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  1. Well, after replying to the host within an hour of receiving the email... crickets, just like before.
  2. I'll be cynical and say that that $100 is your Crown & Anchor balcony discount being applied since your comped cabin didn't already have it. The math works if it is a 3-5 night cruise, you're Diamond with C&A, and the cruise is within the next six months. If any of those three points are wrong, then I couldn't even hazard a guess knowing Club Royale.
  3. I got the same card in the mail. I was surprised that, since I subscribe USPS's free "Informed Delivery" service that the email I received that morning to let me know that the ad from Casino Royale was coming included a link so I could see the offer before the mail even arrived. Now, I just received email from my host (the first time I think I've ever heard from him). They've upped the offer (I had been offered a junior suite on shorter cruises or a balcony on longer ones), and now I can select a junior suite on even a week-long Symphony of the Seas, depending on availability, of course.
  4. Oh... duh! I completely misread the post I quoted. Thank you for the gentle tap on the head with your Hammer of Obviousness. 😄
  5. Someone else may have already pointed this out, but that's only for Star Class suites on ships that offer Royal Suite Class amenities. Sky Class (e.g., Grand Suite, Owner's Suite, Crown Loft Suite, etc.) don't get that perk. They do get free internet for everyone in the cabin, but that's about it from the Cruise Planner offerings.
  6. Great timing! I just got a reply. Given the current nature of Royal Caribbean's sailings, these seem just a bit aspirational. 🙂
  7. I have two offers that showed up, one of which has been discussed here and in the main Royal Caribbean forum. The 20RBO101 is good for any Caribbean cruise on any ship (except Odyssey of the Seas) for any sailing (except those including Christmas or New Year's Day). I don't yet know what the 20EUR101 is yet. I've got a Mediterranean cruise booked for October, so I wonder whether it would work for that.
  8. Thanks for the reply, @mariemacdonald! Yeah, I know about the ClubRoyaleOffers.com site, but it's not terribly useful since they don't say which sailings they apply to. Fortunately, I have been getting the emailed offers regularly these days, so I'm able to take advantage of the offers when I can.
  9. About a year ago, I booked a Mediterranean cruise on Explorer of the Seas for June 21, 2020. Ever since trying a suite for the first time, we've become "suite snobs", so we booked a grand suite for that cruise. We booked that cruise while onboard, so we qualified for $500 in onboard credit. Woohoo! Then, in November, Casino Royale sent out an offer for a complimentary oceanview cabin on selected Alaskan or European sailings (19EXO103), including this one. I had my TA check into it and I was able to save about $2,000 off the price by getting the free oceanview cabin and then upgrading it to the grand suite. I did lose the $500 in onboard credit, though, but that was still a win. I was then quite surprised to receive another "Alaska & Europe Special Offer" (20EXO102) for a complimentary balcony stateroom on selected sailings, again including this one. So, another email to my TA who called up Casino Royale (who's probably grown quite tired of hearing from her!), and I got another $800 off our booking! Double woohoo! My TA did tell me that Casino Royale's policy is that all complimentary bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking. The original booking was the deposit only, and the switch to the complimentary oceanview offer in November didn't trigger any such mention. Nonetheless, Casino Royale said that it needed to be paid in full now. It's close enough to final payment that I'm okay with that, but it surprised me to hear that.
  10. I agree with @fdthird. For my upcoming cruise on Mariner of the Seas next month, the Deluxe Beverage Package was listed at 30% off for $69/day. Now it's on sale for BOGO50 and it's $65/day. The discount banners mean nothing. (I've not seen this sailing go below $65/day, even on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.)
  11. Ah, okay. Those can be used on any cruise, however the dates are restricted. Specifically, they have to be used on a cruise that sails by the expiration date listed on the web site. Look at this example below: This offer gives me a free balcony cruise on one of the cruises for which this offer applies. Unfortunately, the web site doesn't tell you which cruises it includes. I probably have an email that references that offer code (19LNC302) and provides that list. Instead of those particular cruises, I can choose any cruise I want to apply the cash-value of that offer ($700), but I have to sail by this offer's expiration date (12/6/2019). Does that make sense for what you're seeing?
  12. If you're talking about a certificate you received while onboard a cruise based on your points accumulated during that cruise, it's my understanding that the cash value of a certificate (either a $-off or a $-off-in-lieu-of-a-listed-free-cruise) is available for any cruise of your choice as long as it satisfies the time requirements (must be booked within 30 days and must sail within one year of the certificate issuance). If, on the other hand, you're talking about some direct mail offer you've received from Casino Royale, you'll need to check the terms and conditions for that particular offer. Usually they are much more restrictive.
  13. I think the only restriction is that the cruise can't sail over most holidays.
  14. My husband and I are on this sailing as well. We'll be celebrating 30 years together! We're also going to be on the preceding Mediterranean sailing. This is our second back-to-back cruise, our first transoceanic, and our first time cruising for three weeks at one time! Cruise Critic doesn't have private messaging enabled, so that's why it doesn't work.
