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  1. "Uljanik Workers Say Situation Alarming" https://www.total-croatia-news.com/business/35408-uljanik ZAGREB, April 19, 2019 - Unionists in the Uljanik shipyard said in Pula on Friday the situation was alarming and disastrous, and that the government was responsible due to its inaction.
  2. We have done 9 cruises on the Silver Explorer, and auctioning off a map of the cruise route done by one of the regular officers on board is not uncommon. All proceeds go to the crew fund. I have not seen it happen on the regular Silversea ships. I agree the crew welfare fund should be advertise, we only found out by word of mouth from another regular SS cruiser. We donate to it every cruise. And I am glad that the Maruzza charity has become opt in rather than going to reception to opt out of compulsory "donation" !!
  3. https://www.total-croatia-news.com/business/34817-shipyard Shipyard Workers Back on Strike, Block Shipyard Gates The gates to Uljanik will be blocked until further notice, until such time that a solution for the shipyard is found," he said, adding that they would not allow subcontractors working on a cruiwe ship to enter the shipyard either. The head of the striking committee, Boris Cerovac, said We have also written to the Scenic group, owner of the polar discovery cruise ship, asking for patience. We are behind deadlines but workers cannot work if they are hungry," he said.
  4. We were booked on the 15 August 2019 Reykjavik to Quebec cruise, we booked 3 years ago. Originally our cruise would have been a year after launching. Now it is the "first" cruise. My husband has been watching the shipyard and the Croatian news, and we decided early this month to cancel our cruise. Our TA has been great. Today we were notified of a FULL refund in less than week, we still think that the Eclipse will not sail in August.
  5. We will be on the Silver Shadow disembarking in Venice and 10 days later embarking the Silver Moon in Barcelona. During those 10 days we will be driving around Spain. We dont want to schelp our suitcases with us. Has anyone used a luggage forewarding service ship to ship ? We have never done this before, hoping someone has experience with this ! thanks.
  6. It took Ron an age to do Muse on the Muse report, Jimmy was reading it and at trivia he would say - wheres todays post ? to which Ron would say the internet is too slow to load it !!!
  7. We had the same problem on the Muse. We were in a Silver suite with "premium" internet and most days it was extremely slow. Even when most people were off the ship - the speed was only "medium" and on sea days impossible !!
  8. Thanks for that Jeff ! I think we will do a cruise up and down the river. May 2020 we are staying for a week in an apartment so we can do the Chelsea Flower Show, so I am saving all these tips for then too.
  9. Yes, that is the place we are staying. We like to stay in apartment hotels as well as hotels during a big trip, and this one is 7 weeks.
  10. Thanks JP !! xx For a minute I thought I had booked our hotel on the wrong side ! I had checked the SS My Silversea page about our cruise but there was nothing about embarkation. So we are staying even closer than the Four Seasons !! We are in an apartment hotel right at the pier - and when I google mapped it with your coordinates for the Tower Millennium Pier - It is 150 feet !!!! yippee ! Also found this while googling - live web cam from the Tower Bridge Hotel. https://www.guoman.com/en/london/the-tower.html#
  11. If Miss Vicki was on board you would know it !!
  12. We are on the Wind Tower Bridge to Tower Bridge British Isles cruise in May. How easy is the embarkation ? I know the ship is tied up to the HMS Belfast, but is there a dock or do you tender to the pier ? And which pier ? I have googled mapped the Tower Bridge/HMS Belfast and there are a couple of piers there - either side of the Thames ! Thanks
  13. Come on the MOON TA with us - you know you want to ...
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