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  1. We were on this cruise which was our first time on Princess. Princess did everything they could but they could not stop the virus. Many very old people who appeared frail. Some people refused to wash their hands. I didn't get that at all. Lines at the hand wash basins were long and I saw more than a few just walk into the buffet. The only criticism of Princess I had was allowing the band to play in the lobby area by the guest service desk. I loved the sound system that ship had plus they played loud which I love. But on the first morning after they announced the ship was heading back to Ft Lauderdale, the line at the guest service counter was very very long. The music was so loud that they taking people behind the guest service area to near the shore excursion counter so they could hear each other. I simply don't know why they allowed the band to play (or play that loud) with so many agitated guests. Because of the Super Bowl, we booked air through Princess Air. Because of that, they put us up at the JW Marriot Turnberry resort for 3 nights. A very beautiful resort but very expensive. We had to walk blocks to find something to eat. There was some elderly with us who couldn't walk that far, so they ate at the resort, Princess did not reimburse for food so they spent a ton of money. I have never seen so many top end luxury cars in my life. Bentley's, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's and Rolls Royces were frequently seen. We did not get sick so we made the best of the shortened cruise.
  2. I can get either discounted groceries or gas if I buy gift card at a Giant Eagle supermarket. A friend of ours pays for their entire cruise via these gift cards. The supermarket offers $.10 discount for every $50 spent. They double that offer numerous times per year. Just trying to save some bucks, nothing more, nothing less. Thanks to all who commented.
  3. I am deciding on how much $ to spend on Princess Gift cards to pay for on board purchases. I don't want to overspend on cards however. Are there any items in the gift shop that are at fair value and that are really nice?
  4. Can you cash in Princess Gift Cards at the beginning of your cruise to pay for excursions and on board purchases? I want to avoid the last minute rush to settle your account at guest services. I can get some discounted gas if I buy Princess Gift cards. I don't want to buy many. Thanks all.
  5. My emergency comment is solely based on us having to make an emergency call out due to a health event. I am going back to my local AT&T store for clarification on exactly what I need to do. The person I talked to at AT&T said that IPhones (which we don't have) turnoff all phone capabilities to make/receive phone calls and to receive data when in airplane mode. She said "cheaper" phones can still allow data transmissions while in airplane mode which would trigger the $10 charge. I thank all of you for your comments. They are helpful. This topic is particularly relative because of Princess Medallion services where you need to run the Medallion app on the phone. Ten dollar per day cell phone charges are an issue, but imagine someone who doesn't purchase international calling capabilities and they incur very high international calling costs per minute all because they don't understand how their phones work. It sounds like I have to both have our phones in airplane mode and to turnoff data to ensure no fees are incurred. Again, thank you, you all helped.
  6. We have Samsung Galaxy 3 phones by the way. They are not flip phones but are lower end smart phones. Normally we just have our phones off and in Airplane mode on cruises. But we had planned to use the Medallion app to take advantage of that service. So our phones will be on more than usual because of that. This will occur while we are in port which I assume will result in Island cell service availability. Since we are retired, I don't want any surprise charges on our cell phone bill especially if we didn't use the phone to call, text or browse. Thank you.
  7. Was talking to a couple and cruise cell phone coverage came up. They claim they had their inexpensive cell phone on airplane mode for their entire cruise. Despite not making any calls on the islands, they got hit with $10 per day calling charges(AT&T plan for international calling). They asked for an explanation and was told that inexpensive cell phones can still receive data despite being in airplane mode. So they had to pay the $10 fee per shore day despite not using the phone. We have inexpensive cell phones. We want to have the cell phone coverage only for emergencies, so we signed up for the AT&T $10 per day international plan (fee only charged if you use the phone). We had planned to use our cell phone in airplane mode for Medallion app purposes. We called AT&T and they said some phones do access data despite being in airplane mode which would trigger charges. Sounds funny to me. Has anyone heard of this?
