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  1. I'm not sure why there is such a negative attitued towards an "Oceania App". If there is one and you don't want to use it, don't. Viking has a very nice on board app that allows you to review menus for all the venues, your specialty and excursion reservartions and review the daily newsletter for scheduled events, etc., very handy and helpful. In my cruises on Viking I have never noticed anyone "glued" to their devices or find them offensive. I think if O added an app as a feature would be a good thing for the afore mentioned functions. Again, if you don't want an app, don't use it, but do
  2. We have only done two Viking cruises, both booked as GTY in PV cabins. In both cases, we had nice upgrades and knew our cabin assignments about a month prior to sailing. Obviously, our experience is not the same for everyone and does not guarentee (GTY) the same results, but we would not hesitate to book GTY again.
  3. I do not doubt you. It may have been that the ship was just on its second cruise out of dry dock and refurbishment (Regatta). I could see that the effort was there, just not the results for me. Other seasoned O cruisers (some with 10+) with us also stated that it was not up to the "norm". Just stating my experience.
  4. Everyone's experience will differ, but in my experience on my only O cruise in Sept of last year on a 21 day Miami to San Francisco cruise, I would rate the food as marginal. There were three dinners that I sent the entree back as unacceptable. They ranged from salmon that was overcooked to the point that it was hard to cut with a knife to snapper that obviously smelled spoiled (three others at the table shared my opinion) and other more minor issues in between. Other meals were edible, but not memborable. If your primary goal is world class cuisine, my experience would not say this is it.
  5. In all likelyhood, the cruise lines know with a fair amount of accuracy what the gratuities for any given cruise will be based on past history, occupancy levels and other factors. The historical data is probably analyzed every which way to Sunday and they can produce forecasts. Yes, the amount may vary from cruise to cruise, but the average will hold over time.
  6. My deposit that was refunded (two posts up) was also paid with AMEX. Perhaps that is the difference. I had an online chat with the folks at AMEX shortly after cancelling to see if they provided any help if the refund process was protracted or bankruptcy seemed eminent. They indicated that they would get involved when 45 days had passed as that was their standard/policy for maximum delay in refunds by merchants. My refund came in a few days prior to the 45 day period.
  7. Cancelled our Sept cruise for which I paid deposits for 3 cabins (6 pax) on April 20 and was happy to see the full $4500 posted to my CC this morning.
  8. FYI, this thread prompted me to do a little checking. I currently am awaiting deposit refunds for 6 people from a cruise I cancelled last month. Hoping for the best, but I just got off an on-line chat with AMEX (platinum card if that makes a difference) regarding my ability to recoup deposits if O declares bankruptcy since normally purchase protection is only available 60 days beyond billing date. They indicated that in light of the Covid-19 crisis they are working with cardholders to make them whole. No guarantee, but it's hope.
  9. My I treat everyone to a Silver Spirits Beverage Package? BTW, top shelf is not excluded for this cruise.
  10. Yes, with an extensive selection of new and classics along with tv shows, prepare to binge if you desire
  11. Also suggest using an app on your phone such as ColorNote to store a list of your meds on your phone. That can be shared with medical personnel and comes in handy at Dr's office when having to fill out forms, etc.
  12. To see the actual times, you will need to book the cruise, so to speak. You can have your TA book a cabin with a 72 hour complimentary hold with no deposit required and you will receive an invoice showing the port times. If it does not meet your satisfaction, cancel the booking, no harm, no foul.
  13. Not sure I understand 🙄
  14. I can only speak for PV cabins, as that is the only category we have been in, but there has always been a heavy duty felted tote type bag in the cabin with magazines in it. It is about the size of a paper grocery bag with handles and we have used it for transport of laundry.
  15. We have only booked GTY cabins on Viking and have never had any issues. 50% of the time, we have been upgraded, although never above the basic category we booked (e.g. PV3 to PV1). Never disappointed and always knew our cabin number before leaving the house.
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