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  1. I'm still missing 10 states. I'd bet that there are a large number of Americans who never see more than a handful of states, and even a surprising number that never leave their home state.
  2. If the Packers don’t put more pressure on Brady, he will rip them apart.
  3. Love the Bernie memes. One of the tech guys that I follow was talking about the great camera zoom on a new mobile phone. Here is how he demonstrated that capability:
  4. This will be me next weekend if my Bills get passed the Chiefs today. My friends twisted my arm and said that I wasn't really part of the mafia if I have never done this. I will need to find the cheapest made table that easily falls apart. For those who don't follow American Football, fans of the Buffalo Bills are called the Bills Mafia. We have developed this strange practice of breaking tables by jumping on them...usually before games and heavily under the influence of alcohol. Don't ask me how or why this practice developed. It's not always alcohol related. Many of us have
  5. This is the time of year when it would be nice to be further south. Only 61 right now on Amelia Island with highs in the low 60s and light rain for the next couple of days. Still better than the current 35 degrees where I live in Ohio.
  6. @lenquixote66 - A couple of other things to pass on, that learned when I went to the ER for a really high BP. First, the anxiety of taking a BP reading, especially when you know you have high BP, can cause a higher reading. Try taking deep breaths to relax before taking a reading yourself. Second, hold your arm out straight when taking a reading, rather than allowing it to hang at your side. I think this affects how hard the heart has to work and is a more accurate (and I think also lower?) reading. Maybe one of the medical professionals here can confirm the correct way to take a reading
  7. Don't be surprised if your first prescription does not work as desired and needs to be changed. There are several different types of BP medicine, attacking the problem in different ways. They originally had me on 5 mg of Amlodipine (aka Norvasc, a calcium channel blocker) and 5 mg of lisinopril (an ACE Inhibitor). That mix didn't work well enough and they shifted me to 10 mg Amlodipine, which seems to be doing the trick for me. Everyone is different though and Amlodipine may not work well for you.
  8. Andrew - What model of weather station do you have sitting on the counter? We're looking for a new one that's not too big and doesn't overload you with too much info. What you have looks perfect. Oh yeah...the stir fry looks great!
  9. Lenny - I take 10 mg of Norvasc every morning for high BP. When I first started taking it, I would occasionally get dizzy when standing up too quickly...especially at night when getting out of bed. That has mostly leveled out now but I still sit on the side of the bed for a few seconds before standing up just to be careful. The good news is that Norvasc works well for me as my BP is now normal (122/72 last checked) and I don't have any other side effects. With less stress after retirement, focusing on eating less sodium, and slowly working my weight down, I'm hoping to work my way off any
  10. The colors and names were part of what made those bikes so cool. I had an Apple Krate red. I remember trying to jump my bike across a small creek near our neighborhood, Evel Knievel style. We set up boards for a take-off ramp. I landed a little short on the far bank and the seat post bent forward, slamming me into the handlebars. I was winded so badly I thought I'd never be able to breath again. It's amazing that I made it out of childhood alive. 😜
  11. I was in Bucharest on business a couple of years ago. We stayed in the JW Marriott, which is right by the massive Palace of Parliament and the new National Cathedral that was under construction. The cathedral looks like it would be worth a visit, if it will be open by 2023. Not sure if construction will be complete by then.
  12. If I wanted to buy one of those original Sting-Ray bikes today, I'd still need to save. $3,400. Yikes. SCHWINN 1973 ORIGINAL RED 5 Speed STINGRAY BICYCLE * SURVIVOR * STING-RAY | eBay
  13. As a kid, bicycles meant independence and freedom. Not to mention a good source of exercise. I also remember saving (aka learning financial discipline) for a Sting-Ray bike with a banana seat. Those bikes were VERY cool.
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