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  1. Yes, you can bring soda on board, up to 12 cans, I think. You must carry it on and it must be in cans, not bottles. I have never stayed in an inside cabin, but based on sneaking a peak or two into them, I think it would be very crowded for three adults. IMHO
  2. We just had an upsell offer from a Signature Suite to a Neptune for $299/person on a ten day Panama Canal cruise. We grabbed it, as there are six sea days to enjoy that balcony and the Neptune Lounge.
  3. WE use a PCC with HAL and she has been wonderfully helpful.
  4. This company was great; they got us back in plenty of time. AND, when I got sick in the middle of the day, they arranged for a cab to get me back to the ship, no small task in a country where were were supposed to stay with the tour group at all times! I was told exactly how much to pay the driver [who spoke no English!] and got to see parts of St. Pete no one else did. Another advantage is that SPB has offices in most of the same ports that we stopped at on the cruise and offered discounts for booking in multiple cities.
  5. I am only a 2* Mariner, as well, which is why I considered CO. The rest was just sheer luck!
  6. March 8-18 - partial Panama Canal out of Ft. Lauderdale.
  7. I don't know if this helps, but we had to cancel a cruise for personal reasons. HAL took the deposit already paid on that cruise and credited toward a second cruise we already had booked. I was not expecting that, so I would say call and ask!
  8. I got the same email last week for our cruise on Zuiderdam. I called my HAL rep and inquired about the upgrade; she said it was only an upgrade within the category [ie, a "better" balcony room] - then she said, "let me check on something!" Five minutes later, she was back with the offer of a FREE upgrade to a mini suite [yep! I said free] because apparently prices had decreased and a mini suite was now going for the approximately price I paid for an aft balcony. The change got me some of the Club Orange perks, so we took it. Fast forward 24 hours and another offer comes in, this time an upsell from the mini to a Neptune suite for just about the same cost as we were contemplating for Club Orange [10 day cruise x $25 per person]. Yes, indeed! So in the space of 24 hours we went from a balcony to a full suite and you better believe I am going to enjoy that suite!
  9. "Also, we are in an aft facing cabin and plan to head forward for the canal entry. How early should we plan to be there for a good view?" Cruise ships get priority over transport vessels, so it will be early. The last time we did the canal, I think we were up by 6am. I wiggled my way down to the front and had a great view. However, it was raining lightly, so that probably reduced the number of people on the outside deck!! Once we were through the first set of locks, we went back to the cabin and sat on the balcony.
  10. If you are talking about the $50 card for $25, they will only credit back if the amount left on the card is more than $25 dollars. It will be credited to your on board account, not back to your credit card. On my last cruise I bought three; used one full card and part of the second. I was credited back $50 for the unused card and $25 for the partial.
  11. Do you know when first seating started?
  12. This came off the Holland America FB page: Guests on board continue to be safe and well cared for. The ship is not in quarantine and we have no reason to believe there are any cases of coronavirus on board despite media reports. The ship has sufficient fuel and food provisions to last until the end of the voyage. We are providing free internet and phone access for guests and crew to stay in contact with their loved ones. Guests have been provided a full refund and a future cruise credit.
  13. You are absolutely right - very tiny print! Thanks for the heads up. I am only a 2* but I won't be waiting until 1:00 either! I plan to arrive around 11 and hope for the best. I have used the staggered boarding time on other lines and it actually flows quite smoothly, but they do give you a choice of boarding time when you are completing your docs; I don't remember seeing that with HAL.
  14. I just printed my boarding passes for Zuiderdam. There are no specific boarding times listed on the passes.
  15. I bring an inflatable noodle. It rolls up very small and tucks in a shoe. Sometimes I leave it; sometimes i roll it up and take it home.
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