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  1. We would go for more days. A rough comparison is that a QM2 Queen’s Grill suite for a 7 day crossing is quite close to our Brittania Balcony for our upcoming 26 night sailing.
  2. Some round trips have the crossings scheduled to make this fairly easy. Our 2019 crossing had some folks disembark in Southampton, and re embark in LeHavre after taking a “road scholar’ tour in Normandy. We stayed onboard while the ship sailed to Hamburg and back. Next years sailing has a 12 night “Norway and Northern Lights” cruise (M235) between our pair of crossings (M234a)
  3. We really have no interest in traveling to hot places - and we have been picking transatlantic round trips ]by theme] to avoid the need to fly anywhere.
  4. Our table for 6 was next to the QM2 "hosted" table [in the Britannia dining room, by the big tapestry] Over the course of our cruise, the Captain hosted the table about 4 times, other senior staff [Hotel Manager, Chief Engineer] a couple of times. One night it was empty during our late seating. Other nights it had performers from the National Symphony [eastbound] or the RADA for the westbound, hosted by their senior folks.
  5. We take advantage of being local to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal [at least no bridges or tunnels to cross] so we usually massively over pack. If we eventually plan a trip that requires flying, we'll probably ue a combination of carry on and forwarded luggage, avoiding bringing [for example] formal clothing for a land tour.
  6. For my current booking [October 2022], I have a BU guarantee - not an assignment. The agent at $UNNAMED_TRAVEL_AGENCY did not see the available cabins that were visible to me on the Cunard site.
  7. The forums for 'Viking Ocean' and 'Cabin Selection Tips' may have better information. For a start, look for rooms where all the surrounding spaces [above, below, forward, aft and across the corridor] are passenger cabins. Another thing to look for is a location that is midships, and on a lower deck [less perceived motion when the ship rolls or pitches].
  8. Sidereal time is not quite 24 hours to the day. Its the time between two zenith alignments of the same star. Or the Earth's rotation period relative the fixed stars [the 24 hour period is relative to our local star, the Sun]. Quoting from Wikipedia: A sidereal day is approximately 86164.0905 seconds (23 h 56 min 4.0905 s or 23.9344696 h). This is the driver for the changes in the night sky as seasons progress.
  9. I did a search, and found this helpful posting from John Bull
  10. Do you know which terminal you will be sailing from? (QEII, Ocean, Mayflower, City)? See a map at https://www.southamptonvts.co.uk/admin/content/files/PDF_Downloads/Southampton Map 2014.pdf and compare that to street maps. I recall from previous discussions that the 'QEII' terminal was not recommended for pedestrian access.
  11. There was discussion of this over on the Cunard forum about ‘Cunard Care” and New York residents - so it is likely this applies to the insurance offered by all Carnival sub brands. I wonder what has recently changed in NY to block coverage? I would recommend visiting the trip insurance store website
  12. More signs of things getting back to normal - like a recent dress code thread over in the Cunard forum. Likely there is a tipping thread in progress on one of the other cruse line forums 😉
  13. Some friends of ours have taken Cunard's Fourth of July sailing three times [twice on QE2, once on QM2]. They just treated it a chance to unplug [not getting up for early doctor's rounds].
  14. If you take the ferry to Provincetown, I can recommend The Dolphin Fleet whale watch cruise [did that last September] Lunch at the Canteen [counter service; tables and bar behind the building on the 'town beach' side] Shopping for odd stuff in Marine Specialties [its a surplus store - I once bought a nice leather jacket 'by the pound' - cost $8 ]
  15. You may want to drop in to the cruise and travel insurance forum https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/499-cruisetravel-insurance/ and check there [there is also a Q&A sub forum that is live - check there for past answers - and post questions there]. For my cruise next year, my insurance policy covers expenses related to quarantine - but this is for unexpected events, not planned isolation periods [like the UK 'amber' list restrictions on entry to the UK]. Often the terms of available policies will differ depending on your place of residence - I saw a posting earlier today saying
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