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  1. And can you tell me if it was a hand break type? Meaning did you had to wear the glove & control it? Or did they just hook you up and off you go?
  2. As much as it pains me, I think you are right. UGH, y'all I am tired of this madness.
  3. I just saw a post on 268 Buggies. Their website is pretty nice & FB page too. I am making notes for April 2021. if you go before me, i would like to hear your review.
  4. Following along as we are April 2021 and considering this too. We tried one in Cozumel and enjoy it a lot. And lol, it is not to early to think about things. I am using my research as a mental break from all the negativity of late.
  5. Now this is an interesting thought to follow.
  6. Kevin on Harmony of the Seas- he worked the Cafe Promenade. He always had the best smiles and he remembered my name. Best part was even on mornings when it was really busy, he was still smiling & cheering his co-workers as he happily worked beside them. My guess is their mornings were better when he was working.
  7. You have to have one foreign port as required by the Jones Act. I am hoping that they still DOCK in CA without people getting off.
  8. I am looking for input on dining time to see the welcome aboard show. If you have the early 5 time, do you finish in time to get decent seats for the show? I currently have MyTime but considering switching to a traditional time.
  9. The shopping is very close to the port, that being said, we were pretty dirty from our UTV tour and I skipped shopping to get a shower. I would do it again, had a fun day and saw the beauty of Aruba!
  10. I would like to do the bike tour offered through Royal Caribbean but my husband has pins in his hip from a car accident. What are the bike seats like? How often do they stop? Do you feel like you get a good tour biking or just see the sights as you ride past? Any issues with biking around traffic or are you away from traffic on bike paths? Any and all information would be appreciated.
  11. I am trying to decide if we should just get a cab to the port from the hotel. Anyone know what the current cab rates are?
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