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  1. Brings back memories! She was our FIRST sailing period back in 2009. We were truly WOWED as well, lol...Haven't been back since the updates either. Looking forward to it! 1st time we were obviously "pre-gold", whenever we go on her next time we are D Plus now. I'm also "WOWED" by how fast that 10 years and all the cruises have gone by!!! 😲
  2. Well, glad (I guess) that I'm not alone apparently. Have tried calling 6 times since posting this (at various times)... no Oregon and no solid "help" from anyone.
  3. Would agree there on both counts. I have several names in Oregon but can't ever catch one of them (if I'm lucky enough to somehow get Oregon)! I have 4 different Club Royal phone #'s and thought I'd found THE one but not the case! lol
  4. Thanks for the replies thus far. It appears I'm not alone. I've maybe had one good experience with "out of country reps". Sure most are friendly but when a simple question or comment results in an extended period of silence followed by a boiler plate answer/comment it's pretty annoying. I generally am looking to book, find out best discounts, use of certs, offers, etc. Some of the Oregon folks are great at trying to help and know everything without me even having to question them. I've had cabin changes (on upgrades) work out and be cheaper, etc. Comments like "well, let me see if we could do this with that" and make it work out is just really nice. Have had someone tell me there was no way I could get an upgrade and keep the same cabin on a B2B recently and the next rep (oregon) not only made it happen but found a way to knock off a nice amount of $ to boot. Sorry to sound like I'm whining but in my experience the difference in "help" is extraordinary. That and I'm coming off of about 5 straight reps who know less than I do! 🙂 AND, good to hear Oregon apparently isn't closing!!
  5. No offense to the other call center but I have SO much better "luck" and help with Oregon. I guess I need to up my game so I can get a # and extension to someone who really knows what's going on and goes the extra mile to help out?! I don't know! It's frustrating to know within the first 10-15 seconds of a call it's going to be a waste of time 90% of the time. TIA for any info...I'm a lowly Prime member fwiw and D+ not that that it matters (or does it?!)
  6. Is this something new or what? Have been to Coz MANY times on RCL and have never been asked for anything other than our seapass card. No big deal, just something I've personally never seen (strict photo ID). TIA
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