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    Test. Sorry, just want to make sure I'm doing this right.
  2. kujobie

    Hotels in Tampa

    The cheapest option is going to be the Westshore/airport/Rocky Point area which is about 5 miles from downtown where the port is. Plenty of dining and shopping near there. The downtown hotels and parking will be pricier and there's not much to see or do in downtown Tampa. Rocky Point hotels will be on the bay so you'll have nice views and a beach nearby.
  3. kujobie

    Thalosatherapy Pool

    I'm not sure how one can use a judgmental tone in a chat room. And I don't recall telling others what to do or using misinformation, or being presumptuous for that matter. Salt is a mineral. I could put salt in my bath tub and call it a mineral bath. I have been in a thalasso pool and a tub in the spa on other carnival ships and my experience was the same. I came out wet. The thalasso tub is, by definition, a sea water bath. If you want to pay a premium for that, more power to you. But I am here to tell people that, in my experience, it's a hot tub. The same hot tub that's in every spa in every Carnival ship. The only difference is that it's bigger and you have to pay for it. A lot.
  4. kujobie

    Thalosatherapy Pool

    I don't doubt the allure. I've been there. But the privacy exists in the hot tubs in the spa on other ships as well. And the built in reclining seating and jets are there, too. And on the other ships, it's free to use. That's the only difference. It's simply a large hot tub. Don't let Carnival make you think there's a difference.
  5. kujobie

    When is the best time to book?

    If you are flexible with time off work and don't have to fly and live in Florida like me, then booking last minute is the way to go. The last minute fire sales are awesome. But if you fly, you gotta book in advance. The time you book is less important than the rate and cabin category. For example, if you book an aft wrap, you are less likely to get a price drop because there are only 8 or 10 of that category cabin on each ship and they will likely sell out early and you can only get the price drop in the same category with ES.
  6. kujobie

    Thalosatherapy Pool

    Yea. Minerals like salt and calcium and potassium that naturally occur in sea water. Thalasso literally means "sea water". Google it. And that's what it is, as are all the pools and hot tubs. Although the regular hot tubs are desalinated I think. So, they lack those all important minerals. But you could always swim at the beach. They usually have plenty of those on cruises.. I'm curious what the minerals smell like though.. Do they smell like sea water?
  7. kujobie

    Thalosatherapy Pool

    It's not any different. It's just a big hot tub, nothing more.
  8. kujobie

    Early saver question

    Can you do it over the phone? It used to be you had to submit the form online.. Edit: I just called and they said they can not match balcony to suite, nor would they allow me to upgrade. Should I call back and see if I can get a different answer from someone else? :)
  9. kujobie

    Odd Price Drop Question

    I have often paid less than was advertised on their web site. This is why I call when I book a cruise. I do my research on line but call when I'm ready to book. I will know if they try to charge me more but if it's less, it's a bonus. Don't make a big deal out of it. It's not like you're stealing from them.
  10. kujobie

    Early saver question

    It's been a while since we've cruised and we've only done the early saver a couple times and not 100% clear on the concept. We are booked on the Liberty leaving in 9 days. We are booked in the 9C Premium Vista Balcony aft wrap and the higher category Ocean Suites are now selling for $150 less. Can we get the price drop and remain in our current cabin, or can we upgrade to the higher category and get the price drop? We'd prefer to stay in our current cabin because we like the balcony. Anyone have any recent experience with this? Thanks.
  11. kujobie

    Crying so Angry

    This is why I have never booked with a TA.
  12. kujobie

    How to get a PVP AFTER booking?

    I've been here for 12 years. For every wrong answer given, there will be 67 people to correct them. I have never had qualms about coming here for cruise info, and there is NO DOUBT that I would ask here before EVER calling Carnival.. EVER.. Sad to say, but I trust complete strangers more than Carnival.. And I'm a cheerleader..
  13. kujobie

    How to get a PVP AFTER booking?

    Who needs a PVP? You're in the right place to get answers. I hate to say it but most of the people here know FAR more about cruising with Carnival than Carnival employees.
  14. kujobie

    The upgrade fairy just called

    That's why I like the aft wrap. There's nothing better to upsell to. But the down side is no price drops either since there are so few of them..
  15. Do you purchase once your on board or can you pay ahead of time?