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  1. Typically we cruise about every 2 years...
  2. I believe the answer is no... the reason they let you off early is because you have your luggage, and the extra time doing that gives them the time to unload the luggage and have it prepared for the first debarkation zone to collect. Having said that, you can always ask at Guest Services and see what they say, just don't be disappointed if they say no. Another alternative could be for you to debark, go get the car and meet them at the port when they have their luggage...
  3. Free gifts are free gifts. If you don't like it, give it away, or as others have said, leave them in your cabin. You are not ENTITLED to a free VIP gift, Carnival chooses to give you one. So just like the cheap cologne you got from your sister-in-law last Christmas, either re-gift it or throw it away!
  4. So sad that you can't count on the people who are there to answer your questions to get the answers right! But as others have said, with FTTF you can disregard your checkin time and just go when you like. If checkin hasn't begun because of delays for some reason, you'll be able to check in and board accordingly.
  5. Thanks both for your explanation... I get it now!
  6. @Sailor Taylor sorry- not getting the 'redemption rate of 1cpp'... what is 1cpp?
  7. O M G !!!!! I've been looking for a trick like this since they changed the site last year! THANK YOU N7786W Flyer!
  8. Regardless of your checkin time you can always drop your luggage with the porters, so all you'll need to drag around is your carry-ons. I know things have changed with the checkin process in the last year or two so that the 10 AM checkin time is rarely seen anymore, but when we sailed out of Tampa we did have a 10 AM checkin time and were in the boarding lounge waiting by 10:10. Checkin time is not boarding time (I know Bingomamma knows that, they're an experienced cruiser) I'm just mentioning it for the benefit of the OP. So @Out of Iowa you need to decide- check out of your hotel and hang around the port to see if you can check in early (or find something like the aquarium other other stuff in Channelside) or you can wait a bit at the hotel, check in at your designated time and will most likely be onboard within 30 minutes of 11:30. And as was stated earlier, you can always show up later (your boarding documents should tell you the latest time you can check in at the port).
  9. I think this depends on how you're buying it (Bottomless Bubbles or paying directly) as well as who the bartender is. If you've got BB most of the time I find they pour it into a glass or your Carnival tumbler if you have one- you typically don't get a full can this way. If you purchase it with your S&S card, you're entitled to the entire can. In my experience yes, they will give you a glass with ice and hand you the entire can, and if you don't ask, they'll usually open it, but not pour it. I can't comment on Cheers since I've never bought it.
  10. My friend also informed me about a little-known fact- any beverages purchased with your boarding pass BEFORE you get your S&S card are calorie-free! So make sure to get as many Funship Specials as possible in before the cabins are ready 🤣
  11. @TonyinMD I've seen times when I tried to make a reservation for a restaurant and be told that nothing is available at that time, only to have it free up once we're onboard. I'd suggest you follow Jimbo's advice and when you board in a couple of weeks, just go to the steakhouse and ask what's available. Typically, they'll have a table set up near the Lido deck when you embark so you can ask there as well (look for the folks with a table full of meat!). As for the other restaurants, I'm sure that it's the same situation... but I'd try now to make the reservation for each restaurant individually. My personal recommendations are the steakhouse first, Jiji's second, and Cucina del Capitano third.
  12. A water spout IS a tornado, just over water, not on land! I lived close to the water in the Tampa Bay area and we used to see them quite often, but usually from a safe distance. Once, a water spout formed over the bay and moved onshore over downtown St Petersburg and actually caused some minor damage (nowhere near us, we just saw it on the news). And I'm with you pe4all- I'd have been scared out of my mind watching it come toward the ship!
  13. @mitsugirly I hope that your foot and the wound continues to improve... I'm sure you're sick of the war stories by now, but I'll add one more in the hope that it will help you to feel positive about the eventual outcome. 12 years ago I had achilles surgery, non-weight bearing for 8 weeks post-surgery. The first day after the operation, I was trying to transfer from my walker to the recliner, it started to tip and I ended up putting my full weight on the bad foot. Wow was that painful! But worse, I developed a hematoma (Kim knows what that is, but for the rest of you, it's a particularly nasty blood bruise at the site of the incision). The achilles tendon healed fine, but the hematoma took MONTHS! The incision was really nasty to look at and they finally had to do skin grafts to repair the damage. But the bottom line was that once I started PT, it was really painful but it helped a lot with the blood flow, so the swelling and numbness was greatly reduced and the incision finally started to heal. All in all, it took 4-5 months to see decent results but by the 6 month mark I could walk without pain and I have no residual issues to this day. So as others have said, your therapist shouldn't let them start PT that could hurt you, but when it does start, it will hopefully help a lot!
  14. Our very first cruise, 1988, 3 day out of PC to Bahamas... it was March break and the Lido Deck was wall to wall loungers and high school kids. A young lady (no more than about 16) had undone her string bikini top while sunning on her stomach... she sat up and exaggeratedly stretched, like she forgot she was nude from the waist up! While that was surprising, what was funny was watching the cruise director jumping on and over loungers to get to her to tell her to cover up. She giggled and 'acted' embarrassed but it was obvious from her reaction and her giggled conversation with her friends after the CD walked away that it was planned! DH and I still laugh about it, but vowed that was the last spring break cruise we'd ever take!
  15. I'm waiting to see if I get an email- I have the same issue as OP- I don't use the card regularly anymore and I need some more points to get another gift card!
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