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  1. I do know that unused cards are refunded at the end of the cruise.
  2. We did this type of excursion on Princess and consider it one of the best excursions we have ever done. Not only did we get closer to the glacier, but also to other inlets along the way; lots of wild life was evident - we thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. Find an excursion that combines Sting Ray City with Rum Point - nice beach that usually isn't crowded, with a restaurant that serves decent food, though nothing unusual.
  4. Our financial adviser was skeptical at first also. However, he has come around to seeing the benefits for us and now is very supportive. Like others here, he has strict instructions not to mess with the Carnival stock!
  5. How closely does Carnival adhere to the boarding times assigned? We booked our cruise late and FTTF was not available, so I am trying to gauge travel time to the port. Normally we would show up around 10:30, however our boarding time is 12 noon. Since I don't care to stand outside in the Texas heat, I was wondering about this. I am not trying to spin off commentary about whether the boarding times are a good idea; I just want to know how closely they are enforced in Galveston.
  6. Thanks for all the suggestions. Since most of the places are on the Lido/pool area, I'm thinking Asian or Italian fit the bill! A week from tomorrow!!
  7. So, what's available for lunch on Vista on Embarkation Day? I am not fond of the Lido under normal circumstances; the ED congestion makes that a non-starter if I can avoid it! Since we booked late, we do not have FTTF, so won't be boarding until noon. Any suggestions?
  8. You might Google Massage Envy and see if there are any in your port cities.
  9. Just because you have an assigned table in early/late seating doesn't mean you have to be there every night! If you prefer early seating, but are running late from an excursion or want to do something else, just eat in the Lido or other venues that night. It happens all the time. Choose what fits the majority of your cruise and go with it.
  10. Having just gone through choosing paint colors for the house, I concur! We have the peach cabana!
  11. Thanks! This did the trick. FYI - if you call the excursions desk for HAL [1.800.541.1576] they can help you figure out the difference between yellow and egg shell and peach, among other things! Cabana booked - ready to cruise!
  12. How do you determine where each cabana is located? They are listed by color, with some of them already sold for our cruise. I am trying to determine the location, since the selection list is by color! Thanks
  13. Consider two rooms across the hall from each other - an inside cabin for Dad and a balcony for the girls. You would still be paying double for the single, but it would be less than having two balcony cabins.
  14. Try ShoreFox or Island Marketing - they usually have good options.
  15. Based on your needs, either Royal Caribbean or Carnival should fit the bill. Almost any cruise out of Galveston will stop in Cozumel, which has good drift diving, but is Mexico! Grand Cayman has wonderful diving and is a frequent stop out of Galveston. My only caution about Galveston is that the the two closest airports [both in Houston] are from 45-90 minutes away from the island. Getting there can be a challenge, especially with kids who have already had to sit still on a long flight! You might consider going in a day early and getting a room at an airport hotel. Then you can just shuttle back to the airport and get the cruise line bus down to Galveston. Uber and private limo services are also available, but pricier.
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