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  1. LIKE!!! Unfortunately, I think a lot more people are doing that now! My last 3 or 4 flights out of Austin the lines for TSA Pre-check were longer than the standard TSA lines! But I HATE taking my shoes off so I just stick it out!
  2. I agree with cruisegus- between the wedding coordinator from Carnival and the TA, they should be able to make this happen for an event like a wedding... regardless, here's the list of emails as requested, just note as many have said on other posts, the maître d' is not obligated to respond to unsolicited emails, so if you don't hear back, don't be upset: Email below----replace the XX with the ship's code (Dream = DR). We found it's usually best to email about 5 days before your cruise. Maitre d' - xxmaitred@carnival.com Steakhouse - xxsteakhouse@carnival.com (for ships with a steakhouse) BR Breeze CQ Conquest DR Dream EC Ecstacy EL Elation FA Fantasy FD Freedom FS Fascination GL Glory IM Imagination IS Inspiration LE Legend LI Liberty MC Magic MI Miracle PA Paradise PR Pride SE Sensation SL Splendor SP Spirit SN Sunrise SH Sunshine VA Valor VI Victory VS Vista
  3. This is what I do when I fly as well. Just remember to empty it before you try to take it through Security at the port, or they'll either confiscate it or give you the option to empty it.
  4. You are correct, with FTTF you can arrive at the port and are allowed to check in as soon as they begin the checkin process. I'm not familiar with the Baltimore port but most other places begin check in around 10 AM.
  5. I can't say about Cheers but I know she can cancel the internet package right now and receive a full refund. Then if she still needs it and is able to cruise, she can always purchase it onboard for a slight increase in cost. Cheers I think you'd both have to cancel for her to get a refund in advance. Hopefully someone with experience in this can respond to the Cheers question, but as for being a no-show, that's your best bet, as otherwise she will likely not get any kind of refund (other than port fees and taxes) and you may get charged the single supplement.
  6. That was what I was thinking! I'm sure Carnival would have preferred not to have these issues, but it's not like they have a lot of choice!
  7. TO each his own! To those who enjoy decorating their doors, I say go for it! I did it once on a specialty cruise with a friend of mine- it was Mardi Gras themed and the door-decorating was fun, but a lot of work! Haven't bothered since until this last cruise- I brought a small hanging beach sign and a magnet to hang it on- it helped our family in the next cabin (first time cruisers) figure out if they'd gotten turned around or if they were heading toward our room!
  8. On the Vista recently we found that the fridge operated much better, even without leaving the door open- I think someone said they improved the ventilation in the cabinet that holds the fridge? On the Magic a few years back our experience was the same as yours- if we left the cabinet door open the fridge worked much better...
  9. And yes you get the whole pizza- they're not particularly large.
  10. I think there are 2 different categories of M&G... one you organize and socialize yourselves, so everyone is well aware before the cruise when and where it will be... these tend to be better attended. The second type is the one that is coordinated through Cruise Critic and then they relay the details to Carnival. Carnival picks the place & time, often will have refreshments there, sometimes even some gifts like ships on a stick... they then notify everyone who registered to let them know via an invitation in their room the night before where and when the event will take place. This is less well-attended in my opinion because a lot of people don't hear about it (missed the invite in their room) or get overwhelmed with other activities and forget it. On our cruise in June we had almost 50 people signed up. 4 people showed up. I think the biggest reason so many miss it is not rudeness, but the fact that there is insufficient pre-planning, so people know in advance when & where to go. We completely missed the invite in the mass of paper delivered to our room the night before the 9 AM event so we missed the whole thing! The hotel director and a member of the entertainment staff showed up, there was coffee, juices & snacks. And the 4 people who showed up were all gifted a free dinner in Cucina del Capitano! Oh well!
  11. I'm not sure but I think sometimes some of the CDs with shorter stints are fill-ins... most of the better CD's (subjective I know, and just my opinion) tend to have longer tenures on board.
  12. Thanks for the brief review- hope your wife is doing well now!
  13. You didn't have a poll selection of 'Older than Dirt'! Because that's what I expect I'll be when I finally reach Platinum!
  14. It seems that in the last couple of years Carnival has really upped their game in the quality and 'freshness' of the movies they show at the Dive In Movies... in the past they were usually older, lamer and mostly PG... they're now showing a lot newer movies which I appreciate!
  15. I tried it on Vista in June... if you like coal-fired thin crust pizza, it's for you! I thought it tasted burnt and too crispy! But then I love Chicago-style pizza so I'm doomed anyway! But from a taste perspective, it was pretty good, even if the style wasn't my style!
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