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  1. A few years ago, the Maitre"D came to us mid meal and inquired if we would enjoy dinner with the Captain the following night in the MDR. We certainly accepted the honor. Now it wasn't like the Captain was showing up every night at an assigned "Captain's" table - this was the only time we saw him in our late time MDR. One other couple was invited, and since the table picked for this dinner was directly behind the welcome station, we received lots of doubletakes as cruisers filed in for their meals. How we were picked for this remained a secret of the Maitre"D.
  2. Bring your mask, snorkel and vest, leave flippers home. I've seen venders "wash" their equipment in sea water by just sloshing them a bit in the ocean. Now perhaps post COVID, there may be more stringent measures in place, but then there may not be, so why take the chance?
  3. Since becoming Diamond a few years ago, we are generally assigned a table for 2 without asking for one. Perhaps the only time we weren't seated at a 2 top was on one of the initial USA sailings of the Horizon where we were seated at that humongeous round table for 16 or whatever right behind the Maitre"D station. I requested and received a smaller 4 top after that 1st meal,
  4. I too feel some details of this story haven't been made public yet. OTOH, posters seem to minimize the dangers of unregulated sleep apnea, which can be fatal in some cases, esp. with intoxicated persons.
  5. Pretty vague, eh? I would just tell her, "thanks, we looked into it as you said, and we only saw minor complaints that you can find about any cruiseline. Appreciate your concern". And then go out and enjoy your cruise. IMO, MSC seems to have more COVID restrictions than other lines, but nothing severe enough that I would cancel or postpone a booked cruise.
  6. I agree that the latest cheesecake version is like blah cardboard. I used to enjoy the prior version, I'd eat half and bring the remainder back to my cabin for an after midnight treat. However, I've never wanted the chocolate melting cake, just not a fan. Nor am I a fan of the dessert art. When I resume sailing, I'll probably stick with the assorted fruit, if I have dessert at all. After maybe 30 or so Steakhouse meals I devote my energy to enjoying the app and entree, seems to be than enough for me as I age out.
  7. I would not rent snorkel equipment from a vendor, not in this age of COVID! Who knows if the cleaning procedure between uses can destroy all the virus? Pre Covid, I have seen some vendors swish the used rental breathing tubes and masks in plain ocean water, UGH! I would also caution first time users from overinflating those flotation vests, too much air and the vest will not allow you to float horizontally. Just a puff or two is all that is needed for personal safety. Too much air is actually unsafe. Many tours will have a guide who can stay with 1st time or hesitan
  8. We rarely saw the present level of obnoxious and threatening passenger behavior on pre-covid flights, so pre-covid cruise ship observations may not be applicable to what might be observed when cruising resumes. One could have sailed 1,001 nights or flown round the world 100 times before Jan. 2020 and never seen a disruption caused by a passenger. I totally agree with those observations. I hope it won't become a cruise ship problem, but the COVID situation seems to have brought out the worst in some people. Many outwardly "normal, looking" folk who probably never raised their voic
  9. If you watch where you're going, you'll know where you've been.
  10. Sorry and surprised the OP is having difficulties with status match. We had none. We did ours separately on line and we each received the appropriate match notification in a relatively sort time, maybe a week or two, months before our sailaway on the Seaside. Reading this made us glad our process did not involve their GS.
  11. On an early solo cruise, one of the men did not come to the MDR table for a few nights. He later explained his absence and his facial bruising as a result of being thrown into the brig for fighting over a spilled beer in an elevator. Amazing! Now I'm thinking that there may be altercations over mask requirements, just like on planes.
  12. Usually one of the dining rooms is designated for platinum and guests with early flight times. Diamond sometimes assemble in a private dining room or a roped off area in the atrium. There is usually a letter detailing the procedure sent to the cabin the night before. In many cases there are morning beverages and rolls, buns, croissants, etc. available. This was my experience pre COVID, may have changed since the resumption has started.
  13. Airlines are experiencing the highest incidence of antagonistic passenger behavior ever, from ignoring flight attendants instructions, fighting, spitting, and attempting to open secure doors. I'm constantly reading about passengers being restrained or arrested, and flights being diverted or terminated. My questions are: 1) Does anyone think this type of behavior will carry over to cruise ships as sailings resume? 2) Will cruise crews enforce or ignore unruly behavior by passengers when it occurs?
  14. And all the extra charges and restrictions cruise lines have imposed for their unvaxxed guests leaving from Florida ports will hopefully keep the majority of unvaxxed from booking them, thus providing a relaxing vacay for all the vaxxed guests.
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