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  1. Princess Insurance will give you credit for a future cruise no cash refund.
  2. Princess Insurance does not let you cancel for any reason. Specified reasons only. Any reason is not one of them.
  3. Normal travel insurance cover everything. Why would anybody buy from cruise lines?
  4. Actually excursions comes under trip interruption. I will look into geoblue.
  5. That's the reason you need better medical coverage. Independent travel insurance is 2x better coverage than cruise line coverage.
  6. We are in our 70's and the independent travel protection is 2x greater coverage than cruise lines.
  7. Again, why would you buy cruise line insurance when you can buy independent travel insurance and you can go on any excursions or air lines?
  8. Try going on their website and view their Princess Travel Protection. The website shows in general the same protection plan has independent travel insurance company. The general public think this policy is the same protection plan offered by Princess Cruise line. After reading further down (fine print) click on this and go to another screen is Aon travel policy. Princess website shows a general policy like independent travel policy. This is your first impression of the policy.
  9. Why should people book travel insurance thru cruise lines when you can book independent travel insurance for any excursions or airlines?
  10. Normally they (travel agent or Princess agent} ask you if you want travel insurance. After you say yes then they send you the declaration of coverage.
  11. Why would anybody buy cruise line insurance when you can buy independent travel insurance and be covered for any airline or excursion?
  12. Beware of buying Princess Trip Protection. They do cover excursions. Here is the catch, ONLY Princess excursions. The best way to get protection for any excursions is buy thru any independent travel insurance company. This protection comes under trip interruption. I just recently got this education when I put in my claim for trip interruption (independent excursion) due to sickness. Aon Affinity Travel Practice is the name of Princess Trip Protection insurance company. Why would anybody buy a travel protection from the cruise line with these restrictions when you can buy from any travel insurance company without restrictions?
  13. What do you call Regent, Silversea and Seabourn cruise lines?
  14. Three people is not most of us. Search six star cruise lines for my standards
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