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  1. We were there last year. Princess wanted $160 for this. I figured I could get it at the port for less. When I asked I was told it was $160. Maybe they have reduced the price this year.
  2. We sailed last year on a 2 week roundtrip sailing on Celebrity out of New Jersey on October 7th. We also spent the first week of October driving around New England. On our road trip we saw great colors in Vermont and New Hanpshire and western Massachusetts. We arrived in Quebec on October 13th and the colors sailing down the St. Lawrence River approaching Quebec were absolutely amazing. However it is important to note that the timing of the fall colors varies from year to year but I think that for our trip last year we hit the absolute peak at all times. Tom
  3. I'm looking at transportation from central London to the Southampton cruise terminal on a Saturday in August. Princess wants $59 per person which doesn't seem bad but I've not heard good things about trying to get to them at the Victoria Coach station. Any other recommendations that might be in that same price range of $118 for 2 people? Thank you in advance.
  4. Yes On The Bayou is still being done on the Coral and the Island.
  5. We will arrive from the USA about 7:00 on a Tuesday morning in August. Any idea how long it will take to clear customs? I'm trying to estimate a time to tell a car service to pick us up. Also, about how long to get via car service to the Victoria station area in London? Thank you.
  6. Every Princess ship that I've been on has had them. Sometimes they are in the gym but they can also be in the aerobics studio right next door. Feel free to move them from one place to another. I think there have probably been only 2 or 3 though.
  7. Good comparison review. We've done 25+ cruises on Princess and 3 on Celebrity including our latest one of 2 weeks to Canada/New England on the Summit. While the Summit is an older ship, it was very well maintained. Only had 2 complaints. There were very few spaces to sit and read inside the ship that had adequate lighting to do so. And some of the main courses at dinner in the MDR were questionable as to what was actually on the plate. In other words, it looked and tasted like mystery meat. But overall it was one of our best cruises. At least on this cruise in comparison to our recent Princess cruises overall I found the entertainment to be much better on Celebrity. While we typically don't do the production shows much anymore because we've seen them all before, Celebrity constantly had something going on all the time. There were at least 6 different musical entertainers playing from probably 2:00 pm till 11:00 pm. Each would play for about 30 minutes twice a day and they would be scattered around the ship so there was always something available. We'll continue to look at both lines in the future but normally lean toward Princess due to pricing, although for our last trip to Canada/New England the pricing from Celebrity was significantly cheaper than Princess and it offered a full 14 day cruise without repeat ports.
  8. Does anyone know the price of this Lothian Bus?
  9. Faxed in my request earlier in the week and it was posted to the account for my 2 August cruises within a couple of hours.
  10. TM

    Loyalty OBC

    I think we'd all like to see that but in the real corporate world it is not going to happen. And when you multiply that by all the cruisers that get it each cruise it has a huge impact to the corporate bottom line. Personally I'm happy with whatever credits they give me.
  11. TM

    Changing Money

    Pretty much all vendors and retailers in the Canadian cities will accept US dollars. In fact many like getting them. They will however most likely charge you the same. So if an item is $30 Canadian thy're not going to do the math. They expect you to pay $30 US which is to their advantage when they convert it to US dollars and they come out ahead..
  12. For 2 upcoming cruises I have more onboard credit than I can use. Can I load it to my casino account and then cash out and if so how can I do that?
  13. We've sailed on the Island both before and after adding more cabins. Quite honestly we did not notice any real crowding with the addition of 200 passengers. We were on her last summer for 2 weeks in Alaska. Regarding the comments previously about Duval as the CD - honestly we found him to be one of the best and most energetic CDs we have had in 25+ cruises on Princess. If you want to find something wrong with the Island or any other ship you can. If you want to have a great relaxing vacation without worrying about what is wrong and nitpicking all the small stuff you can certainly do that too. Enjoy your cruise.
  14. Bar Harbor is a tender port. On our cruise last fall we did not make that port stop due to inclement weather so plan accordingly. In other words, don't book anything that would not give you a refund if the ship did not make it to the port.
  15. Overlord Tours offers D-day tours that start and end in LeHarve. You can either do private tours or sign up for their general tour with a large bus. The only concern would be what to do with all your luggage. I would assume they could store it under the bus but you would need to confirm. We're getting off a British Isles cruise a day early in Leharve. We'll then rent a car and drive over to Bayeaux. The following day we will do an all day tour via Overlord Tours to the D-day area. It will visit many more sites that the tour from LeHarve as the driving distance to the sites will be significantly less. Something for you to consider if you have an extra day or 2.
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