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  1. Will the quotes be in Catalan or Spanish? 😄
  2. We're booked on the Legend out of Dover, England for a 9 night Norwegian fiord sailing next June 2020. Trying to decide if we attempt Iceland either pre or post cruise
  3. Spent Sunday thru Thursday post cruise in Barcelona. We took a taxi to our hotel, got let off 1 block away, cabbie didn't want to enter Gothic Quarter "pedestrian" street. About 3/4 of the block down, I felt something wet hit my hand - I was thinking bird crap. Then I realized there was some on my back. I put down my shoulder bag and opened my suitcase to get a clean tee, and while I changed shirts, someone swiped my shoulder bag (meds, camera, binoculars, kindle, phone). We later met a couple who had chocolate brown stains on the backs of their shirts. Seems like one person throws something at you from behind, another comes in to help offer to clean with tissues or water, and a 3rd makes off with whatever he can during the distraction. We immediately cancelled phone and kindle service and changed amazon password as well. I was able to get a 60 day supply of Eliquis in a pharmacia for about 108 euros, much cheaper then my insurance at home charges me. We checked into our hotel and went on a walking tour that afternoon, couldn't let this incident destroy our stay - but our chances of returning to Barcelona are nil. We had been aware of Barcelona's pickpocket rep and watched some youtube videos on pickpocket methods but didn't see this method portrayed. Maybe our experience can help others become more aware?
  4. If you are worried about vibration, choose the highest deck available.
  5. It may not be, but I have never used the majority of the suggestions posted in over 50 cruises. So for Carnival's 40 cruises, being Diamond works best for me. Priority boarding & disembarkation, priority tendering, unlimited laundry, preferred specialty restaurant reservations, etc. all make my Carnival cruising easier and more relaxing. Isn't that a purpose of a hack? Being Diamond works better for me than lugging along soda, water, hooks, hangers, shoe organizers, etc. JMO, YMMV.
  6. 40 Carnival cruises and I may have eaten a total of 3 guy's burgers - ho hum, not for me, but popular with the Carnival crowd. Thought the original guys burger was better than the frozen slab of beef material they served prior to guys. What they have now is a "watered down" version. Still 80/20 fat. I've seen lines that take a 1/2 hour for some to reach the order counter. Now if the Steakhouse was open for lunch after boarding, I might make a reservation there for a filet mignon. I usually wind up having a BBQ lunch before pax discover it. That's the nice thing about cruising, lots of options, pax can choose what floats their boat.
  7. Have you paid Nachi in full or just the deposit? Will you buy a massage or snorkel trip while there? Can you use a no foreign fee credit card for these instead of cash? Then there is the tip for your Nachi waiter. For your distillery tour, are you planning to buy some spirits? How much shopping are you planning to do? For the cruise, did you prepay gratuities? That's the best way for most to handle tipping on board the ship. Only you can answer these questions.
  8. If that were true, I wouldn't have received any of the offers I get for Ultras......I do cruise often, so the points can accumulate over a series of premier cruises.
  9. The 2 lines for burgers are about as long as any buffet line, enjoy.
  10. Thank you fact checking my response. I was probably mixing up the Conquest class deck 5 layout instead of the Magic. Appreciate the correction!
  11. Another benefit of trying different lines is that I could find some new shore excursions that weren't available on the cruise line I normally booked.
  12. We sailed the Seaside last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Beautiful new ship, lots of new stuff to enjoy like the glass walking decks way above the aft pool. A few quirks we needed to learn about, but I would sail them again, maybe Divina or Meraviglia next time. MSC's food was comparable to Carnival's. MSC's theater shows were way better than Carnivals. My Diamond was matched to MSC's black card, their highest tier. The balcony cabin was about the same size but decorated differently. I believe they like other cruise lines, had sliding glass balcony doors instead of Carnivals hinged slammers. I'm not a drinker, but along with their fares, one can also get a drink package included for a lot less than Carnival. Disclaimer: I have 40 carnival cruises and will still sail Carnival again only for a new ship, a crazy itinerary, or a casino fare. Otherwise, there's lots of other cruise lines and ships to explore! If you remember the thrill of your first cruise, you can get that feeling again on a different cruise line. On Carnival, it's the same old ship, the same old decor, the same menu and activities, on a different ship it's that sense of wonderment back, ah! JMO, YMMV
  13. Don't even bring it home. I give anything I don't want or can use to a red or blue card who will appreciate it.
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