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  1. Thanks for clarifying. I misread the terms it appears.
  2. To get your points, your page has to be public. That means that 43 friends and family plus over a billion other FB members now know.
  3. Have you considered the probability that the low percentage of cases is a direct result of the early lockdown?
  4. Clearing US CBP at your point of departure is a uniquely US approach. So to answer your question, no, Canadians flying from the US back to Canada follow the normal procedure of being processed upon arrival in Canada. I having flown back and forth between Canada and the US for years, both before and after the introduction of this process, I've seen no particular advantage or disadvantage for the traveller in following this US methodology. CBP says that for someone flying into the US and then changing to a connecting flight, there is a benefit as they can have shorter connection times. On the other hand, if you have to make a connecting flight in Canada, you have to add on that extra time anyway. Pay me now or pay me later! Flight volume to the US from Canada is very predictable and doesn't vary significantly from day to day, and in my experience, there has never been any shortage of CBP officers for pre-clearance. While sea ports like Vancouver see a great deal more daily variance, schedules are known well in advance and resourcing really shouldn't be an issue. They could keep an appropriate number of officers in Vancouver for day-to-day operations, and if necessary, bring a team in from Seattle for the weekends or other periods of high port load. Or they could just keep following the current staffing model and let the damn passengers wait...
  5. I was simply pointing out that, as with an earlier post about the airport, the problem lies with US CBP. We're on the same page.
  6. Oh dear, you are truly dating yourself. I wasn't even born when Maurice started playing for les Canadiens, and was still a baby when Bernie joined their ranks. A couple of great players, though, and the first two NHL players to score 50 goals in a season. Returning to the subject of this thread, les Canadiens' Jacques Plante was the first goalie to wear a mask in an NHL game. 😷
  7. This FDA webpage provides an excellent overview of current testing methodologies and their time requirements: https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/coronavirus-testing-basics
  8. In March, we cancelled our April cruise to Hawaii as well as our AC flights to Vancouver and return from Honolulu. We received a full refund within days from AC. Sometimes it's worthwhile paying a bit more for the refundable fare. That said, I'm not sure that AC would withstand a court challenge, and I've been waiting to see if there might be a class action lawsuit initiated on behalf of the thousands of consumers like you owed billions of dollars. In the mean time, the credit card dispute mechanism seems to be your best bet, and I wish you the best of luck. Do get back to us with the outcome.
  9. I hope that your road to recovery is a short one. I guess this is one time that you can be thankful that you weren't on a cruise at the time.
  10. Again, it has nothing to do with the Vancouver port authority getting the cruise terminal under control, it's about US CBP increasing their staffing levels, particularly on days when there are multiple ships in port on the same day. This has been a known problem for years, but US officials have been unwilling or unable to match resources to the port load.
  11. While there are details still published, I would rather see tough requirements like these at the outset that can be gradually relaxed over time. We've already seen restarts fail because the revised measures weren't strict enough.
  12. And if the islands are willing to accept cruise ships sailing under those conditions.
  13. Agreed, nor mine. But governments at all levels are definitely influenced by public opinion, starting with elections.
  14. Earlier this year, YVR was named North America's best airport for the 11th year in a row. It was also named 13th best airport in the world overall, as well as the very best in the world for airports serving 20-30 million passengers annually. That's a pretty impressive track record. https://www.worldairportawards.com Personally, I've flown in and out of YVR on numerous occasions for both business and pleasure, the latter including but not restricted to cruises, and I've never experienced any issues. It would appear that your experience was definitely an exception to the rule.
  15. Like it or not, public opinion does influence decisions made by governments globally, including those having an impact on cruising. Consequently, I do care about public opinion about cruising, because it may well influence the nature of cruising in the future. I may or may not agree with what public opinion might be on any given topic, but when it has the potential to affect me, I do care about it.
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