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  1. I'll chime in on this question. We like a lot of things about the Royal Class with the exception of the small, narrow balconies (we enjoy spending time on our balcony). Things we enjoy about Royal Class include Alfredo's and the World Fresh Marketplace, especially the high top tables. The Majestic (but not the other Royal class ships) has the ramen bar and the Hollywood Conservatory. The Conservatory is a great addition for viewing when cruising fiords and the weather is crappy. At the back of the Marketplace is also a Mongolian Grill every second day for lunch, and the opposing days, sushi. What you don't have on the Majestic is Crooners - when in Australia the VIP Gaming Center becomes Crooners but it is tucked away. We like to sit in Crooners each evening before dinner, have a few drinks, and people watch, which isn't possible on the Majestic. We still do so on the Majestic, but down in Vines. But it just isn't the same. As for which type of Royal Class ship we prefer - both have pluses and minuses. If you were cruising to Alaska, New Zealand, South America, or Norwegian fiords, the Majestic would be my preference as you have a protected viewpoint in the Hollywood Conservatory. Just our thoughts. Ray
  2. Noodle bar is a great alternative and the food was very good. One thing that a lot of people miss on the Majestic is that at the back of the World Fresh Marketplace is a Mongolian Grill. I believe every second day at lunch you can pick your ingredients - vegetables, noodles, type of meat, sauce, and then give the bowl to the chef and they cook each dish separately on a Mongolian Grill. Absolutely the best!
  3. Roger88 - yes there is a dirt path up and it is pretty open and well defined. Going down the other side to the deserted beach is a little different. It starts as just an offshoot of the main path and then gets pretty faint going through the jungle and across open meadow areas. But still not hard to do.
  4. On Dravuni we did walk to the top of the hill. The reason was twofold. The first is we had an amazing view of the island and of the reefs. The second is that we wanted to scout out the reefs for the best snorkling. Climbing wasn't that bad other than it was extremely hot and humid. When we were done we went down to the beach on the far side of the island. Unfortunately as Azbirdmom said, if you take the path directly from the tender area beach across the island, you end up on a lava field. But if you go up to the hill and then across the island you end up on a fabulous beach. In the first photo the ship and tenders would be on the left if they were in the photo. Photo 2 shows the coral and photo 3 is the beach itself. Since it is a trek, we only saw maybe 6 other people on the beach that day. We snorkled for about 3 hours in the best coral we have ever experienced. Giant clams, fan coral that was 15 feet high and 10 feet across, you name it. Completely unspoiled by humans. Even better than the Great Barrier Reef. Not many fish, but the coral colors were spectacular. We would go back to Dravuni in a heartbeat. Great people, nice beaches, fabulous coral. Ray and Ann
  5. Sorry for the delay - you had asked for photos of the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains. Here are a few out of one cave complex.
  6. Right - there is a ferry but I'm guessing you can actually swim over if you really wanted to. As to distance, it is pretty close, guessing 700 meters?????? I can't say for certain but I'm pretty sure that the ferry was included in the price of using the beach. Again I can't remember the price to use the island but it was pretty cheap. Ray
  7. The underwater post office is on Hideaway Island (a private island) - you pay to use the beach, etc. Forget the amount but it wasn't much. Lots of people but the beach and water wasn't crowded. The bar was though......... Sorry but I don't have a photo. You can look it up on Google though - just ask Mr Google - Underwater Post Office Vanuatu.
  8. Time to find another travel agent. That is absurd.
  9. Glad you enjoyed your tour. We had a great day relaxing on Hideaway Island. Nice beach, decent snorkling, but the real draw is the underwater post office. You can buy waterproof postcards, fill them out, then you go out in the water and snorkel down in about 10 feet of water to post them. They have a diver down there to receive them but if they are not in the water you place them in a mailbox down there. Touristy schtick, but for some who collect postcards it is a once in a lifetime collectible. We walked into town and took a bus and returned to the ship by cab. Easy day.
  10. Bula Bula Ellie I have been following along and you are telling a great story. We did the same itinerary as you - but in January of 2019. Absolutely loved it. Everyone is so friendly. Can't wait to see what you did in Dravuni Island - on the far side of the island you have the best coral/snorkling we have found anywhere in the world. A couple of things that some of the readers may wish to know that haven't been mentioned. Blue Mountains - if you have the opportunity and have a car, the Jenolan Caves are spectacular and are a must see. Manly - it's an easy ferry ride from Circular Quay in Sydney. The beach area is very touristy but you can walk the entire North Head through the military base and end back in Manly - called the Sanctuary Loop which is 8 km long. You start at Shelley beach, loop around the North Head of the harbour (most outer part of the harbour), where you see dramatic cliffs, bush, and travel through the old military base with gun turrets, tunnels, etc. Heading back into Manly on the harbour side you go through a forested area and end at a nice beach. Then during sailaway you get to see the area from a different viewpoint - as you sail out of the harbour you can pick out the camouflaged turrets, etc. Our thoughts about the Majestic Princess - it is a spectacular ship but the balconies are very tiny, as are they on all the Royal Class ships. - Crooners is away from the central piazza which we don't like. - The Hollywood pool is fantastic, is relaxing, and I agree that the area is never crowded. Like you, we believe that passengers think it is like the Sanctuary which must be reserved so they don't use it. - At the back of the World Fresh Marketplace (buffet) is a Mongolian Grill which is open for lunch every second day - you choose your raw ingredients and place them in a bowl, give it to the chef, and viola you have a fresh dish with exactly what you want. This is also the area where you have omelets made in the morning. - Ramen noodle bar - great addition to the quick food options around the pool. Lifou - the beach is as you say, right off the dock and is a great place to relax. If you like to snorkle there are some fish, but it's not great. But if you go closer over to the dock, you will see turtles. Thanks everyone for sharing your adventures. Ray and Ann
  11. Well done! Cruising is without a doubt both sides of the coin - the tranquility of being able to stare at the horizon or a sunset, and at the other end of the spectrum your ability to interact with others/experience different countries, foods, and cultures all in a short time period. We sure hope we get to do so again.
  12. Hilo - rent a car and drive to Volcano National Park and to the black sand beach. Have lunch at a small town sandwich shop. Lahaina - book a tour with Pacific Whale Foundation - they are right at the tender pier Honolulu - so many things. Pearl Harbour if you have never done it before, climb Diamond Head, walk Waikiki beach.
  13. Totally agree with Caribill and others about the benefits of Carnival stock. We bought our 100 when the last Carnival disaster occurred and the price dropped to $30. We take 3 or 4 cruises a year and many times get the full $250 OBC. But even if we only received a$100 a cruise, we paid off the price of the shares a while ago and still have them. Best return on the dollar you can guarantee as long as you cruise enough.
  14. One of the regular Cruise Critic contributors put me on to Fax Zero which is a free on-line way to fax your info to Princess. It works great and is easy to use.
  15. Mailed ours in February of this year and it arrived in Canada 5 weeks later. No issues at all. In contrast to rkacruiser we found the postmaster fellow quite nice. He made a grand gesture with everyone by stamping the penguin stamp all over the post card. The recipient who collects postcards from all over the world said the penguin stamps made it one of her favorites.
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