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  1. And that's why there is a ship built to float anyone's boat. Rust is just unsightly, and can be alleviated with proper maintenance. It thrives when left unattended. Some lines (not Carnival) do an excellent job in sanding and priming it whenever it appears. But ship likes and dislikes are personal, subjective, and sometimes even illogical. One person's zodiac can be another person's yacht.
  2. Miracle will have competition from Celebrity, which is re-assigning the Constellation to Tampa. "Connie" will have an assortment of sail lengths, some the normal week, others 10 and 11 days, which I may book rather than the Miracle.
  3. While door decorations get some play on CC, I find the actual practice is quite limited when on board, maybe 5% of cabins? Not a big deal if the policy changes.
  4. We had a bit of a different opinion on the Miracle when we booked a suite last fall. The ship felt tired with its Farcusized decor, lots of rust, long debarkation process due to USCBP being understaffed. Didn't like the Steakhouse because it opens to the atrium and the noise from the Karaoke and name that tune game in the lobby made conversation difficult during the meal. We did like the valet parking at the terminal, and the sailaway thru the bay was awesome thanks to a wicked T Storm with lightning all around the ship. Going on the Legend next June, and we booked an extended balcony to view the Norwegian fjords. Hopefully the ship doesn't disappoint like the Miracle, but we booked for the unique ports, not the ship.
  5. No healthy smoothies on Carnival, or most other cruise lines at all. Normal smoothie is made from processed mix and sugar, no fruit. A few lines, like Celebrity, offer a smoothie from fruit on a spa type menu.
  6. "Looks like they are dancing to the beat of their own drum".
  7. We have sailed on MSC once, on the Seaside out of Miami and wouldn't hesitate to book them again. The ship was striking and immaculate, the food okay, and the muster drill was one of the shortest we've ever attended. The ship sails at 7PM to accommodate European arrivals. There were a few quirky things, e.g. we couldn't get a sharps container from the cabin steward, but had to sign one out of the medical office along with leaving a $60 deposit. It had to be returned by 4pm on the last sea day as well!! We status matched to their highest loyalty level and enjoyed a few small perks with that. Cruised in a mid ship mid deck fantastico balcony and were pleased with that cabin.
  8. All relative, of course. I relocated to Fort Myers from NY 1 and 1/2 years ago, and when temps went into the 40's last winter, I was still in shorts and a tee while locals were in parkas and boots. The OP is from Sweden so surviving Tampa winter weather shouldn't be an issue. May not be heading to the beach in it, maybe just the hot tub?
  9. Actually the distance from either the Manhattan or Brooklyn Terminal to WTC is about the same. With normal traffic, either route by taxi should be about 20 minutes.
  10. I've been on a few Journeys cruises, even a B2B 21 day sailing, and MDR dining times were always set at 6:00 and 8:15PM.
  11. Depending on the casino offer, which may come with a DOU card if it's premier or getaway, or perhaps can be earned at a lower point total if one of the other casino fares, you may not need to purchase cheers at all. I would do all adjustments after boarding and sailaway, no need to call Carnival prior. Taxes and tips will get refunded.
  12. The group should get some love from Carnival if the TA has made it plain that it's a wedding cruise. Push the TA to link all the bookings at the same late dining MDR. Should be a piece of (bridal?) cake.
  13. I have memories of family vacations in the late 1950's when Dad would pack the car with pots and pans, bedding, clothes, games, and laundry soaps. There was barely had enough room in the backseat for us kids. That was their idea of living it up in the Catskills or Adirondacks. Years later, when Mom would reminisce she'd say they were nuts for bringing all that stuff with them. Probably why I pack light today.
  14. We went in May on an NCL excursion, and our tour was outside the Alhambra walls. There were independent "inside" tour as well, but with the long distance from the port, we did not take the chance that we could get delayed and miss the ship sailing. If NCL had an inside the walls tour, it was probably sold out for our sailing so not even listed amongst our choices.
  15. I am not moving or making a long term re-location to the ship, so any preferential personal stuff I use at home stays there. I pack light, my 21" carry on and a shoulder bag are all I need for a 2 week cruise.
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