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  1. Melody, So off topic, but would you please share what you’re doing to break up the scar tissue? Just adding my voice to the others wishing you well. I’ve been following along with everyone these past months just, strange for me, haven’t had much to share.
  2. We were among the last passengers off the Infinity. We exited the ship at 10:45. After reading this posting, I really felt so sorry for the crew on embarkation day on this ship. I know that some of the crew had to get up at 3:00am in order to get their paperwork together to meet with immigration on the pier. Even though the Captain originally said that we would arrive around 5am, I think we were alongside about 3am. What difference does it make if immigration doesn't arrive to process the people? They wanted to process the crew first, then there was some in depth inspection that had to be made and then they started allowing passengers to disembark. Totally out of the control of ship's staff, but don't they get blamed for everything? I hope the embarking passengers were a bit more understanding than this OP, as the crew were doing everything that they could do to accommodate.
  3. A total SHOUT OUT to my grandson! I can't believe I've struggled with those darn tickets from Trenitalia for YEARS and I've thought of everything under the sun to help with the fact that I probably won't have wifi and I know I won't want to use cellular for the $10/day charge just to show them a bar code ticket but NOW <drumroll> I learned how to take a screen shot! And my life just became so much easier! I can't believe that I never, ever thought of doing that. Bye bye paper clutter, weighing down my bag and my life. So, thanks, Anita for mentioning this little gem....
  4. Yes. I have NONREFUNDABLE deposit bookings. I'm telling you the exact wording as it appears on my invoices. I think that this is false information being given that if you have a nonrefundable deposit that you automatically owe 25% of your cruise fare. That's not the case. Clearly and absolutely the invoice states that you will forfeit the following: $100 for certain, if you change your reservation. The remainder of your deposit is applied to a future cruise booking. AND, the cancellation policy of your reservation. Which clearly states the dates when the different cruise fare percentages come into play. The day AFTER final payment, if you cancel the cruise you owe 25% of the cruise fare. And the rest is just as normal as what everyone has with a nonrefundable OR refundable deposit. It's called a nonrefundable DEPOSIT. It's the deposit money that is in discussion NOT the cruise fare itself.
  5. No. It clearly states on my invoices the date that the cancellation policy would be 25%. And that date is the day AFTER final payment is due. The date is clearly spelled out and it is not the day after my booking date. If I do not move my deposit to another ship or sailing date, then I will lose the entire deposit. If I move my deposit then I will lose $100 of it, per person.
  6. i just changed a few reservations to nonrefundable deposits. I scanned the invoices and they all say the same thing. The wording for the nonrefundable deposit reads exactly as the website and its explanation. If you make a change to the ship or to the date of sailing, you will be charged $100 for the change; in other words, the deposit is nonrefundable but you can transfer the money to another sailing. As far as the cancellation policy reads, on the day after final payment is due the cancellation penalty is 25%. And the amount increases from them, pretty much to the same level as any other cancellation policies I've ever read from Celebrity, irregardless of the type of deposit involved. I would err on the side of caution, of course. But, I'm sure that when you ask for the invoice by email that you'll be assured the website is wrong. I'm sure that the programming of the website didn't calculate the proper date for the cancellation policy of 25% to come into effect.
