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  1. This may be an odd question. My wife and I are currently on the Horizon. Our son stayed home this cruise but plans on travelling with us at Christmas. He lives for chicken strips in the buffet. We have not seen one all week. Is this new????? Are all ships now chicken strip free????? Thanks a a lot in advance Heimey
  2. Hello everyone!!!! We are sailing on the Horizon shortly. My wife is wondering if the aft pool is adults only. I know last year on the Vista they weren't. Just curious if they have gone back to adults only. The pools tend to get a bit crazy at times. Thanks a lot Heimey
  3. I’ve prepaid for gratuities. They get refunded do they not????? thanks heimey
  4. Just wondering if anybody has had to cancel a cruise within the last couple of weeks before departure. MIL isn’t well. Can’t leave her here alone. How bad is the penalty. I will call Carnival and ask don’t worry about that. Just wondering if anybody had some insight. And no I do not have travel insurance. Ten cruises under our belts and never needed it. MY BAD!!!!!! Thanks Heimey
  5. My family and I are going to be platinum on the second day of our next cruise. Do we get all of the perks that go with being platinum for this cruise or do we have to wait until our next one to benefit? Thank you all Heimey.
  6. When you call Carnival and deal with one of their agents. heimey
  7. I have a question for all of you. Is it possible to get any discounts or on-board credit when booking through a Carnival travel agent. I know at one point Carnival TA’s, as well as other travel agencies, were unable to discount fares. You could get perks outside of Carnival, on-board credit or free gratuities and whatnot. Is this still the case? thanks in advance heimey
  8. Heimey


    Where do you see how many are available? I've never noticed that. Thanks Heimey
  9. Hello everyone!!! I'm just wondering if future cruise certificates are still available. I haven't bought one in awhile. Thanks Heimey
  10. Hi Nautical. We’ve had it before and will always get it again if it’s available. To me not waiting in the lines boarding, GS’s, on and off the ship, etc...... makes it more than worth it to me. Plus the perk of being able to go straight to your room to drop off carry-ons, pop/water and whatever else is nice as well. It’s not for everyone, and I’m not trying to sway you one way or the other, but for me it’s money well spent. Heimey
  11. FTTF is available right now for that cruise. Booked it already!!!!! Heimey
  12. DramaQueen22!!!!! You and everyone else on here are the best. I never anticipated FTTF being available this early but kept looking based on the advice of you and the others. To my surprise, there it was 20 minutes ago and i was sure to pounce as you put it. Thanks a lot for your help and happy cruising to you and everyone that were eager to offer advice. Heimey
  13. Hey DramaQueen. How did you get that far in advance. I thought it usually didn't come available that early. Thanks Heimey
  14. I am interested in this question as well. Our 16 year old is 6'3". He found the sofa bed on the Vista hard and uncomfortable for a week. We thought about packing a foam cover ourselves but have limited room and weight restrictions at the airport. The room steward offered up another comforter but that wasn't enough. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Heimey
  15. Hello all!!!! Can anyone tell me if the Serenity area on the Sunshine is still adults only? We were told on our last Vista cruise that Carnival was going to be getting away with adult only areas. Thanks a lot in advance Heimey
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