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  1. Jenny those pictures are amazing. Never in my life did I look anywhere close to that. Very beautiful. Got sorta a good problem. Started packing for cruise and the outfits I planned to take are too big. Took a long time to find clothes that looked good (am taking some that are bigger for later in cruise).
  2. Leaving on NCL Breakaway on 9/29/19 for Western Caribbean cruise. Does anyone see any problems? Any help will be greatly appreciated. TIA
  3. After such a big loss, it's great you didn't have a gain. Only 2.8lb on a cruise - I think that is great. Leaving on my cruise this Sunday and figure I will join around 10lb. That's just the way I am. I'm so sorry you had such a tough week. Starting a new medication can cause so many side effects. Hopefully it won't take you long to adjust to it. With such a bad week I wouldn't let a small weight gain upset you. You will loose it back. Congrats on loosing the pound. You'll get that 0.2lb. Loosing 10lb by 11/08 is a big goal. Go for it. (but don't get upset if not reached) Up less than a pound for the month ..... definitely don't let it upset you. You are so amazing with keeping track of how you are trying to loose. You'll get it. I think if anyone will reach their ultimate goal you will. Have a wonderful vacation and then I hope your week of training is painless. Congratulation on the weight loss. Well my loss for the week is 0.4lb. I was down quite a bit more on Sunday, but as I've increased my carbs through the week I've gained. Oh well, with the week I've had the diet has kinda taken a back seat. My son broke his toe on Monday. Me and my husband thought it was just stubbed or something so I sent him to school on Tuesday. When he took his shoe off after school on Tuesday I knew it could be worse than we though so took him to doctor. Low and behold he broke it. I've so much guilt for not taking him in earlier. The doctor I took him to put him in temporary cast and said he might need surgery. So today we went to surgeon. Good news, no surgery, and he is in a boot (on crutches) than can be taken off for showers (good news as anyone knows about pubescent boys needing good shower). Also this week finally heard back all at once from doctors scheduling things (spinal tap, EGD, sleep specialist appointment because the test I took says I have sleep apnea) that I've been waiting on for awhile. They wanted me to do the spinal tap tomorrow, but I'm not going to because of the possibility of complications would cancel my cruise. So everything will be in the first two weeks we get back. It's been a stressful week. I'm nowhere ready for my cruise. It's going to be a long next two days.
  4. I say "go for it". If that amount is what you are willing to pay, do it. I think if you bid just $5 over the minimum might make the difference.
  5. Only by reading on this site, I do believe you are right. I think many people think NCL will hold the ship or provide transportation, but people who have experience with it say otherwise.
  6. Am on this cruise with you, but not in the Haven. Will be following along to see how the other half live. Hope to see you at Meet and Mingle.
  7. Can't answer all your questions but, we went on a full transit from Miami to Los Angeles on Carnival Spirit (I think). That was a long time ago and my memory is horrible. But I can tell you that was an amazing cruise. The ship was so wide and the locks so narrow that people were reaching out to touch the sides. If I were you I would plan to go out early and get a good seat on deck so you can watch all day. Also, make sure to move to both sides for the views. Sorry I can't give any more advise, but I would bet money that you are going to have a good cruise. Also, for us it was the only time we've cruised in Pacific so those were all new stops up the Pacific coast.
  8. Thank you PelicanBill for doing this. I'm supposed to get on the NCL Breakaway in Miami on 9/29/19. Will be following along.
  9. On Breakaway in January I just went to casino and found quiet corner and smoked.
  10. Thanks for encouragement. I hope this new type of wrapping helps. Where is your son's next duty station? Hopefully better than Korea. I did not enjoy my tour over there one bit.
  11. This is my first time with NCL air perk. I know I can print my air tickets for trip down within 24 hours of flights. On way back does cruise-line print them for me?
  12. Always good when we don't gain. Wonderful to be at goal weight and maintain. Ahhhhh, wiggle room. FOUR POUNDS IS WONDERFUL. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Congratulations on your loss. Hoping your leg gets better more quickly. You got this 5lb. You can do it. First, good job on weight loss. Second, I hope you can be OK with changing your goal. I had hoped to be less than 200 before my cruise next week when I started. I then decided being below 210 would be OK (I went to my brother's for a week and gained 9-11lb). Now as people will see I've changed my goal to be less than 215lb next Thursday before I go. Congratulations on the weight loss. Seems like a lot of people like that My Fitness Pal. Has it helped you? Hope you are having a good cruise. I'd much rather look thinner / fit into clothes I previously couldn't than have a weight loss. Well, this has been a really bad week for me weight wise. I gained 3.2lb. I had just one day where I added in carbs. Had to have my Mother-in-law's German potato salad and one of her home made cupcakes. So my weight yesterday morning was 212lb. The good news is that is down 23lb from where I started at 235lb eleven weeks ago when I started. The bad news (weight wise) is I've decided to up carbs this week in hopes I won't have side effects from being on cruise the next week. So I'm expecting a gain this week. And know I'll gain next. Oh well, the price we pay to go on a cruise. I don't plan to eat bread, potatoes, rice, nor pasta. I'll limit it to one desert a day. But otherwise I'll pretty much eat / drink what I want. Love Malibu rum with pineapple juice and pina coladas. If I have any soda it will be diet. We'll see. My cruise isn't till the 29th so I'll post next week how it's going with adding some carbs. I'll go back on diet when I get home.
  13. Wow, you've done keto since 2012. Just how much weight did you loose? Just Wow. I'm having problems now with craving the stuff I can't have. Anyway, I know one of my biggest issues will be alcoholic drinks. I love Malibu rum and pineapple juice or a good pina colada. Just a few of those and I'd be way over allotted carbs. And I will probably have more than a few a day. I will not eat any bread. Will only have one desert a day. Will keep away from pasta. But I'm sure my weight gain will be enough to make me cringe.
  14. Congratulations on fitting into a pair of jeans that didn't fit before. I think that's the best feeling ever. Really hoping that your leg feels better this week.
  15. Following. Will be visiting Cagney's, Ocean Blue, and LeBistro for the first time in 2 weeks.
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