  7. Welcome to the world, little man. Lots and lots of fun days ahead, Laurie. Congratulations to all.
  8. Reading everyone's posts is such a welcome relief as a break from my current travel planning! Margaret, I was in that Desigual store in Miami. So much fun! You didn't venture into the Kiko store? That's another cute, affordable fun store to spend a bit of time. Last season's nail polish colors for $1 and change! And, it's a good quality polish, as well. One of my guilty pleasures. I'm in the midst of another bout of planning, all because I had a moment where I was persuaded by a low, low (I do mean low) price for an international flight on Alitalia! This flight was an awesome, amazing, outstanding price of $243 per person! Nonstop, direct, leaving MIA to FCO. And, I bought it! And, then I started researching Alitalia flights. And, then Anita started telling me... don't pay attention to all those negative reviews, Mom... as she mentioned on her delight with her hotel in London versus a plethora of negative reviews. Well, the negative reviews notwithstanding, what is a fact is the really restrictive carry on guidelines from Alitalia. AND, it's proving to be quite an adventure to try to accomplish various things.... like packing for a few days in the roll aboard as well as packing for all the creature comforts of existence on a plane for an overnight flight that lasts for 10+ hours. We've been doing a bit of shopping... just to accommodate our needs for this super cheap airfare flight..... which does beg the question, doesn't it? Except that we can obviously use the smaller carryon luggage for more than just this flight, so there's that. The planning is going along and coming together in its own haphazard, but seemingly efficient way. https://shop.samsonite.com/luggage/softside-luggage/samsonite-solyte-dlx-underseat-wheeled-carry-on/123570XXXX.html?dwvar_123570XXXX_color=Mineral Grey&cgidmaster= This luggage was chosen for the primary reason that it was the ONLY luggage we could find that was within Alitalia's dimensions for a carry on. And, happily, we can get enough in it so that we will have no difficulty in taking it on Trenitalia trains. Score. After quite a bit of thinking (and rethinking the thinking), I have enough in this bag to be able to (1) go to Ft Lauderdale for the night, (2) travel to Rome the next day, (3) spend 2 days and 3 nights in Rome, (4) travel to Sorrento by way of a train from Rome to Naples, followed by a short walk to catch a hydrofoil from Naples to Sorrento, followed by a walk to an elevator to take us up to the elevation of our hotel, followed by walk to said hotel... and (5) reversing the procedure after spending 4 days in Sorrento... going to Pompeii, Capri, Amalfi Coast tour, .. (6) spending one last night in Rome and then boarding the Celebrity Infinity for a TransAtlantic! Whew! FUN. For our personal carry on item, DH is using my PacSafe MetroSafe 200 and I'm using a PacSafe CitySafe 200. We're getting it ALL IN... carrying not only our 3-1-1 bags, but all of our personal items that are required and necessities and we would be heartbroken without them (for example, my Chanel foundation!)... as well as the comfort items for the plane...eye masks, noise cancelling headphones, travel pillow, travel blanket... I'm a high maintenance plane traveler and I'm not ashamed or afraid to admit it!!! There are no strict guidelines surrounding the personal item, just the rather vague description of "small backpack" or "small purse" or "laptop bag." A quick phone call to Alitalia gave us the information that they expect the personal item to weigh about 2 to 3 kg. So, 9 American pounds, right?!? And, I'm not math challenged, so I know that isn't right. I just have to make 9 American pounds look like 6.6 Italian pounds and I'll be golden. EZ. If I were one of those ladies on other parts of this fashion board, I'd be done. BUT I'M NOT. I still have the cross-pack of our checked luggage to plan. By gosh and by golly, I know that i'm going to want to put those clothes way into the back of my stateroom closet that I've been wearing for 8 days! The great thing is that our Rome hotel has sweetly accommodated us leaving our large suitcases with them when we travel to Sorrento. SO, I'm taking advantage of that and now planning for the cruise part of this upcoming trip. We leave on October 1st. And in the meantime, I'm having a ball reading about Miami and London.
  9. My experience on Harmony of the Seas just a few weeks ago was that they made an announcement that anyone with the UDP was covered UNLESS they wanted two proteins. If two proteins were desired, then the difference of $4 + gratuity would be charged. Consistent with the RCCL message above.
  10. Phantom of the Opera !!!! 😍😢😢😢 <sniff> <sniff>
  11. Made a mad dash to Soft Surroundings this morning because they have some leggings (they've named them Have-to-Have) and I have a perfect top for one of the prints. Had to spare those precious moments to go try on the leggings because the size chart showed me as maybe one or maybe another size. Sizes are so horrible to figure out using those size charts! Anyway, they did have the print and they did have my size, so... score! What I really wanted to talk about though is that when I was being helped by a salesperson, she told me that I needed to spend a LOT of time in the stores in the coming inventory season. She said that I'll be able to see a lot of warm colors that will be in a good brown, green, and red for me. She said, "I have to tell you that you shouldn't buy any color that has an undertone of blue though; make sure that you stick to the undertones of orange or yellow." I said that I knew fabulous colors were coming because Margaret told me! And I told her that I already knew that I needed warm undertones. Then she said, "you know that 92% of people are cool undertones. That's why it's so difficult for you to find colors that work really well for you without trying to make them right by fiddling with your makeup." Which I thought was pretty interesting. But... 92%!!! Do you ladies believe that? That would mean that we're all pretty special, aren't we? And, can you imagine that clothes designers and store shoppers would cater to only 8% of the market? I'm not sure that she's correct in her data, but it sure feels that way sometimes!
