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  1. From 1st May 2020 the Duplex cabins on all Meraviglia and plus class will become YC Duplex cabins, it also appears that the Two Aurea Suites on Deck 12 12007 and 12010 will also become part of the YC as Grand suites. You have to wonder how this will impact on cruise already booked, will they remain Aurea until bookings have cleared as Aurea or will they be classed as YC. It looks like MSC have played the Greed card in changing these cabins and will put them out of the reach of many families. You have to wonder if the NCL v YC cabins outside of the Haven argument may have influenced the decision although the Fantasia class does have forward YC suites outside of the YC.
  2. Sounds like many others that you have been conned by MSC.
  3. Both the UK and USA site deck plans from April 2020 show the forward Deck 12 cabins as Aurea Suites, no mention of YC at all.
  4. As you can see from the photo taken on the Meraviglia Xmas cruise the pier damaged by Armonia is far from finished.
  5. In Barcelona there is usually a bus that will take you to the bottom of Las Ramblas near the Columbus statue from the port, not sure if you now have to pay for it. Where you get off the bus is a wooden walkway to bars and shops, directly across from the statue is Las Ramblas. Not been to Marseille. Genoa, the ship berths next to the city and as stated above you can walk around it plus there are various museums. Naples, again you can walk to the main areas close by. There are two areas where you can go underground into the old water chambers we did the Napoli Sotterranea details are online for both plus videos on Youtube, there is Pompeii and Herculaneum details also online. We took the train to Pompeii one year. Messina, the ship berths next to the Town which has a number of walkable things to see, the clock bell tower at midday is worth a watch video on Youtube or there will be trips to Taormina. Valetta, you can walk from the port into the city by following the main road for maybe 600 yards, you will find a road to your left which takes you to the Barrakka Lift/Elevator which for a few Euros will take you to the lookout point gun battery where they fire one of the cannons each day at midday video on Youtube. This area overlooks the ships in port, on return to the port there are many bars opposite the ships and all have free wifi for the price of a drink or food.
  6. On a recent Meraviglia cruise 23 out of 25 pool staff were Ex P and O cruises, our waiter was also Ex P and O, when asked their reason for joining MSC the response was better pay. The CD Gene Young I believe is the first American to work in the role for MSC, he would hardly leave a well paid job to take a pay cut and work for MSC.
  7. Despite all their glitzy ships and TV adverts and gloating about how good they are, it is ridiculous that MSC have failed miserably to sort out this issue for customers. As a usual reader and side line sitter I have noticed that others affected by this have not posted for some time, I wonder if they also have had enough of the ineptitude of MSC ?
  8. Sadly Meraviglia only has the small Meraviglia lounge in the Galleria/Promenade near to the Theatre where most things go on and nothing compared to the size of the Haven lounge. There is the sky lounge which is larger which only seemed to have some kind of jazz music going on though we did not go there every night. There is a disco somewhere near the indoor sports court, not sure if they use this place for dancing. I would not worry too much about what shoes the kids wear. Speak to Guest services and they will usually give you as late a disembarkation time as they can with late flights. Room service includes the free continental breakfast.
  9. It seems on the day you were in Costa Maya the flagship Grandiosa hit the pier in Palermo due to wind gusts, It seems that the ship may had been told to stay put to avoid any damage due to the berth position and the wind!
  10. but full disclosure we didn't investigate whether a third option was available (e.g., could you exit yourself, but at a later/anytime. Yes we do that and have done a number of times.
  11. From my point of view one response was answering the question asked by the original poster as to why it is the case that the boards can be poor some times in the roll call section, it was an opinion of that poster as to the reason and did not appear to influence where people should go or look.
  12. If your cruise includes Colon then you will likely be late getting off the ship, MSC use the same system as other lines in that you are given an area or lounge to wait in until your colour code is called which is tied to your suitcase colour.
  13. There already seems to be a theme going on with this at O.C as they cancelled it on our recent stop there along with excursions blaming the wind which was not that bad. We left at 11 pm also despite the itinerary saying 23.59. Our Seaside cruise that stopped at Colon had the very same issues when arriving back in Miami, MSC need to change this port, along with Freeport, Colon is the worst we have been to. On our last cruise we arrived at 12.30 and sailed straight through the priority embarkation line which was empty and was onboard in about 15 minutes.
  14. On our recent Meraviglia cruise there was no mention whatsoever of when the night would be, the daily delivered the night before for the dress code said casual! It is pointless taking clothes for the night any longer, plus they held it a day earlier than they usually do according to out waiter. Communication with guests is something MSC really do need to learn.
  15. You do not get the 5% discount because of the level you are at, you get it for being a member of the Voyagers Club.
  16. There was over 200 registered for our M and M not sure of the numbers who attended but the sky lounge was full, regarding the photos it seems that MSC change with the wind direction.
  17. You now have to collect the photos yourself from the photo shop, certainly on Meraviglia.
  18. Our recent cruise was due to leave at 23.59 but left at 11 pm with no reason given, it seems odd for the ship to leave at 4 pm given that O.C is only about 50 Nautical miles from Miami.
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