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  1. Variety now, early on I booked on Carnival only, have been Diamond for a while. But we just sailed Celebrity, have an RCCL Symphony and 2 NCL's booked in 2020 now. We're not neglecting land vacations either, we have Egypt and Iceland vacays booked for 2020 as well.
  2. Usually casino gambling. Lately we've been booking on line with some TA web sites that offer free gratuities since we tend to book 10 day or longer sailings.
  3. So if you don't use self assist, you can wait until 9:30 or 10:00 AM to disembark. Perfect for those who want a non rushed departure or have an mid afternoon flight.
  4. Premier and Ultra casino fares give you priority check in and semi priority boarding status. Get your check in time registered on line, then show up at the terminal when it opens. Ask for the priority check in line and once inside the terminal there should be a dedicated line to check in. Then you will have to wait to board, as wedding guests, Diamonds, Platinums, and possibly FTTF's board before you will. Enjoy your cruise and good luck.
  5. No yellow fever vax necessary. Recommended vax can include: flu, pneumonia, DTAP booster, Hep A & B. Standard childhood vax for measles, chicken pox & polio if never been inoculated when young.
  6. Upgrade is free, upsell is paying extra. I had one great upgrade, from an inside cabin on a 10 day Journeys cruise, to a balcony on the subsequent 11 day sailing of a b2b. I've had offers to pay for what Carnival considered a better cabin, say from a mid ship empress balcony to a spa deck balcony on a Conquest class ship, or an inside midship 1A to a porthole way forward, but I always declined. I didn't consider those as better, JMO, so why should I pay extra for them?
  7. In addition to email, one can always leave a message for Carnival on their main phone #, just follow the prompts - it might be the fourth.
  8. I found the best snorkeling in MoBay was on Doctor Caves' Beach, down the street (or sand) from M'ville. If you swim out past the raft, you'll find a U shaped reef with live corals and lots of small and colorful fish. Very easy to access from the beach front.
  9. The airports in Galveston (just like Orlando to Canaveral) are a long way from the port, so cab or Uber may not be doable cost wise. Many take the shuttle the cruiseline offers. If hiring a van, ask the driver to stop along the way and up the tip to compensate for the extra time. Otherwise meet at the port and divvy up the soda there. Make sure they have left space for it!
  10. If fares are similiar, Azamara wins, no problem. We'll be on the Legend in an extended balcony when it sails to the Norway fjords this June, so we're not biased against it, but Azamara is so much classier than Carnival and their food I hear is superb..
  11. This excursion was in the Dolphinarium, a short van ride arranged by the activity from the ship's port. It's about 2 hours long, so if you do it in the AM, you can stay at the beach of the hotel or go elsewhere. We did it on our 20th or 25th visit to Coz. The Chef was quite funny, the food good, and you can get the recipes sent to your home email. Some do it just for the drinking part. Whether it's this activity or a short catamaran sailing, if it's a ship excursion you won't have to worry about missing the ship, but if you do, it's their responsibility to get you to the next port. If you go off on your own and not use the van to return to the port, then you are on your own.
  12. I recall that the libraries on Conquest class ships were usually somewhat busy with kids and adult pax playing board games and cards. They also schedule Friends of Bill (and sometimes Friends of Jimmy) for private functions in the libraries. As mentioned, the piano bar and disco are empty during the day, as are the small rooms outside of the 4th deck entrance to the mid ship MDR, right around the corner from the library.
  13. No, the noisy doors are at the other end of the corridor, balcony cabins 11284 on port side and 11285 on starboard are the closest. https://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-horizon.aspx?gclsrc=aw.ds&&CID=PSearch_A_G_&SE=Google&KW=DSA&CM=CCL_IMCS_EN_US_Search_Participate_DKWS_DSA_BMM&AG=DSA_General&gclid=CjwKCAiA5o3vBRBUEiwA9PVzamht0_aS1RrBZY-Vh774bokP0rqjtzqsPJkddQvp_EL6sO-h-ZXAMhoCTNUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. We had a balcony on the 11th deck, away from the doors that open to the main pool area. They get slammed shut all day and night long. We were just opposite the elevators and stairs, easy access. Partial covered balcony gave us shade if we wanted it. Don't forget to pick up the exfoliant kit from the spa desk, it won't be in the room and you do have to request it in person.
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