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  1. We had the same didn’t receive your request excuse 60 days after we requested Option 1 on 3/12 & received confirmations from them on that date. My TA contacted her Princess marketing sales manager who only said to request again by 5/31 despite Princess mishandling our request. She also said that the 60 days timeframe wouldn’t start again however after so much misinformation from Princess we’ve lost trust in them to honor their commitments & instead have disputed our chargecard payment & have received a conditional credit. Princess has 6 weeks to dispute our claim however taking our money, canceling our cruises & not providing as promised (FCC & refunds) would be the definition of a canceled service & we expect to receive refunds for our payments. Happy that some are finally getting refunds & FCC from Princess but after patiently waiting for them to do anything they’ve lost our trust...certainly not what this Princess loyalist hoped would ever happen.
  2. You might want to check to learn if after 60 days your request is even in their system which for us it wasn’t there. We didn’t reapply to begin another 60 day delay & decided to cut our losses by filing a chargecard dispute. We preferred a credit now without hoping for future FCC & refund but that’s merely our preferred action.
  3. My TA has our best interest at heart & said that any commission wouldn’t offset the frustration of her dealing with Princess any further...we filed a chargecard claim. You’ve previously read about our situation (took 60 days to learn they lost our 3/12 Option 1 requests despite confirmation on that date) & in over 60 days all Princess has done is to delete our FCD from our Captain’s Circle account that was used for our cruise...not right! Being banned from future cruises for taking action to get our refunds is a risk we’re willing to take & would take our business elsewhere if Princess were to be so petty & vindictive.
  4. Based on yesterday’s CCL press release, CCL CEO Arnold Donald stated: “It's also encouraging to note that the majority of guests affected by our schedule changes want to sail with us at a later date, with fewer than 38 percent requesting refunds to date”. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporation-announces-additional-steps-further/ If he’s encouraged by that lower number then don’t agree with you that they were surprised by the number of cancelations. Princess has mishandled our Option 1 request by losing it & after waiting 60 days they emailed us to select an option despite them emailing confirmations with FCC & refund amounts on 3/12. These are unprecedented times for the travel industry & cruise reservations have more options than airlines. However when AA canceled our flights over a month after Princess, AA provided a chargecard credit in less than 10 days after requesting it. Missed deadlines, misinformation, lost requests...this Princess loyalist has lost all trust in Princess to provided anything as promised.
  5. Nearly 60 days after our early May cruises were canceled on 3/12 we immediately requested Option 1 & nearly 60 days later our TA learned that Princess had lost our requests despite previously sending us confirmations with breakdowns for our FCC & refunds. Here’s a link to their online request form we could use to resubmit our request which likely would reset the 60 day timeframe they’re not currently meeting. https://princess.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_3IPGcxcN0jSk6c5?cid=dm_email_info_internal_announcement_precruise_pe0ms104a_200504__VSST2IVP4CXAREZI2AEQHCEFSA&eccn=VSST2IVP4CXAREZI2AEQHCEFSA&rrid=175884308A&mi_u=175884308A Instead of submitting more requests we’ll likely file a claim with our chargecard company for a refund.
  6. I feel the same way...conflicting information, lost requests & missed deadlines are not ways to keep customer loyalty. In their press release they state that 66% of their clients are repeat passengers...wonder what percentage will remain as loyal CCL passengers after their mishandling of issuing FCCs & refunds. Princess has been our preferred cruise line since first sailing with them in 1988. After waiting 60 days for our Option 1 FCC & refunds they said our request from 3/12 was not in their system. Despite providing our confirmation emails we received on 3/12 with the breakdown of our claim they don’t care about correcting their mistake...reapply & wait another 60 days. If today’s CCL press release is to be believed, only 38% of their clients have requested refunds while the others want to sail with them again (FCC). With new layoffs & furloughing of employees the time to process our claims will likely get even longer. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-corporation-announces-additional-steps-further
  7. Thanks ceilidh1 for sharing your experiences...it’s very disappointing to have Princess mishandling requests & then refusing to correct their mistakes. Such distrust in them doing the right thing will result some loyal passengers considering other cruise lines. You were refunded within 30 days for your Carnival cruise canceled on the same day (3/12) as Princess. Both are Carnival Corporation cruise lines...guess Carnival’s management is much more efficient than Princess’ management. I agree that something is very, very wrong with this picture...Princess has botched this process & they refuse to correct their mistakes. Our October NE/CA cruise from Quebec to FLL was recently canceled & they’re offering to double our $100 FCD as a $200 FCC. That FCD provided a $100 deposit & $75 OBC ($175) & their offer of a $200 FCC is only $25 more by allowing them to keep our $100 deposit. Based on their track record there’s no way we’ll convert more of our money for FCC. Still trying to decide about submitting a new request for Option 2 to restart their 60 day timeframe or to just file a claim with our chargecard provider to ensure getting our money back in a timely manner. Each of us decides how to deal with these situations & sadly I’m losing trust in Princess to honor their commitments & to correct their mistakes.