  12. Daniel, I'm so sorry that your friend had this anguishing experience. I'm glad that you posted this question because I definitely learned something! Thank you to Hoyaheel for providing links to that important information, not that I have THAT much jewelry that I take with me, but I never even thought about re-entry with valuables, Customs issues, and/or electronics registrations! And, thank you for coming back with a complete scenario explanation. I hope that your friend enjoyed wearing the gifts given to her by her late husband and that this experience didn't affect what was, hopefully, good memories.
  13. Laurie, We went on a NE cruise (kind of a quick decision) this past June. We expected to be cold and have a lot of rain so, of course, we packed accordingly. We sailed out of Bayonne and our ports were Newport, Portland, Bar Harbor, Bermuda. There were two trip reports posted right before our departure. One trip report was inundated with rain; the other had bright, hot sunshine. One trip report left Bayonne in warmth and the other returned to Bayonne in a torrential downpour. For us... as I said, we expected rain. We were supposed to sail with rain; we didn't. We were supposed to have cool weather in Newport; we didn't... we experienced the most torrential rain of the entire trip. In fact, the morning at Newport was sunny which progressed to a pounding rain that we didn't escape because we were out on the Cliff Walk (fabulous, by the way!). Let's see... it was so HOT in Portland that I was sweating because I decided to wear a long sleeve rash guard and carry my rain jacket. We walked almost 11 miles that day because I was intent on finding a specific brewery. In Bar Harbor, we had the best weather of the entire trip. Wonderful day. Blueberry beer. Who knew it was so delicious? Which brings me to Bermuda.... so HOT. Unbearable heat. I didn't have light enough clothes to enjoy Bermuda, to be honest. It was even HOT at night. We were on an overnight so we ended up walking outside, thinking it would be comfortable, and had a shortened walk because it was still so hot (and that's saying something considering where we live, but I know it was humidity related). So the point I have to make is to listen to the people who say the weather is highly changeable. Pack with flexibility in mind. I might even say to ignore the weather predictions because I don't think they could get it right if they were reporting on Tuesday what the weather was for Monday! Seriously. You are on a beautiful itinerary. I know you will enjoy your trip immensely. I wouldn't mind returning for a rerun cruise (one I've seen before....)...
  14. I've done a fair amount of jewelry shopping in the Caribbean. Of course, if you buy it that means that you're going to bring it BACK to be worn, right? I've never encountered the unfortunate experience of your friend. My circumstances with customs has always been pretty straightforward. Of course, I pack my valuables in my carry on to be taken with me off ship. This carry on is never, ever out of my possession so there is no way that a customs agent would confiscate anything that it contained. I've never had them perform a search of my possessions. Maybe I've just been lucky? Or? Over the years I've heard some amazing stories, but most of them center around customs finding some questionable items in checked luggage; i.e., unlabeled CBD oil, etc. As I mentioned, I've not encountered anything like your friend's dilemma and, as this hasn't been a subject of conversation, I've never seen any advice on being prepared for such a thing. Hopefully, you'll get some responses to this question by others who may have experienced similar difficulty? And, by doing so, give us both some advice on this subject. BTW, I don't think the question about your friend wearing her jewelry was meant as a comment of ostentatious display. Let's be honest: there's a lot of cubic zirconia out there as well as the "good" stuff and there are a lot of ladies who mix and mingle "good" items with costume. It was just a question of what caught the customs agent's eye? And why would they feel justified in pulling her jewelry out of her bag and mutter words like "smuggle" which implies trying to skip a tax. Just to know. What port was this?
  15. I have never, ever had this experience nor have any of the people I've cruised with who tend to wear expensive pieces. Actually, I've never heard of anyone having this experience! I can't imagine how your friend got entangled in such an experience! I've never heard of having to PROVE that you owned something prior to going through customs. I wish you could explain this a bit more so that I can envision what transpired here. The only time I've ever been asked for receipts was for a purchase that was part of the customs declaration form. In the last few cruises, even to the Caribbean, lately I've not even received a declaration form. As described, this event is particularly egregious. I don't know a single person who takes pictures of their jewelry prior to their cruise. @pcur are you in the habit of doing that?
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