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  1. I really miss writing them. :( I haven't written a good picture heavy review in eons.
  2. We are booked for September of next year so it should be a while before we hear what our new itinerary will be. Part of me is hoping they keep Key West and maybe add Freeport. I have been wanting to go to Dead Man's Reef in Freeport. I love Key West. Although we are just going to keep our sailing date/ship/cabin. We picked the cabin because it is unique on the Sunshine (Cabin 10107). The sailing date falls on our anniversary and the ship leaves from here at home. Waiting to see what other folks on the Sunshine get rerouted to.
  3. My writing style is very similar to yours except I have a tendency to "tense shift" consistently. :) Loving your review. I am thinking about getting back into writing them for my next sailing. LOVE the sloths! I need to snuggle one!
  4. THIS IS A GREAT HACK! I am most definitely doing this for our next sailing.
  5. Additionally, just for reference, we were going on a 5 day cruise to Nassau and Little Stirrup Cay. The coordinates where the ashes were scattered as noted by the captain were 28°15.2.°N 077°29.6.°W If you type those coordinates in online you can see where that is located in relation to the trip we took from Charleston
  6. I did this with Carnival in 2014. I spoke with guest services prior to sailing and once onboard to find out how this would work. They set us up with a couple of officers on the first sea day and brought us down to the lowest deck above the water line and apparently they slowed the ship down. They tested the air movement and then gave me the ok to scatter the ashes. I had Andrew's ashes in a small ziplock baggie (I didn't scatter all of his ashes, just a few) and I dumped them over the side when the officers said the condition was right. I was allowed to bring my son and 4 friends with me. I received a letter from the captain regarding the loss of my loved one and the exact coordinates of the area that I scattered the ashes. I had them tattooed on my wrists.
  7. Thank you everyone for the wonderful ideas and advice. I have taken notes and will be packing a few things I hadn't thought of before. You guys rock!
  8. Husband and I will be sailing on Carnival Sunshine with our kiddos (age 6 and 8) in August. While this will be my 13th cruise, it will be my first cruise with kids in tow. Please share all of your best cruise hacks that were helpful for you when sailing with your little ones. And if you know of any reviewers with children that have some stellar reviews with kid friendly hacks, please point me in that direction as well. Heck, I may just start doing reviews again myself after this adventure!
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