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  1. Take your point Hank and yes it would be ideal to get off in the heart of any city / location but not everyone can afford the smaller ships which can be much more expensive than the larger ones. As I said I actually enjoy the larger ships and all there e tra restaurants and amenities so accept that will mean like in Bangkok and Vietnam you will have longer journeys into the cities etc. It really boils down to personal choice. The one thing I would say is the larger ships do open up the cruise market to a wider audience and that can only be good for the future of cruiseing, as some of these passengers will move on to other lines and types of ships.
  2. Could not agree more with those last comments fully believe its now time to live again.
  3. It looks as if it's more about the cruise company's rules than the Government or Local authorities because as has been demonstrated a few times since cruiseing restarted in Europe there can be two ships at the same port and one has ship only excursions and the other has passengers able to walk off. Just more confusing rules with very little real Sicence if any behind them.
  4. Glad you liked it, and fingers crossed you get to Rio in 2022 it a amazing city and onethat will not dissapoint.
  5. Great city to visit and a popular one for both ocean and River cruises. Some ideas on what to see and do. http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2021/01/bruges-and-its-port-zeebrugge.html
  6. Always find these are very good way to get a feel for a city and to ID places you want to explore in more detail.
  7. Copenhagen booked again for next year fingers crossed I get to refresh my memories and update my recommendations.
  8. http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2020/11/review-of-celebrity-transatlantic.html My personal blog about a great Transatlantic cruise we enjoyed from Barcelona to Buenos Aires.
  9. Here is a review of a Western Mediterranean Cruise we did on Celebrity Reflection. Hope it is of help to you. http://happytravellingwithdavie.blogspot.com/2020/12/review-of-western-mediterranean-cruise.html
  10. Agree with you it is a great city to visit for a few days, we have done that and enjoyed it. Also it is a good base to explore the wider Valencia region.
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