  8. Our flight is scheduled to arrive at 11:05. We got our flights through Princess ezeair as it was impossible to get flights otherwise. We honeymooned in Fort Lauderdale back in 1978 and I wanted to spend a couple precruise days there. The flights were basically full and if there were seats available, the costs were outrageous. Same on hotels. Darn Super Bowl. Price gouging is absolutely insane. So after a lot of energy, we booked our flights through Princess as they were our last option. We leave Pittsburgh at 6 am, fly to Philadelphia and ultimately arrive in Fort Lauderdale at 11:05 on Feb 2nd, day of sailing. So that adds a bit of stress to arriving as we don't have much wiggle room. Then to have the Medallion issue is just something I didn't need. I wish I would of remembered the Super Bowl is in Miami on February 2nd, the day of our cruise departure. I probably would of selected another option if I knew that. Oh well, I guess in a larger sense, all this is a non issue. We are on the Caribbean Princess, our first 2 week cruise. This is our 11th cruise. Thank you to all who responded.
  9. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the ordering of the Medallions. This is our first Princess Cruise so we were newbies on the process. We loaded the Princess App on our phone and went through the process of ordering the app. Unfortunately, we thought that we HAD to order Medallion accessories so we selected the lowest cost insert accessory. However the shipping costs were quite high. After we ordered them, I called Princess to see if they could ship them together to save us on the shipping cost. The agent was helpful and told us that we did not have to order any assessories. While on the phone, she walked us through cancelling the assessories ordered. We thought that we were ok, so did the agent. I asked her if we will still receive our Medallions with free lanyards and she said yes. I later joined our cruise departure Facebook page. Over the last two weeks, everyone posted that they had received their medallions.We didn't so today I call Princess as we are now less than 2 weeks from our departure. I was told that when the order was cancelled for the assessories, it also cancelled our Medallion order. Because of the late date, a new order can't be entered. We were told that we now have to go to the Ocean Ready line at the check in terminal to receive our Medallions. Hopefully this post can prevent others from having a similar problem. Now my question are. 1) Will we receive the same Medallions as we would of if they were sent to our home? I thought I read the Medallions will have your names engraved on them. 2) Due to the Super Bowl in Miami, we have late arriving flights into Fort Lauderdale. Should we expect a long wait in the Ocean Ready check in line at the terminal? I just went through a major health issue and I wanted this cruise to be a stress free vacation. The Super Bowl added all kind of stress in getting flights (hotels and flight cost made early arrival too costly). Now I just find out about this Medallion issue. Hopefully it is no big deal but our late arriving flights have me concerned especially if there any weather delays.
  10. The flexibility of anytime dining is just too important for us to pass up. Sometimes we come back to the ship around 2 and hit the buffet then the pool. We aren't hungry until after 7. Sometimes, especially sea days we sleep in and have a big breakfast at the main dining room and either skip or have a light lunch. We are hungry by 6. But port time is too important to us. I refuse to come in early, just to get ready for an early dinner. Cruising has a natural built in structure to your day. I can live without a dining structure.
  11. We were there's once back in 1993. The bus comment is great and I assume it is better to pay for taxi's in euros as well. Since we got them, I will take some along.
  12. We are taking the Caribbean Princess 14 day cruise in 2 weeks. In researching Martinique, I see most places have their costs stated in Euros. I am sure they take a US dollar but the exchange rates may stink. We have euros left from past European trips. I have never thought about taking euros on a Caribbean cruise before. But since we have them, should we take some on our cruise? That could save us a few bucks in better exchange rates. Comments welcomed. Thank you.
  13. In a hurry and spellcheck got me. I am thinking about going to the Balata Botanical Garden on our own. I would like to take a taxi to and from the botanical gardens from the port. The gardens look close to the port. I would love love to hear comments from those that have done this. Would like to do this in the morning and hit the ship pool in the pm.
  14. We are thinking of doing this on our visit. Has anyone gone to this garden VI's taxi? I see the gate fee is 14€. Any tips on taxi service to/from the port including costs? Thanks all!
  15. Hotel Lleo. Clean, great breakfast, Super location, helpful staff.
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