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  1. The woman in the background is looking at him either like he just hijacked the ship or he needs another rum punch. 🤣
  2. Love the video. I may steal that from you, even though you stole it from @Sea Dog 😁. Have a great cruise! Looking forward to seeing some sunrise pics over the ocean rather than the lake.
  3. This isn't what you asked but whichever ship you choose, make sure that your kids go to the teen area on the first night. They do some things to get the kids introduced to each other and the kids often form a "pack" that hangs out together for the week.
  4. What a great ceremony for Linda. Her job is (was!) a critically important one. I imagine that she has had her share of very satisfying and very frustrating experiences throughout her career. So the question for you...will the next week go by quickly or agonizingly slowly? It's getting real!!
  5. Add me to the club of those who've had basal cell spots removed. Had a spot taken off my thigh about 25 years ago. Nothing since then and I have to look hard to find the scar. Best of luck Graham...hoping that it's just a minor procedure.
  6. We like Shan but she's definitely smart and strategic. Once the merge happens, I think she'll be a target. She's also been getting a lot of air time on the show. That sometimes means that she will be gone soon. They don't usually vote someone out who hasn't had a lot of air time since that would confuse the audience.
  7. Looks like the cruise is broken into 4 segments and you can choose to sail just on one or more segments, in addition to the entire thing. The Ultimate World Cruise | Royal Caribbean Cruises
  8. Build a net! - Ron White I won't post a link because some may find it offensive but if you're OK with a lot of F bombs and sometimes cringe worthy comedy, do a search for "Ron White radical terrorist Canadian geese" to see where this is from.
  9. I'm so sorry to hear this. As I'm sure you know, MD Anderson is one of the best cancer centers in the country. You will be in great hands. One of the best "weapons" that you can have is a positive attitude. It's not always easy, but I'm convinced that it helps both mentally and physically. When Micheline was going through her treatment, we filled the house with uplifting signs and embroidered pillows. Things like "She thought she could, and so she did", "Don't look back, you're not going that way", "Life is a beautiful ride", etc. She even had a fridge magnet that had @Lionesss's now famous quote "it is what it is". The idea was to surround her with positivity. I'm sure it helped. I agreed with OB...we're all hoping for the best and are here to provide our thoughts and prayers.
  10. Micheline and I had our first Pickleball experience today. We took a "Pickleball 101" hour long lesson that starts as if you know nothing, which was the case for us. Looks like it will be a lot of fun. We are both tennis players though and it will take some time to get rid of some of the tennis muscle memory that hurts you in Pickleball. I can't get myself to swing hard enough for that wiffle ball.
  11. I also have people coming today to work on a heat pump, but an existing one instead of a new one. Ours is currently not cooling. Thermostat seems to be working, compressor runs, air handling unit runs...so not sure what the problem is. Hopefully that doesn't translate into a lot of money to fix. Fortunately, our weather here has been a little cooler the last couple of days with highs in the low to mid 70s, so we can just open the windows. It gets back into the 80s starting tomorrow so I hope it's something that they can fix today.
  12. JFK is no fun, especially if arriving internationally and transferring to another Delta flight. Switching terminals on the train, the always long line to get through security, and then the even longer walk to what always seems like one of the last gates at the end of terminal B. Yuck. Glad that you made it safely.
  13. It has been suggested that this was a great review. Thanks!
  14. Thanks so much Crystal for this review. I hope you had as a good a time as it looked in your fantastic pictures. Have a safe trip home.
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