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  1. I’m guessing no for My Heart Will Go On....😁
  2. MSC has great spas, but they are more Asian inspired as opposed to Elemis which most other cruise lines use. They may give you a teeny tiny little envelope which you are supposed to use as a cover-up…😄😄 it is NOT, as I learned, an eye patch. 😂😂😂
  3. Not sure about that but we did two separate month-long Europe trips this past year. One of them did involve a 10 night cruise but the other one was flying and taking the trains between locations
  4. Nice to meet you. My hubby and I just booked it today. I posted on the Roll Call... we love MSC Sister and her hubby are sailing with us...possibly more people as well.
  5. Just booked today. Hubby & I live in Naples
  6. My sister’s boss was on that ship too. 😢
  7. Thx. No changes as of yet. Sept 9 Navigator i do expect to see something after the storm passes and they’re able to assess the damage
  8. Sadly, Coco Cay is probably getting raked now. Supposed to be there Wednesday...Don’t think that’ll happen. Wondering if they’ll switch itinerary to Cozumel instead of the Bahamas
  9. Hubby & I just returned from a 1 month long Europe trip which Included a 10 night trip on the Spirit. We just booked the short weekend trip with three other couples that we know from Miami… In total, it will be 3 gay couples and 1 straight couple. Unless additional people book it...
  10. And as luck would have it, we just booked a weekend trip on The Sky for July 5 with a whole bunch of our friends from Miami 😎😎
  11. We had close friends on that trip to… They actually did not mind the shorter trip because they were able to spend more time in London plus they have the certificates for future cruising as well
  12. We have sailed her twice and had amazing trips both times. But, we are the type of people that expect to have a good time when we are on a cruise… We are not out looking to bash anything and complain… Yes the design of the ship is a little different but that was no big deal
  13. We had an amazing cruise… There is no such thing as an unhappy cruise. This is our face when we had to get off the ship
  14. Post your best post-cruise pic!! This is us last week when we got off of a 10 night Mediterranean cruise on the NCL Spirit.
  15. We leave in a week for Rome to begin my hubby’s 70 th birthday trip
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