  15. The trade-in values for (e-)mailed offers are getting bizarre. It had been that balcony offers would have a trade-in value of $1,000, and junior suite offers would have a value of $1,250. These are the last few on my list (from ClubRoyaleOffers.com): I don't know what specific cruises are included in this last one, but at a trade-in value of $1,500, it might very well have significant value on, say, a 3- or 4-night cruise.
  16. Thanks for mentioning this! I had not interpreted that as being quarantined during the cruise, but I see what you're saying. I do see that this is included in my travel insurance policy, so I will also check with the policy provider.
  17. Yes, I did get the letter. I didn't have it with me when I decided to call in, so I didn't have the phone number to which I should have called, but C&A was able to refer me to someone in post-cruise support who was able to issue the FCC. The representative did pull up the ship logs and find the appropriate information.
  18. I did raise my concern about the calculation, specifically relating it essentially to random chance as to who got sick and also explaining that I was traveling with my husband, so effectively we paid equally for this cruise, but the representative with whom I spoke (who may or may not have been in the US) didn't seem to care or was otherwise specifically following their script. I'll give a call in to D+ C&A later today to see what they say about this. (They had referred me to post-cruise support since the credit hadn't been issued, but perhaps they can provide some advice/guidance now.)
  19. By the definition of "trip interruption", as I understand it, this doesn't qualify. Specifically, the definition of the state of the trip is determined by the state of the lodging. Since my cabin was fine and remained available to me during the trip, I don't have a claim with them. (The same logic can be applied to whether a cruise misses one or more ports. Even if a week-long cruise doesn't sail to any ports at all, there is no trip interruption claim available.)
  20. I told my husband after my call with Royal Caribbean that if I get sick on a future cruise and if I'm the second guest, I'm going to make sure he gets sick, too, to make sure the compensation is fair. 🙄
  21. I sailed on Symphony of the Seas in March, and, unfortunately, I did get some sort of gastroenteritis (the nurse at the medical center didn't call it norovirus, but the she did say that the symptoms did align; she just wasn't permitted to diagnose it as norovirus). Once I realized I was getting sick, I took myself down to the medical center, turned myself in, so to speak, and accepted the isolation. I knew it was the right thing to do for other passengers onboard, and I knew that Royal Caribbean's policy was fair in terms of in-room benefits (free room service and PPV movies) and that they'd likely give me a future cruise credit for the time while I was isolated. I ended up being stuck in the cabin for the last two days of the cruise, and I received a letter telling me that I'd get credit for 2/7 of the cruise fare. That certainly seemed reasonable. I hadn't heard anything from Royal Caribbean, so I called in to inquire about the credit. The representative with whom I spoke said that it's normally issued after 30 days (it's been almost double that), but he'd be happy to take care of while I was on the phone. I was surprised to find how low the amount was. It turned out that I booked this cruise during a BOGO60 promotion, and my name happened to be in the second guest position, so they based the credit on how much the second guest's price was. We had booked a junior suite. According to my booking confirmation, the per-person fare (before discounts) was $3,809. The total for the two of us, after the BOGO60 and C&A balcony suite discount, was $4,560. They way they see it, though, my husband paid $3,306 and I only paid $1,254. Thus, the amount they're crediting me is based on the $1,254, which is about $359. By their math, if it had been my husband who had gotten sick instead, they'd give him a credit of about $945. So, really, my isolation was only worth 38% of what his would've been, just by chance of position on the reservation? This really doesn't make sense to me.
  22. I just returned home from Symphony of the Seas today. My cruise ended with my husband and me being escorted off the ship after everyone else had disembarked (including the consecutive cruisers) due to me being in isolation. I came down with an unspecific gastric illness (not specifically diagnosed, but the nurse acknowledged that norovirus shares the same symptoms as what I was experiencing) during the cruise and ended up being put under "isolation" (essentially quarantined in the cabin) from the evening of day 6 until disembarkation. I have no idea how I caught it (not surprisingly), but once I realized that it was more serious than an upset tummy, I went to (i.e., "turned myself in") the medical center. This is the first time I've experienced this kind of illness in 30+ cruises. I have no complaints about how Royal Caribbean handled this with me save for the frequency of the stay-in-your-cabin admonitions. The only issue I encountered was trying to order room service (from the limited "BRAT" menu) on disembarkation morning; Guest Services had to intervene and get the room service manager to call me to take my order since the line was otherwise disabled this morning.
  23. As was mentioned in the Casino Program Changes thread, some of us are not receiving promotional offers from Club Royale, and in that thread, those who had received offers were sharing the offer details with the rest of us so that we could find out whether we qualified for them as well. I don't receive promotional emails from Royal Caribbean for some reason, but I do receive USPS mailings, so I found out about this offer.
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