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  1. Last year we did stay and tour Rome before heading back the the States the next morning. Agree that it did take a while to get through security at FCO. We had not been to Rome before, so we felt we wanted to see something...worked for us. Also enjoy seeing more an more posts like these rather than strictly pandemic-related.
  2. Misty Morning....thank you! Yes, it sounds like we would love Windstar! 🙂
  3. Thanks minidonuts85.....sounds like we would really enjoy this. We are also looking at the shorter version as well!
  4. Donna and r&rd.....THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I think we would enjoy Windstar for all of the reasons you indicated. We will continue to sail Celebrity, but looking for something unique, different, and very personal. Prices on this particular itinerary seem very reasonable now, and it is very far out. We are also planning on inviting a couple other couples, so this sounds like the perfect kind of environment to get to enjoy each others company!
  5. A bit about ourselves. My wife and I are in our "late 50's". We've been on a Celebrity cruise about 1x per year for the last 3 years - Infinity, Reflection, Constellation - and in August, the Reflection. So, both of their M- and S-class size ships. On these ships, we have had ocean view cabins and balconies, and enjoyed both. The age of the M-class ships did not bother us at all. We have never been on a real "mega-ship" and don't care to try. We enjoy good dining, wine, martinis, coffee bar, and a solo/duo-type evening entertainment. Don't need big production shows. We don't spend any time in casinos, art shows. We do enjoy an evening or 2 in specialty restaurants, though. We are looking at an April 2022 itinerary on the Star Breeze - 10-night San Diego to Puerto Vallarta, with overnights in Cabo San Lucas and Loreto, MX. Several days will be in the Sea of Cortez. Most larger lines don't sail up into the Sea of Cortez. We are fans of Cabo and Puerto Vallarta. We also live in Arizona, so EASY to get to San Diego, and fly back directly to Phoenix. So, this itinerary is very appealing. I have read a few reviews, and seems as thought there is a lot to like, since we do not need "big ship" amenities. I would appreciate any advice or suggestions from regular Windstar cruisers, or even those who have sailed on both lines. Regarding the food - is there a big difference (plus or minus) in quality? Wine/beverage selections (we would probably invest in a drinks package)? We also know these smaller ships may "rock" more than the larger ships in rougher seas. 🙂 Much appreciated! Dale
  6. Exactly! What is not to like? We surely want cruising to be safe, but boy, we sure miss it!
  7. Great thread! Can we say "all of the above?" 😀 The escape, the food, Martini Bar, fresh sea air. We don't need the "warm weather" destination, as we already live in such a place. Just a perfect vacation. Though we are still working, our trips have to be planned carefully. However, we are starting to add more world destinations. Last year, an Italy/Dalmatian coast cruise. Next year, a Baltic/St. Petersburg cruise.
  8. We enjoy the package, and get our money's worth. Never had any regrets! 🙂
  9. As Thomarvin says, do take advantage of all of the wonderful offerings in the Cafe al Bacio coffee bar. And, since basic bottles of water are about $3.50 each (16 oz), you get that for free with the Classic package as well. Premium and sparkling bottled water is only covered with the premium package...
  10. Very cool looking vessel! We are in San Diego frequently, and a couple years ago we saw the private yacht belonging to the late Steve Jobs tied up in the "mega-yacht" marina behind the convention center. It was the sleekest looking vehicle I had ever seen, unbelievable!
  11. Great thread!!!! We felt it necessary to cancel (about 3 months ago) our November 2020 America's cruise on the Reflection. That decision is looking better all the time. We are hoping that our August 2021 Baltic cruise (also on Reflection) will happen. This certainly amplifies, for us, the desire to really appreciate this next cruise. We already upgraded our cabin from an ocean view to nice balcony on the slant. As far as hotels, flights, tours, etc., we plan to upgrade what we normally do and REALLY enjoy this trip. As we have become accustomed to cruising about 1x per year, I don't think we would take it for granted again! 🙂
  12. Ha, Chemmo, you sound just like me! Love the YouTube videos! 🙂
  13. I've seen a few of these posts, and I always appreciate the diversion from the pandemic. We miss cruising and decided to cancel a November America's cruise. But, hopefully our Baltic in August 2021 will sail. We especially miss: -The excitement of boarding the ship, the end of the gangway, and getting that glass of bubbly -Heading right to the Martini Bar for a drink -Making reservations for Murano and Lawn Club Grill (Silhouette and Reflection, of course) -Exploring the ship and people watching -Unpacking once our cabin is ready -Leisurely sea days, with morning coffee/pastry on the balcony, followed by breakfast in the dining room -Great tours that we found and booked -Great service from an amazing staff (every Celebrity ship we have been on!) Heck, I even love the research that goes into planning a cruise! 🙂 Dale
  14. When getting our feet wet with cruising, we once flew from Phoenix, AZ to San Diego, CA on the morning of our embarkation day (took one of the earliest flights). It all worked out fine, but I do know from experience that San Diego can get fogged in, so we won't do that again. Here in the US, we typically fly in one day ahead for the reasons all have pointed out on this thread. Or, if departing from LA/Long Beach, we like to drive and stay on the Queen Mary Hotel the night before to get in the proper mood. It's a full day of flying to get to the Florida ports from Arizona, so we are content to stay at a nice hotel near the port and enjoy a relaxing evening and some adult beverages! 🙂 For our recent Italy/Dalmatian Coast cruise (Venice-Rome), we decided to make sure we were in Italy 2 days ahead. Day 1 was spent flying from Phoenix-London-Rome, then stayed at the airport Hilton in walking distance. We then flew Rome-Venice at 8:00 a.m. the next morning after a restful sleep. We were checked into our lovely hotel by about 10:30 a.m., and enjoyed the full rest of the day walking Venice. That also gave us a chance to start catching up with all of the time zone changes (about 8 hours difference for us in Arizona) We will employ the same strategy for our August 2021 Baltic cruise on the Reflection (round trip from Amsterdam). There is too much to see there to not spend at least a day, especially when we have never been there. Count me among the "go at least a day early". Oh....we are NOT retired, so vacation time does play into this equation. If retired, would probably do more time either before or after the cruise. Stay safe everyone! And I cannot wait until we are able to safely go back to cruising.
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