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  1. It's one of those "hurry up and wait" scenarios! You get in line for security, then go into a large room to check in. You will be directed to the correct line [Suite guests and those with loyalty levels go one way, the rest of us go another!]. Once checked in, you will get your card [which has different names for different lines] that will be your passport for everything on board from that point forward. You will be directed to seats - and then you wait until boarding starts. It could be 10 minutes, it could be an hour. There may be refreshments available, but not usually.You chat with the people around you and basically just chill. When your group is called, you show your card and proceed on board [stopping for that obligatory first picture ONLY if you want to!]. Rooms are usually not available until 1:30 or so; you will be directed to the buffet deck to eat or just wander. The buffet will be very crowded because everyone is trying to be there at the same time! Try not to carry on too much, cuz you will have to lug it with you until the rooms are open. Some people wear bathing suits under their clothes and just head to one of the pools to wait. Others find a quiet corner to relax. Others start checking out the public spaces. All are options; you find the one that works for you.
  2. I will be the minority voice here and say that I prefer Tracy Arm to Glacier Bay! If you have an opportunity to do an off-ship excursion in the fiord, grab it! [Princess does this, not sure if RC does]. We found the Tracy Arm scenery just spectacular.
  3. Nachi is an all inclusive that is open from 9-5. You get a cab at the entrance to the port area; they are all lined up and have a set price for each destination so that you don't get ripped off. It is our go-to spot in Cozumel. When you are ready to return to the ship, just tell your waiter and he will get a cab for you within 5-10 minutes. You control when you want to return; just allow enough time for the cab ride and the walk through the shopping area back to the ship - 30 minutes or so! Nachi is $55/adults [less for kids] for unlimited drinks and pretty much unlimited food. You get chairs under shady palapas, use of the pool and hot tub and the ocean! Extras include massage on the beach, snorkeling, parasailing and ski-do rentals. It is quiet, as they only take 130 people a day; unless there are 6 ships in port that day, there usually aren't that many. You need to make reservations in advance on line; 20% down and pay the rest when you get there. Here's the link: https://www.cozumelnachicocom.com/
  4. We were on Celebrity Silhouette in March in a balcony cabin and had two tote bags.
  5. Carnival, RCI and Virgin have cancelled Cuba visits and added different ports. Carnival is offering $100 OBC for missing Havana or full refund.
  6. I have been stalking my August Vista sailing. You have given me hope!
  7. The cruise lines always raise prices from season to season. Having said that, they will also run specials that may include perks like free wifi, pre-paid gratuities, lower deposit, second person reduced price, to name a few. Keep watching for those and then book when you see one that gives you perks you would like.
  8. Cozumel - Every cruise out of Galveston goes to Cozumel, I think! We have a favorite beach there [Nachi Cocom] so when we book the cruise, we automatically book Nachi as well. It's an all inclusive - $55/person for food and drink; grab a taxi for the 15 minute ride. Jamaica - We are not fond of Jamaica, so will either book a different itinerary or just stay on board and enjoy the ship. If depends a lot on where you dock, in terms of drive time to places like the Dunn River Falls. Grand Cayman - Rum Point is beautiful, but a bit of a ride. Sting Ray City is a must if you have never been there. We've done it several times and always enjoy the experience. Shopping is great, but expensive. Key West - not much in the way of beaches; we did the HOHO bus and found a Guy Fieri restaurant for lunch that was awesome and only two blocks from one of the bus stops. Progresso - I agree with you, though the Mayan ruins were pretty good. If you have never been to any of the ports, then there is a lot to do that you can choose from, either with a ship excursion, a private excursion or on your own [GC or Cozumel, not Jamaica]. Compare ShoreFox or Island Marketing offerings to ship excursions. Hope this helps.
  9. History teacher here - Rose Hall is worth the time! We will sometimes split up on excursions, with my husband doing his thing and me doing mine! The funniest one was when he went to a cooking demo and I went zip lining! It's more fun to nerd out when you can just enjoy it!
  10. We put one of the white towels over the cord at night. The texture alerts my feet to its presence and the white on the floor provides contrast. It works like a charm, then we just pick it up in the morning.
  11. I had a broomstick skirt that I pulled on over my shorts and a scarf to cover my head. Both pack easily.
  12. BTDT - twice! Bra issue: get front clasp/hook bras. You aren't going to be able to hook a back clasp bra for at least 4-5 months post surgery - in fact, that is the triumphant day when you know that this was actually all worth it! Another alternative is to get tank tops with built in bras and have a seamstress open up the surgery shoulder and put velcro in. That way you can just slide it on and fasten it. Keep up those exercises. They hurt like the devil, but are worth it in the end. Go up to the gym where they have mats you can use. Bring more than one sling. That way if one gets wet, you have a spare. Those big old slings are ungainly, but necessary. Pillows: I could never sleep in the recliner, so I used LOTS [like 6!] of pillows. Essentially create a cocoon for yourself, supported on all sides. Your room steward will be able to help with that! If you have favorite pillows from home, bring them. Believe it or not, they can be compressed into vacuum bags and put in the suitcase!! I use the ones that don't require a vacuum cleaner to deflate, just pressure. Check out Container Store. Travel Space Saver Bags (Medium to Large). Pack of 8 Bags. Roll-Up Compression Storage (No Vacuum Needed) & Packing Organizers. Perfect for Travel and Home Storage by RoomierLife by RoomierLife Hang in there! Somewhere around the four month mark in rehab, you finally begin to actually think this worked. Getting to that point is a lot of sweat and tears and that's OK. Good luck - enjoy what you can -
  13. Will you have a car? Hotels on Galveston Island tend to be more expensive than those just north of the causeway. We will stay in League City or Texas City and drive onto the island in the morning - 30-45 minute drive. We park at EX Cruise and take their shuttle to the ship.
  14. Do let us know how it goes! We are doing this at Christmas/New Years, changing not only ship, but going from one line to another. We plan to use the intervening time to hit the laundromat, since we will have access to our car. It should be interesting.
  15. I'm curious. Where did it say you were eligible for an upgrade? I have received emails to that effect, but wasn't aware it was on the website.
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