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  1. We have a cruise booked on Regal Princess out of Le Havre France. The cruise leaves at 20:00 (8pm). Does anyone know what time they allow you to board the ship? I would like to check-in, then go out in town to explore Le Havre. TIA
  2. Yep it is. Straight from 17 to 5 no stopping.
  3. My question is how are your minor children in their own room? Even if you booked it, they have to have an adult over 25 in the room. Yes, I know they will switch when they board.
  4. A month ago we came in at 3am for them to do maintenance on the ship. Might be the same thing.
  5. Why would people not make it to their dinner time? On first night, its wear what you want, other than swimsuits. They keep the same dinner times.
  6. DO you think i would be saying this if it didnt happen? I am telling you what I was told (refused service) from different bartenders. A persons S/S card is only allowed 15 total drinks to be shown on their S/S card in a 24 hour period. SO IF YOU BUY DRINKS IN HMC, THOSE DRINK WILL BE SUBTRACTED FROM THE 15 TOTAL DRINKS (if you use the cheer's package or not) YOU CAN HAVE IN THE 24 HOUR PERIOD. Now are there bartenders that will give you a drink beyond the 15? Im sure there are. I had to have other people buy drinks for me after I was cut off after 15 drinks. This also counts toward the DOU card also, so dont be surprised if that happens too.
  7. Reread. It does not count towards your 15 drinks on cheers, but per Carnival rules on drinks, each card holder is only allowed to have 15 drinks attached to Their s/s card. So if you buy drinks 5 drinks in HMC on your s/s card, then you can only have 10 more drinks attached to your s/s card. This is whether you use your Cheers program or s/s card. Now this does not keep people from buying you drinks. I know this for fact, because when i maxed out my cheers program I tried to buy a drink was told i am not allowed because I reached a total of 15 drinks in one day.
  8. See that s where YOU are wrong. You get 15 alcoholic drinks a day, whether you buy them on cheers package or just out right in HMC. So if you buy 5 in HMC you only get 10 when you get back on board.
  9. And the ones you buy count towards the 15 drinks you get that day.
  10. Why not? It was my post and just MAYBE they didn't know about the higher amount of kids. Not everyone like kids around during their vacation.
  11. June = Bad time to cruise, unless you like LOTS of kids.
  12. Run from that room. That was our worse trip in the 22 cruises we have taken. You hear everything..
  13. It can and has been done. Go to guest services and let them know you will not be getting back on board until Florence. That way they are not waiting for you. A lot of people take the train and enjoy the trip.
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