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  1. In today’s Patter it shows a Princess Pop Choir sign-up and rehearsal.
  2. This year they eliminated the expiration date from this voluntary to use application form because it’s renewed each Spring. Shareholder Benefit Request Form.pdf
  3. You’re at the cutoff date: “Applications to receive this benefit must be made no later than 14 days prior to the cruise departure date”. Here’s the application form which isn’t required to use but contains the procedure. After faxing mine has been quickly issued & you could call them to confirm receiving your request: (800) 872-6779 x-30317 Shareholder Benefit Request Form.pdf
  4. That appears to be the same as on the Royal-class ships...coffee is immediately dispensed by the cup. ☕
  5. Pushing the coffee display on these WMF coffee machines immediately dispenses coffee so don’t think each cup is brewed individually.
  6. Photos from the Sky’s buffet drink station which was the same as on my cruises on the Royal & Regal. Unlike earlier in the cruise, the iced tea dispenser is now working next to the lemonade dispenser.
  7. The free filtered coffee machines using ground coffee began with the Royal Princess & is on all Royal-Class ships. I hoped the concentrated coffee machines on other ships would be replaced during overhauls but haven’t experienced nor read about replacing them with the ground coffee machines.
  8. Iced tea is from concentrate but the free coffee machines use ground coffee & not a concentrate.
  9. The parade was back at the early seating in Cielo on Saturday night. In the buffet’s drink stations they have lemonade dispensers but must request iced tea which is the opposite of my previous experiences on other Princess ships.
  10. You can book excursions before your cruise using OBC that is in your account prior to sailing which includes Military & Shareholder OBC. Select your tours & use the option to pay using OBC. 👍
  11. The Sky has a new menu for Gelato’s...gone are sundaes such as Brownie Blast and Banana Split. The app’s menu is the old one & the time we went there had to request to see the new menu.
  12. tekman26...the Regal is a MedallionClass ship & using the MedallionClass app you could purchase it that way. Under OceanConcierge there's an option for Drink Packages which takes you to the information Colo posted. Click on New Grounds Coffee Package to see the option to purchase it...$31 + 18% tip.
  13. We boarded on 11/3 and they didn’t have the Baked Alaska on the last night at the 5:30 seating in Cielo & tomorrow will know if it’s the same thing.
  14. We prefer the Sky’s changes to the Royal where we cruise with you. Although we’d happily cruise on both ships & we’re doing the Royal’s MR & CA Coastal again in Spring 2020. 😃 On this cruise we’re seated at your table for all 28 days.
  15. A couple of changes from my previous Princess cruises: no Baked Alaska parade (dessert was available) and no nightly selling of an after dinner alcoholic drink.
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