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  1. It looks like a watch ,You can use them to open your cabin door & in gift shop instead of sign & sail card . some people don't like them because getting drinks with them is an issue you have to take them off . The card id easier to use for bartenders . You can also use them to get into shows
  2. Thanks for the info . I hope it changes for my sailing I like using them to get into the cabin
  3. Is there anyone that has just been on symphony & knows if you can get WOW Bands
  4. Since you cant make reservations for shows ahead of time . Where do you go once you are on the ship .
  5. Thanks for the review . This is really helping me for my cruise Oct 23
  6. I never had wifi before ,but due to a lot of OBC I thought I would get it . How do I get it on my Iphone Do I have to go to settings & put it in airplane mode or what ?
  7. could you post the shows & there times .Also how was it getting on the ship
  8. I have MTD but was able to book a 6:30p time for the 1st night . Now I see Hairspray is at 7:30 p the 1st night . So my question is for people that have just come off The Symphony, can I go to the Dinning room early say 5:45 or 6 pm with out an issue
  9. I wish they would just say expiration Is -------- I cant make out from picture about if its 9/21/2021
  10. Can you tell me how was it getting off the ship . i"m try to catch a 10 am flight out of Miami I will be doing self assist
  11. LeeW ,how was it getting off the ship . I'm trying to make a 10am flight out of Miami
  12. I have stayed on Deck the last cabin 12329 . The view is good . The slide is there but doesnt block your view of the show also being on a higher deck it doesn' t block your view of the ocean . Now if you go on the same class ship without the slide those last cabins are great . I like deck 12 because there is no balcony above you . Its just a over hang & it gives you shade so it doesn't get hot . What you can do is go to youtube and search the cabin # to get a better look I also just booked the Symphony with cabin 11329 for Oct
  13. My wife plays in the casino all the time & we get casino offers all the time . They give you a different # to call to book the cruise with a casino Royal deal
  14. staying in the us & we are fully Vaccinated
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