crystalspin and catl said. No Mariner Credits for paid upsells or free upgrades. But enjoy your suite!!
  8. Wow. How very kind of you @*Flipper123!! I bet you were the hit of the sailing with both family and crew. Thanks for sharing.
  9. Hurry up and submit your claim before they change their minds!!! 😂
  10. Poor crew. They’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t. Some things will just never be enough for some people. I imagine quite a number of them will be looking for other sources of employment soon. Everyone knows it’s a bad idea to cruise at the moment. Just don’t go if you have a critical eye. (Or are in the danger group.)
  11. I imagine that insurance companies are going to be doing their best to avoid paying claims so don’t take no for an answer. I don’t know much about insurance but I have noticed that the first response tends to be a “no” for some things. Their hope is you go away. I agree with you that it should bolster your claim. Good luck.
  12. The entire country of Italy is now on lockdown so, although it won’t be any comfort to those who were traveling there, it’s at least helpful to know. Sorry.
  13. I don’t believe Himself was promoting his opinion on what he would do as something *you* should do.
  14. Good luck with your efforts. I hope you are successful. Having said that I have to agree with iancal and Mary229.
  15. That’s really just a formality in order to expedite funding.
  16. This is such a difficult decision and I am so sorry for all those who are hurting. There is not only a financial and emotional impact, but there is also the worry of the economical repercussions to the travel industry and the resultant domino affect. I pray this is over soon and life will return to normal. FWIW, I don’t think it’s helpful to tell others to be thankful. People are adult enough to know what to be thankful for and it comes off as preachy and holier-than-thou. Sorry.
  17. Normally you can re-fare as many times as you like prior to final payment in order to take advantage of price drops. Are they treating your situation differently?
  18. Thanks for posting and I’m so happy that you enjoyed the Oosterdam. Each ship class has something special and unique about it but my favorite is Pinnacle-class. (Koningsdam) Love those walk-in showers and specialty dining options. Welcome to Holland America!
  19. Ah. Well if you can’t get through it will be printed on your ship card when you board.
  20. It will be on your booking confirmation. First page.
  21. Very much appreciated, Av8rix. Thank you.
  22. Here you go: Holland America Digital Brochures
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