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    Actually I think your case is an example of the surf and turf (tail), the wagyus burger and one of the hot dogs... tailwagdog 😀
  2. If you are concerned about this, add a few US$, our experience is that they gladly accepted $US and it probably was no more than a couple cents on a dollar. Our private Alla tour in SPB provided a suggested % tip in US$, the tour guides are used to this and know where to exchange their currency for the best rates and are more than happy to take your gratuities (as opposed to those who choose not to tip).
  3. We did Homelands in 2019. Had about 30 euros when we left and took those with us. We spent the euros first chance we had (Denmark), and never touched any other non-US currency on the entire trip. Took about 50 $1s, 20 $5s and 10 $10s and a couple $20s. Everyone was more than happy to accept them as tips, CC for everything else. Had no issues with needing coins, etc. for bathrooms.
  4. We were on the second cruise of Regatta after the Next refurb (next to last Next refurb), no real issues. However, the prior cruise had a thread (I'm not going to search for it) that indicated a lot of issues including a lot of painting (fumes), etc. We were very disappointed (first O cruise) with the food quality (see current Food on Oceania thread) which may have been attributed to potentially new food staff crew on board. We are hoping this is the case as we have another O cruise coming up later this year.
  5. Yes there is, not sure about implants. If problem, they should just wand you and didn't your doctor give you an implant ID card with a small photo of the x-ray for such purposes?
  6. You would most likely see much less on your own. The organized tours have the advantage of: dropping you off/picking you up at the venue door; navigating traffic with knowledge; providing personalized background info on what you are seeing; early/priority entrance to many venues, thus avoiding lines (prior to general public, we were in the Hermitage an hour before opening and it seemed we had the place to ourselves, Catherine's Palace we walked right in bypassing lines that we were told were 2-3 hours long). Also, the Visa costs nearly as much as a two day intensive tour. Also, if you have consensus of your group or book a private tour, you can adjust the itinerary to include whatever you wish.
  7. Not necessarily 'joined at the hip', but you will be on a relatively short leash. For example, at most destinations (e.g. Peterhof, etc) once there we were at liberty to explore on our own after any formal tour. I have read on CC of some tours that will provide some free shopping time, but within a very limited area and the guide is nearby. We did an excellent Alla tour and in no way ever felt 'captive'. At lunch I was able to excuse myself after finishing my meal and go out on the street for a cigar, etc. Also, all the major tour companies in SPB will provide a CC discount and if you form and coordinate a CC group and manage to fill a 16 seat van, the 16th seat is free, which can provide you with a free tour or as I did, the cost of the free seat was spread evenly as a discount across the group. If you choose to do this, you contact the company in advance and set up the group and then promote it on your Roll Call asking anyone joining the group to mention the group name when booking.
  8. To clarify, A Visa is only required in Russia if planning to tour on your own or with an unlicensed guide. Russian law provides for a "Waiver" of Visa requirements for tourist arriving by ship, staying for 72 hours or less and accompanied by a tour operator licensed by the Russian government. So participating in either an O tour or STP, Alla or any of the other popular licensed operators requires no Visa since they all meet this criteria. Since the requirement is "Waived", there are no Visas involved. The comments that tour operator X or Y provides the Visa is incorrect since a Visa is not required.
  9. You are most likely correct as this has been the norm for our travels. However, our recent trip into Bergen, Norway there was a duty free next to the baggage carousels. So I will rephrase my question to only pertain to the duty on excess alcohol regardless of its source.
  10. From my research, it appears that liquor is quite expensive in Ireland. Doing a precruise stay in Dublin prior to cruise. I'm on Oceania so bringing liquor on board is not an issue. I would like to buy liquor for precruise and cruise at duty free at Dublin airport. Can anyone here give me an idea of what duty per liter above one liter per person duty free limit would be?
  11. Prior to our Viking Homelands cruise last year, I noticed a rather significant error on the Viking website, that might not be noticed by someone that had not actually been on one of the VO ships. I sent feedback to Tellus with the link to the page with the error and the correct info. I received a very nice thank you email.... and when we boarded in Bergen for our cruise, there was a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries waiting for us from the Tellus folks. BTW, the webpage was corrected within a few hours of my email to them.
  12. Yes, thanks! That will help a lot on our upcoming cruise.
  13. I may be misunderstanding what you are saying here, but in our recent experience, excursions selected under the O-life perks do not count toward the minimum for the YWYW discount. We were denied that at the excursion desk on our recent cruise thinking that was how it works. If you are referring to somethings else, my apologies and possibly you could clarify the qualification to which you refer. If that's the case, I would like to know for an upcoming cruise.
  14. I was on the second cruise after refurbishment (late Sept/early Nov). It was my first O cruise, but would be happy to answer any specific questions you might have if I can.
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