  8. Like many others, for decades Princess has provided our best cruise experience for the price paid & we would’ve had over 500 days if not for our 4 cruises Princess had to cancel this year. After they canceled both of our early May cruises on 3/12 & we decided to support them by selecting Option 1 & received confirmation emails for both of them. Like others the date in their homepage Updates went from 14, to 30, to 60 days which has now been exceeded. A couple of days longer isn’t too bad however a week before the 60 day timeframe Princess emailed us asking about which option we desired...what? Our TA emailed her PCL sales rep who stated that neither of our requests were in their system. My TA sent both confirmations but now their sales rep is no longer communicating with our TA. The trust we placed in Princess 2 months ago has been mishandled & if we resubmit our option now the 60 day clock begins again. I’ll check our options for a chargecard claim because we’re not waiting another 2 months. Like others we’ve received numerous emails containing videos asking us to patiently support our Princess family. And 2 months later all we get from them is no request was made despite providing them with their emails sent on 3/12 confirming our Option 1 requests...our patience has run out! In this interview CCL CEO Arnold Donald stated after their recent sales of new stocks that “the company has enough liquidity to last at least through the year with no revenue”. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/14/carnival-ceo-despite-devastating-coronavirus-2021-cruise-bookings-are-strong.html Obviously we want them to survive & supported them by accepting Option 1...FCC in lieu of a cruise fare refund. However taking nearly 60 days to learn that they had lost our requests & their unwillingness to correct their mistake it’s suspicious to me & appears to be a way to restart their 60 day timeframe. It’s an unacceptable way to treat the Princess family that they promote...we supported them & they fail to deliver as promised...sad!
  9. On 3/12 our 2 early May cruises were canceled & we immediately requested Option 1 (allow them to keep our cruise fare to receive a 50% bonus FCC) & to refund other costs. We immediately received emailed confirmations & initially were told it’d take up to 30 days & later up to 60 days. We waited while receiving numerous Princess mass market emails with videos encouraging us to be patient & to support them which we did. A week before the 60 day timeframe we received another email asking us which option we desired which we have confirmations were done on 3/12. Our TA contacted her PCL sales rep who stated she could see our canceled cruise reservations however there was no record of us requesting either option despite us receiving confirmations on 3/12 & we were told to apply again. We greatly enjoy Princess cruises (nearly 500 days) but have lost faith that they’ll provide as promised so we’ll now request Option 2 (refund all costs + 25% cruise fare FCC). Since they ignored our previous request, a new request will likely result in another up to 60 days delay. I don’t think it’s coincidental that a week before 60 days we get an email to make our request & that they conveniently have no record of our previous request likely resulting in another up to 60 days delay. One of our 2 Fall cruises was just canceled & they’ve offered to double our $100 deposit in FCC. Our other Fall cruise to Oz will eventually be canceled & we’ll probably receive the same offer. I no longer trust them to honor their promises so will get refunds instead. This is an unprecedented time for Princess & we’ve patiently waited but they have completely mishandled our FCC & refunds. I prefer to support them through this crisis however they’re not providing anything as promised. I haven’t read all of the posts in this thread but have read enough to know that too many others are also not receiving their promised FCC & refunds...very disappointing!
  10. Today Carnival Cruise announced extending their pause in most cruises until 8/31 including canceling all Alaska cruises from Seattle. This might be a preview of what Princess will also do by extending cancelations past the current 6/30. https://www.carnivalcorp.com/news-releases/news-release-details/carnival-cruise-line-announces-plan-phase-service Currently Canada is closed to cruise ships until 7/1 & it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s extended. Due to the PVSA Alaska cruises require a stop in Canada which I doubt will be available for your cruise. The CDC expects USA cruise ports to be closed until 7/24 which would affect your cruise. “100 days have passed from April 15, the date the extended order was published in the Federal Registerexternal icon and went into effect. 100 days from April 15 is July 24”. https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/index.html
  11. Yes...Fairwind in summer 1988 to the Caribbean; same ship named the Dawn Princess from LA to the Mexican Riviera in January 1989. This was how the Fairwind was painted on our cruise & our waiter Paolo is the 2nd from the right. I still have a couple of these Staffordshire Fine Bone China coffee cups. ☕️
  12. Unlike in the series, the lobby & stairway was not immediately there when exiting the gangway but was in the middle of the ship on Fiesta deck. In this deck plan you can see the Pursers Desk in the Lobby & the curved staircase to Aloha deck. Somewhere I have photos of me & my family wearing our formalwear on the staircase. As I recall we departed on 7/4/88 and our waiter Paolo was on the cover of that final Sitmar brochure. So it didn’t change names until we sailed from LA to Mexico in January 1989. Our quad cabin with our kids was very big with 2 sets of bunk beds with lots of room in between them.
  13. Sitmar (Fairwind) in 1988 was my best cruise experience even on an old converted 1957 Cunard oceanliner. It was a 10 day Caribbean cruise & was considered my first Princess cruise after Sitmar merged with Princess. Six months later sailed on the same ship as the Dawn Princess but it was missing the great pizzeria and many of Sitmar’s all Italian & Portuguese crew...great times! 😃
  14. We sailed the Love Boat (Pacific Princess) from Ensenada to Honolulu in early 1992. Unlike today where West Coast to Hawaii cruises stop in Ensenada that is where the cruise began. So we took Amtrak from the LA area to San Diego, took a cab to the Princess hotel for a buffet dinner & then Princess shuttled passengers by bus to board the Pacific Princess before sailing at 11 PM non-stop to Honolulu. I don’t recall many details about the cruise but did enjoy sailing on the Love Boat after watching the TV series. Here’s a copy of the 1977/78 Princess brochure that someone posted but we couldn’t afford those prices 43 years ago which were similar to today’s prices. An inflation calculator shows 325% inflation since 1977 so $300 would be nearly $1300 now. scan_rechaixinsurance_com_20120918_163034.pdf
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