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  1. Can't find anything on the Princess web site. Do you have a link to the cruises this apples to?
  2. Another note is then the cruise price, at least on Princess, is much more expensive when embarking in LeHarve than in Southampton.
  3. So to answer your questions - I've seen the wedding chapel both open and closed when not in use. Really depends on the ship and the personnel making the decision. There are no assigned clergy on board. But there may be a passenger who is a clergy member you might conduct non-denominational services. As far as the wine goes - yes you can each bring on one bottle of wine at no charge. But if you take it to the dining room they will charge you $15 corkage. If you have more then 1 bottle each they will charge you $15 corkage for each one no matter where you consume it. It is best to have in your carry-on rather than your checked luggage. When they see it at the security check-in they will direct you to a table where Princess folks will take care of charging you the corkage fee.
  4. And the best part is that the ship docks just a couple of short blocks from the old town.
  5. On my 2 upcoming cruises next month I have a number of different on-board credits. They consist of: Princess promotional credit as part of the booking TA supplied credit Shareholder credit Loyalty credit Future cruise deposit credit Which ones are refundable if not used and which ones are non-refundable? Thank you in advance.
  6. Everyone has an opinion of a ship. If you go with a positive attitude you will have a fantastic time, particularly in Alaska. If you go with an attitude that something will go wrong, then it will and even if it's a minor thing your mind will blow it out of proportion. If you want to look for things that are wrong or need repair you will find them. Or as I originally noted you can have that positive attitude and ignore the little things. No matter what you do, have a great cruise. And personally the Coral would be my first choice for Alaska due to the abundance of passenger space and the wide open decks for viewing the spectacular scenery.
  7. On a cruise next month we have more on-board credit than we will use. Can I get my nails done at the spa/beauty salon and have it charged to my on-board account? Anyone know the approximate cost for getting nails done? Thank you in advance. Christine
  8. Yes you should be able to get off the ship after boarding.
  9. Hi Cheryl. We're also doing the 10:00 tour at the castle. So maybe we can hook up with your group and share 2 taxis. Tom
  10. Thank you all for your responses. Tom
  11. For those that have done a British Isles cruise - does Princess take you passports and if so when is that done and when are they returned back to the passengers? Thanks in advance for responses.
  12. Whenever I have a cruise booked I don't receive any e-mails from Princess. However, once I complete the cruise I usually get 1 or 2 a week for standby deals.
  13. What is the current process for elite status passengers in getting on tenders, particularly on the Sapphire and Crown? It used to be that we just went to the back of the tender line. But we haven't had to use a tender for several years so not sure of the current process. Also, can we board tenders with Princess tour passengers if there is space available even if we're not on a Princess tour? Thank you in advance.
  14. We're doing this on our Princess British Isles cruise. As waitingtoretire indicated above, you do need to request permission from your cruise line. Our TA made the request and it was approved within a few days.
  15. TM

    Boarding Passes

    Just logged into my Personalizer and all credit card info was already there. I'll just wait till I get to check-in at the pier and get my medallion that they say I have to have and my cruise card that I want.
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