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  1. The Coronavirus does not know or care if it is at a protest, a rally, in a bar, indoors at a restaurant, or on the beach. If it can jump from person A to person B, it will.
  2. I'm still not seeing the Ovation TP leg from Vancouver to Hawaii. Am I missing it somewhere? I see the 3 night from Seattle to Vancouver and the 17 night from Hawaii to Sydney, but nothing in between.
  3. How do they define a "hotpost"? Is it by country or in the case of the US, by state? Doing it by state may make more sense but would open up logistical holes.
  4. I rarely see people "swimming", other than maybe kids. Usually just hanging out by the edge of the pool talking and drinking. Two pools, even if it means the pools are narrow, would have more "edge" space. I like the idea of the in pool seating in Twangster's pictures.
  5. You are there in person while I'm reading news reports and getting second hand info from my daughter, so I'll defer to you. All I can say is this picture of Kid Rock's made it's way around Social Media: This was supposedly June 12, before they were cited. They may be staying within the capacity of all 3 floors, but it looks like people are all staying on the first floor with no distancing. My daughter took a look in the window last Friday night and said it was very much like this. The other bars that my daughter said were closed are Wildhorse and Losers. Admittedly, neither is directly on lower Broadway.
  6. "If you put sex and gold in a blender, you'd get a butter tart" 🤣🤣 Absolutely true. A breakfast staple when we're in Canada. Which leads me to this article just for you Andrew https://www.cbc.ca/comedy/canadians-receive-long-awaited-apology-from-person-who-first-added-raisins-to-butter-tarts-1.4037939
  7. I wouldn't go quite that far. My daughter and her boyfriend were in Nashville last weekend. They said many of the smaller bars on Broadway weren't open (combination of Covid-19 and the recent protests). Some of the bigger places did a good job of managing social distancing like you said (e.g. Dierks Bentley's). Others seemed to have no control at all, (e.g. Kid Rock's). They avoided Kid Rock's like the plague (pun intended). Kid Rock's had their beer license pulled for 5 days a couple of weeks ago but apparently is back to doing what they were doing before they temporarily lost their license.
  8. I received a press release from the University of Cincinnati. They are part of one of the Vaccine tests. It all sounds great but there's a paragraph that gave me pause: Patients who participate in the blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study will receive either the vaccine, or a placebo, in two injections. The vaccine is incorporated into the patient’s cells, which should begin producing a viral antigen to which the immune system can respond. Patients will keep a daily electronic diary of their symptoms, and also participate in telehealth and clinic visits with UC Health clinicians over a two-year period. I don't know if the 2 year period mentioned means that the vaccine would not be available for 2 years, or if it could be available earlier but the test would continue to run for 2 years. I hope it's the later. And a minor point...Dr. Fauci is not part of the CDC. He's the Director of the NIAID.
  9. Interesting. I would think that Antigua would have the right to implement whatever testing they want. Don't like it, don't travel there. Of course, you'd want to be sure that travelers to the island would be well aware in advance of what they would need to do upon arrival. I imagine that testing before you leave home and then upload results will be a common approach for many of the Caribbean islands.
  10. I'm mostly (not as much anymore) an early morning riser. I've always loved a cup of coffee on the top deck while my family slept. Quiet with almost no one else there. Great way to start a day.
  11. I'll second the Beaches recommendation, if you aren't worried about cost. We spent a great week at Beaches Turks and Caicos several years ago...before they built the Italian Village. We had a 4 family trip (my parents, me/brother/sister and our spouses/kids) and it was fantastic for the kids to enjoy an AI week with their cousins. Every time that we look at going back, the prices are so high that we would save money by cruising in a Royal Suite, so we haven't been back. Note also that Sandals (who owns Beaches) announced that the Beaches Turks and Caicos resort would close indefinitely starting in 2021. They later changed their minds and now saw that the resort will stay open. I'd be a little nervous about what that might mean for the condition of the resort and the level of service.
  12. Any idea if that arch is functional, or is it purely decorative. Wondering if it provides some sort of cross ship support. Inquiring minds...
  13. I think it's because CA is old news, even if the recent uptrend is new. One of the first states to see high case counts. No longer interesting enough to get viewer eyeballs. FL and TX are new news.
