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  1. If you want a view of the ocean, you can turn your television to the bridge camera station. You will get the views of the ocean and the sunrise and sunsets.
  2. My favorite is 2 poached eggs no toast on a double order of corned beef hash. mmmmm!
  3. We are thinking of taking our adult kids (23 & 30) and their SO on a family cruise in January, 2021. We have never been on Infinity, and I was wondering if it is as great as Summit? We have sailed X many times, and it is our cruise line of choice. I know Infinity is going into dry dock at the end of 2020 so she will be all pretty and new. Just wondering if there is anything that would be good to know specifically about this ship. Thanks.
  4. I have celiac, and when I cruised on Carnival, it was so bad, that I actually lost weight. When we switched to X it was night and day different. I never had a problem at all. I mentioned on the first night that I loved and missed chocolate cake. The next night, our waiter brought me Chocolate cake. He told me that they made it for me and any time I wanted a piece, to let someone know, and they would bring me a piece. Needless to say I had Cake almost every night for dessert. I know the Dairy and corn allergy makes it so much more difficult for you. Can you eat the macaroons from the coffee shop? I can understand Sorbet getting old after a while. =(
  5. I also have had my rotator cuff repaired on my dominant arm. So I know the pain that you are in. The recovery from this surgery is long, slow, and painful. I was in my sling daily for 3 months, and then I wore it when we were going to be in crowded areas in case I got bumped. I would talk to your Dr. If he/she thinks it's okay to go, and if DH is willing to take care of all the things he is already doing for you, and you continue to do your therapy exercises, then I would go. I'm sure the crew will take very good care of you. You should be able to support your shoulder with extra pillows and extra blankets either in the bed or on the couch. I slept sitting up for 3 months, and then with pillows under my arm in bed. Have DH walk next to you or right in front of you to protect your shoulder when you are in crowds. If he really wants to go, he should be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you safe and comfortable, and I'm sure he will. 😃 p.s. Perk, you won't have to carry ANY of the luggage. 😃
  6. If Everything was legit, and everything was paid for (provisions, alcohol, fuel, crew, etc.), I would take my DH and friends on a private mega yacht cruise around the Mediterranean for a whole cruising season. The friends could come and go if they needed to, but DH and I would stay. 😃
  7. I put it in a plastic pocket. That way, I don't have to worry about whether or not they can punch a hole in it. I also only use a lanyard if I don't have any pockets to keep my card in.
  8. I am thinking (and hoping) that they only changed the accessible cabin from C1 to Aqua because there wasn't an accessible cabin in the Aqua Class cabins. Fingers crossed. Because we are not interested in eating in Blu and we wouldn't use the PG. So it is a waste for us. But I am not giving up my aft balcony. 😃
  9. I am trying to learn something new. Genuinely interested in this. How can you tell where the bed will be in the cabin by looking at the deck plans? Please please please share your wisdom with me. 😄
  10. We started sailing Carnival with our kids 15 years ago, after a few years DH and I were looking for a different cruise line. This is the commercial I saw that started the whole thing, and boy am I glad.
  11. We take regular size bottles of things we use a lot of, Shampoo, Conditioner, hairspray, sunscreen, etc. I pack them in gallon size zip-lock bags in my luggage in case there is any leakage. I also pack a larger bottle of hand sanitizer in my checked luggage and carry a small one in my carry on. I then fill up my small one when I start to run low. I would love to not pack shampoo and conditioner, but with Celiac Disease, it's just easier to bring my own supplies that I know are okay rather than deal with taking a chance on the ship provided items.
  12. DH and I could do the most amazing land trip for those prices. That is crazy! I'm sure if we look around, there could be cheaper prices. But, if someone is willing to pay the price, okay. I'm just not one of those people. It's really no different than the people who stand in line forever and pay exorbitant prices to get the latest and greatest apple anything. Some people will some won't.
  13. Thank you for your live review. I was wondering, do you see the Statue of Liberty when sailing in or out?
  14. The only thing I have lost on a cruise, was my favorite pair of high heels. They went with every outfit. I wore them the last night, and put them in the closet instead of packing them. Oops.
  15. Thanks for the reply. I figured it was something like that. Looking forward to the rest of your review.
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