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  1. We generally don't give spending privileges to our kids, but I set the limit on their cards at between $25 and $50. I do this because there was at least one time where one of them needed something. The older child did it and was able to swipe her card without having to worry about it.
  2. When my son was smaller, we bought an inflatable ring at the dollar store. He wore that in the pool both on the ship and at a resort we went to for the day.
  3. We used it on the Magic this past summer (2019). It worked well. The Hub App crashes every so often, but loaded right back up. Also, in order to get messages, you have to have the app open on your phone. If you shut the app down, you loose connection to the chat feature.
  4. Next week (November 11) it is using Terminal 4 (https://pevvesseltraffic.broward.org/webx/). When you arrive at the port, there will be signs directing you to the ship. Carnival uses several terminals, depending on how busy it is. This past summer the Magic was using Terminal 26 (often used by Holland America in the fall/winter) and I see her at Terminal 4 next week too. dctravel
  5. You should contact guest services shore-side and talk to them about this. They can make exceptions for things that are for health reasons. For example, my dairy-allergic son uses coconut milk on his cereal. He hates the canned stuff that they have on board (it isn't really meant to drink as much as cook with). We were able to get permission to bring the single serving cartons onto the ship for him. Even if the policy states that you can bring cartons on, we preferred to get permission, just in case. We did not have a problem at embarkation. As for your question above about plain noodles, etc... the answer is yes! You can pretty much get whatever you need/want, as long as they have it on board. Once you get to know your waitstaff (a big advantage if you choose a fixed dining time compared to anytime dining), you can ask for stuff for dinner the next night at the current dinner. This would be similar to the allergy protocol, which requires you to order the night before for your dinner meal. Happy to answer other questions about allergies and picky eaters :). dctravel
  6. I think you will find that, as others have said, many hotels do this. Many, however, probably have a free airport shuttle, but charge per person for the port shuttles. I would choose the brand you feel most comfortable with and start there, or the sunny.org suggestion above.
  7. We used resortforaday dot com to book day passes at the RIU Palace. They have a family hotel and an adults-only hotel that are roughly (if not exactly) the same price. Both are all inclusive. We did the family friendly resort and loved it. We were treated the same as the hotel guests. Loved the bartenders and drinks, the games they did for the kids in the pool, the food was good, and the beach was calm and clean. We also borrowed snorkel gear from them and just swam around the beach area looking a fish. It was a relaxing day!
  8. On our last cruise, I noted a bottle of scotch I was interested in the Fun Shop. I looked at Duty Free and liquor shops in our ports, but didn't find the same thing. Ended up buying it on the ship. Sometimes the ship might be cheapest. I would walk through their shop before your first port to get a sense of their pricing, depending on what you are looking for. At least that would give you an idea of what the ship charges and whether the islands are above or below that amount.
  9. Interesting. We did not experience any of these issues on our August cruise, nor did we hear about others having issues with the AC or sewer system. In fact, all of the published activities seemed to go off without a hitch and the staff was really engaged. The only time we smelled odors was right before there was a clog in the drain by the deck 10 laundry room. As soon as the engineering staff got that cleaned out, no more smell issues that we noticed.
  10. We were on the Magic in August and had a wonderful time (review here, if you are interested). We found her to be in good condition, even with a little wear around the edges (like carpet in the elevator lobbies). To us, that didn't distract from the friendly crew who said hi to us at every opportunity, or the very clean staterooms and public areas. In August, they were going a great job of keeping everything clean and in working order! dctravel
  11. Sea Day Brunch is great, but we also really like breakfast in the MDR on non-sea days. For us, it makes breakfast a much more relaxing experience!
  12. Generally the answer is yes. On the Magic this summer, some games were being shown in the casino.
  13. Red Frog Pub on the Magic showed college football when we were on her at the end of August. Games were also on in the casino (saw them when we walked through).
  14. I believe so. The Magic had them in cans and on tap in the Red Frog Pub.
  15. It was about a 15 minute taxi ride. I cannot tell you how much it was, however, as it was included in our excursion to the submarine. Sorry!
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