  14. I'm not familiar with the Venice area so I had to look at Google Maps to see where Marghera is located. Unless the ship can travel up the Lagoon to get to Marghera, wouldn't it still need to use the same channel that is used today when docking in Venice? If they can cruise through the Lagoon to reach Marghera, couldn't they also cruise through the Lagoon and dock in Venice? The Marghera port area looks pretty industrial. Do cargo ships in and out of Marghera also use the same channel going past Venice?
  15. Note also that you can drag/drop pictures within your post once they have been inserted into the text. This is useful if you mistakenly insert into the wrong spot, or just want to move it after you've inserted it.
  16. Harry - Two options for putting the picture within text. First is to upload the picture like you probably do now, position the cursor where you want the picture to be in the text, and then click the + sign on the uploaded picture. This will insert the picture into the post where the cursor is located. The second is to position the cursor where you want the picture to be and then cut/paste a picture in (e.g. Ctrl-V or right-click insert) without even using the picture upload. I use the first option when inserting pictures from my hard drive. I use the second option when I'm inserting a screen grab or using the Windows Snipping Tool (like I did for the Google Maps images) where the image is in the clipboard.
  17. And just for kicks, here is what a full driving trip would look like. Probably would take 2 months+. More time than we want to spend, and way too much driving.
  18. VERY helpful info Harry. We're still in the early planning stages but I'm quickly narrowing in on flying to Vegas and using that as our "home base" as you suggest. I first looked at a complete round trip drive from Cincinnati all the way to Yosemite across the north and then back through Utah. That would involve about 100 hours of driving, or 12 days of nothing but 8 hours driving. Too much for us. Here's a current idea that would do a loop...Vegas, Death Valley, Yosemite, Great Basin, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, back to Vegas (having fun using Google's My Maps with a base layer of US National Parks): The longest driving leg on this trip would be about 8 hours from Yosemite to Great Basin. I need to look into lodging and figure out about how many days to spend at each park, but I'm guessing this is a 3+ week trip. We were originally thinking this fall (I'm getting cabin fever) but I want to be sure that we see waterfalls in their full glory (especially Yosemite), so we may wait until next spring. We want to avoid the summer with the added crowds and heat. Retirement gives us that luxury. 😁 Your pictures are inspiring me!
  19. Worldometer has a "Source" column showing where they get their data. In general, it looks like it mostly comes from the state and county sites and SHOULD therefore match numbers reported by states and counties. Who knows what additional data manipulation is happening, or what time lags are involved. This just reinforces the point that I've been making that the number of new cases is a flawed measure. WAY to many inaccuracies.
  20. And by the way, the reflection picture that you posted is VERY cool. Looks like it was professionally done.
  21. Thanks Harry. Your 2018 trip sounds fantastic. We have lots of time on our hands but we'll need to see about how much energy we'll have. Need to work on getting into better shape to be able to handle some of the hikes that seem to be needed to really see some of the parks. I've been to the Grand Canyon a couple of times and to Yellowstone once during the winter...a ski trip with my guy friends where we added a snow mobile trip to see Old Faithful. My wife however has not seen either of those places, and neither of us has been to Yosemite. We just watched a YouTube video of a father and son who went to Yosemite on the first day that it reopened and they practically had the place to themselves. Absolutely stunningly gorgeous. We've also not seen Mount Rushmore. Since we live in Cincinnati, one possibility would be to drive a big loop through Mt. Rushmore and Yellowstone on the way to Yosemite. We would then drove a more southern route coming back which could take us through the parks that you mention. That would be a LOT of driving though. We might be better off flying into Vegas and renting a car from there. Too many choices! Fortunately, we don't need to rush.
  22. Hi Harry. Do you have the itinerary from your National Park trips that you wouldn't mind sharing? I just retired and since our grand 9 day Greek Isles/14 day Italy retirement trip was cancelled, we are thinking about a driving trip to tour some of the parks instead. I've done a little research and there are a LOT of options besides the typical Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Yellowstone trips. As many here on CC have done, I'd be interested in learning from you. Hope that you and your family are all safe and healthy.
  23. Our Jan 2021 Harmony cruise is at 53 USD right now. That doesn't include gratuity. Our Freedom cruise in May 2019 was $47. I believe that Oasis Class is typically more.
  24. Wow. As soon as I saw Twangster's Aleutian Ballad excursion, I told myself THAT is the excursion for me when (not if) we do our Alaska cruise. Then I saw Bill's Seaplane excursion. Difficult decision. I'll just need to cruise twice. Keep up the great pictures!
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