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  1. Hopefully non of your young healthy family or friends will die from this, it is this gung ho attitude that is spreading the virus. Bury your head if you ned to but I would take note of what is happening globally and see if you feel the same in a couple of months.
  2. We should have now been on Bellissima in the Far East. We were given the option to cancel with a full refund, that was mid Feb. We were promised a refund by Ahoy cruises within 10 days. Three weeks later I emailed them, no reply within a week. I then emailed them asking if they were still taking cruise bookings, I got an answer within the day. I then asked them for an honest answer as to where my money was, they then told me that they hadn't got the money back from MSC. I emailed MSC who quite quickly told me to be patient. In effect I have no idea where my money is or when/if I will get it back. I would be happy with a future cruise voucher as in my mind the money is written off, £200 OBC would be more than I would get if the money went back in the bank. What I don't like is the sharp practice and dishonesty now being perpetrated by the cruise lines and travel agents who will be crying out for our support if they look like going under. We have a similar situation with P&O for an upcoming cruise.
  3. We are booked on Iona 31st May, I very much doubt that the cruise will go ahead even if some restrictions are lifted. I have paid for the cruise so in my mind the money is written off, in an ideal world I would like my money back however if I am offered an incentive which is better than having the money in the bank I will be happy to take it. I am waiting for a refund from a cruise I should be on currently (MSC), I don't hold out much hope for seeing that anytime soon, what really ticks me off is the lies and dishonesty, I was told that a cheque was in the post 3 weeks ago, now I am told the travel agent has not had the money back from MSC. I don't think P&O is any better or worse than any other cruise lines, they all know that we will be lining up to cruise again once this is over.
  4. We have a yearly policy (£130) I will keep the policy going for continuity as we have 2 future cruises booked. Plus we are covered for travel in this country. Compared with the money we have tied up in cancelled cruise and deposits £130 is a drop in the ocean.
  5. This would work for us and I am hoping P&O will add this to their policy.
  6. This is a fantastic itinerary, we did a similar cruise on CMV Marco Polo last year, or we would have booked.
  7. There will be a vaccine, how successful it is will be a different story. Covid -19 will mutate making any vaccine less efficient, we can only keep our fingers crossed.
  8. Anyone who bought shares yesterday evening would now be showing a 16.5% profit.
  9. Who knows, shares could be suspended, they could go down to virtually nothing, if they go bust it is highly likely you would get nothing back as their assets will be hocked to the banks and creditors. Anyone buying shares at the moment should be willing to write off the money. Then again in 6 months it may be the best investment you ever made. I paid £18 for mine many years ago and have had my money back in divi's and OBC.
  10. In all honesty I think if this drags on for longer than 6 months we may all be is serious trouble in some way or another. We can only hope the virus peters out sooner rather than later.
  11. That will just encourage people to lie, plus if someone has been sat waiting with hundreds of other people there will be a fair chance that they have already passed it on.
  12. An interesting one, one thing you can be sure of the solicitors are going to have a birthday with all this.
  13. Just received this from P&O. your P&O Cruises holiday is fast approaching, and we can't wait to welcome you on board. At P&O Cruises we take your wellbeing very seriously. And although the risk to our guests and crew is low, we recognise the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is potentially unsettling. Rest assured that across the company, our experts are working collaboratively with the World Health Organization (WHO) and Public Health England (PHE) to ensure you can still enjoy the holiday you deserve. Sailing can provide the flexibility to adapt to new situations We are closely monitoring the situation and are able to react quickly to any arising challenges. We have, for example, recently made some changes to Arcadia’s World Cruise itinerary to avoid Asia and minimise any risks for our guests and crew. This level of agility is an example of how well we are positioned to deliver the holiday you’ve been looking forward to. Protecting guests and crew All of our ships have a Medical Centre on board and we have a whole team of medical experts ashore. These teams are closely following latest advice from the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health England (PHE) and UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) to put special control measures into effect across the P&O Cruises fleet For everyone’s safety, we will be conducting pre-boarding screenings for all guests, crew and visitors in all ports of embarkation. Further medical evaluation will be carried out if necessary. Please note: as part of these measures, guests and crew who have travelled from or through mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau within 14 days of embarkation will not be permitted to board our ships. Following advice, we are also applying a further precautionary measure at this time; anyone who has travelled through or from some of the currently identified higher risk locations (please see our latest Health Advisory for current list) within 14 days of embarkation will undergo an enhanced pre-boarding screening to assess whether they should be permitted to board. Individuals who, within 14 days of embarkation, have had close contact with anyone suspected or diagnosed as having coronavirus (COVID-19), or who are currently subject to health monitoring for possible exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19), will not be permitted to board our ships. All guests and crew visiting our on-board Medical Centres with symptoms of any respiratory illness will be risk-assessed for coronavirus (COVID-19) and action will be taken as necessary. Working with the relevant public health authorities, environmental disinfection on board will be performed in line with the highest level of hygiene. We’re a trusted British brand As a hugely experienced and trusted British brand, we’re well placed to give you a fantastic experience ashore and on board. The vast majority of our holidays feature full days in port, and many cruises also include evenings or overnights in port which enable you to explore the local surroundings. On many of our adventures you can sail roundtrip from our home port of Southampton for added peace of mind.
  14. We paid yesterday for our Iona cruise in May, I am not really concerned as I think by then we will have a much better idea as to what the outcome of Corvid-19 is. However we have cancelled another cruise with another line which was to the Far East, not because of the virus but because of the chance of being confined to an inside cabin or somewhere even worse in a third world country.
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