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  1. Hope you are doing okay since you've been quiet this afternoon - you still suffering from your migraine? Sandra
  2. Maybe not - they didn't include any ladders and handrails on Sky Princess when it was launched last year - the Retreat Pool included.
  3. There is a Crooners though - where the VIP Gaming Lounge originally for the Asian market. This is the Club 6/Take 5 location. It's a strange layout but at least it's another place for drinks.
  4. They actually did some changes for the Aussie market on Majestic Princess including plonking a Crooners in the VIP Gaming Lounge (usually Club 6/Take 5 on her sister ships) See this ship tour from Feb 2020 - 6:35 onwards
  5. There are quite a lot of Prisoner of War records held on Ancestry, also ForcesWarRecords and FindmyPast They all want your money so be careful what you sign up for but the initial search is usually free. It helps if you have unique names of course! Sandra
  6. What a fantastic read - really interesting from my perspective as my mum's cousin was also a POW on the Burma Railway and ended up in a Japanese camp. We never heard the detail of his experiences in person before he passed away and I could only find out which camps he was moved to from online research. We wanted to go to Changi Chapel and Museum too if we got to Singapore so am waiting patiently for it to re-open. Also, can't wait to read about your impression of Majestic Princess - she is one of our favourite ships ever since we went on her first 2 voyages in the Med. 😃 Sandra
  7. Just found this thread - been so interesting to read everyone's experiences! We're from London in the UK. We are on day 51 of official lockdown but both of us have been working from home since 18th March. Chris is based upstairs in the spare room and I'm in the lounge. We try and "meet" each other for lunch each day just to see a real person rather than looking at folks on endless Teams calls. We never liked working from home when it was an option so finding it hard - all the days merge into one. There have been some furloughs and reduced hours at my company but waiting to see if more are on the cards now the government are extending their scheme. Since we both have (under control) health conditions that class us as "clinically vulnerable" we are trying to avoid grocery queues - initially we had wait times of 45 minutes to get in and 30 minutes to get served at a till. The anxiety of trying to avoid non-socially distancing fellow shoppers and shelf-stackers without masks also made it an exhausting experience. So I found myself stalking the online grocery delivery slots and have now managed to get regular weekly deliveries to our door. We used to have a cruise planner on our wall but now it's a whiteboard so we can track the "use by" dates of our perishable goods. Not fond of advanced meal planning. Until today, we were limited to only going out for essential shopping and once a day for exercise. Now we can travel where we want (within England) and for an unlimited number of times per day. We have found it too busy on the roads outside our house to exercise so plan to go out to the countryside more. Really miss seeing and hugging our elderly parents so have to hope they introduce this social "bubble" concept where we can meet regularly and exclusively with another household. Which parents do we choose though? On the cruise front, we had a short preview cruise on Celebrity Apex cancelled around 2 weeks before embarkation. We were very happy to get our refund after 6 weeks. We cancelled the Enchanted Princess Preview cruise from Rome ourselves before final payment as Italy had it bad way before we did. And our Crown Princess cruise in October from Southampton just got cancelled. Our other Princess cruises this year leave from Port Everglades but I can't see us boarding a plane to get to the US this year. Realistically I think we might be waiting on a vaccine... Sandra (and Chris)
  8. The payment date on our 7th October Crown Princess cruise was changed from 9th July to 8th August. HOWEVER, we booked it under a £1 deposit deal about ten months ago and the change triggered a request for extra deposit payable yesterday. Had a reminder this morning to say our cruise would be cancelled if we didn't pay it. Princess HQ are apparently trying to fix the issue and we were told to keep checking our booking....not ideal! Sandra
  9. Ahh finally - all Enchanted Princess cruises cancelled up 31st July due to the impact of the shipyard closure.
  10. We had Premium Suite B102 on the newest ship - Sky Princess - and loved it. The balcony wasn't deep but wider and ticked our boxes. The extra space, the massive shower and all the suite extras made it special e.g. popping down to Sabatinis for the Suite breakfast, the excellent service in Club Class dining, relaxing in the Concierge Lounge (at the other end of the ship) while being tempted by nibbles. Oh and the Sky was the first ship to have Ocean Medallion built into it from day 1 - it was cool to hear our door unlocking as we approached it with a few yards to go. Here are some pictures of our cabin: View of Kotor from our balcony: Sandra
  11. We were booked on the 1st April Apex preview cruise from Southampton and knew that we would not be allowed to board with existing health conditions. However, we decided to wait until a week before the cruise before cancelling in the hope that Celebrity would join the other cruise lines and cancel all cruises for this period. And it worked out that way - even though we are still waiting for our refund to be processed. You made the choice to cancel early so it's hard to see how they could give you a complete refund now. Sandra
  12. Will be interesting to know where she is heading. Captain Laakkonen posted this from the Sky Princess Piazza on the last disembarkation day 😞
  13. There was an announcement that all Fincantieri shipyards will be suspending production from Monday 16th March for 2 weeks. May not affect the plans for Enchanted Princess as it stands but something to monitor. We have just cancelled our Enchanted 19th June preview cruise booking (from Rome) and will hope to book later. Sandra
  14. Although one Aussie couple on board apparently got some wine delivered by drone! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7981025/Gold-Coast-couple-quarantined-Diamond-Princess-Cruise-Ship-wine-delivered-drone.html
  15. The early reports from David Abel said that alchohol had been banned.
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