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  1. We have not done all that many cruises - and so far all on QM2. A major factor is proximity to the Brooklyn cruise port [no air travel, no pre or post cruise hotel stays]. This would likely apply to sailings from Manhattan, New Jersey or Boston [all are in 'driving better than flying' range] If we consider an Alaska cruise for 2022, we will be looking at options from all the 'usual suspects' and doing the needed research.
  2. I've booked three transatlantic round trips so far, and for each purchased the travel insurance as a single cruise. I think that should be the case for almost any back to back arrangement. The insurance company just wants to know traveler's ages, start and end dates, and total costs - most will not care how many of those days a on a ship [or at least that's not in the typical online application].
  3. Back in 2010, the deck 8 balconies were considered an upgrade from sheltered balconies. We received a surprise upgrade at check in from our deck 4 reservation to 8003 - just two doors from the library 🙂 This turned out to be nice for our New England / Canada cruise, but we now select deck five midships balconies for crossings.
  4. There are at least four common cold virus 'families' [rhino, corona, parainfluenza, adenovirus] with multiple virus strains in each.
  5. See Onslow in _Keeping Up Appearances_ 😁 Even he wore a dinner jacket when 'dining with the help' on the QE2
  6. We are scheduled to be on the same westbound crossing, finishing up our round trip. [Our final payment date is May first, so that's are go/nogo decision date] There is much contention about vaccine distribution - I am hoping it will be available on demand before May [after all the designated special groups get theirs]
  7. The Queen Mary - the one docked in Long Beach
  8. Here is one link https://www.contagionlive.com/view/emerging-data-support-lasting-covid19-immunity-t-cells
  9. For us, that is May first, for our September round trip TA - and it is unknown how the CDC's current rules will impact that sailing.
  10. The 'ideal and controlled' portion of the testing is the trial phase 2 - that is were the investigators know which volunteer is receiving what dose of the trial vaccine, and has continuing follow up testing for induced immune responses [both antibody and cell based responses] Phase 3 provides the 'real-world' trial [or as close to the real world as a cohort of volunteers permits]. That trial is double blinded, so no-one knows about trial vaccine vs placebo until conditions are satisfied for a 'read out'. [total number of cases in the volunteers reaches a set threshold]
  11. If you discover you need a new body [Sudden attack of Gear Acquisition Syndrome] you can use you old lenses on the several current bodies [with a 4/3 to micro 4/3 mount adapter] with the same, or slightly better autofocus speed. Both the EM5 mark 3 and EM1 mark 2 are selling new for under $1k in the US - less for refurb or used. The electronic viewfinder is larger, brighter than the SLR viewfinder, plus the rest of the electronics benefit from 12 years or so advancement over the 4/3 cameras.
  12. Looks like you had the same amount of luggage the two of us had for our last crossings (round trips in 2017 and 2019). We thought we were overpacking, as the round trip means no flying - so bring everything . That was useful, as one of our table mates luggage did not catch up with them until the second Southampton stop. This seems to be a good argument for using luggage forwarding - particularly if several days of independent travel are planned before the cruise.
  13. This varies from browser to browser - Safari has a text size widget that can be added to the menu. Another thing to try is the control key + either the mouse scroll wheel, or the + and - buttons near the number pad. [or on a tablet, or with a touchpad just spreading the screen bigger]
  14. I like that there are no bridges or tunnels between my house and the Brooklyn terminal.
  15. The individual forum pages are OK, but I do not like the style [ipsList_inline] applied to lists on the main page. The column arrangement for the <ul> / <li> tags was easier to find or look for things on repeated visits. Squishing the list into a paragraph of comma delimited things does not provide that consistency - and makes no better use of the vertical space on the page.
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