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  1. My moms doctor knew we were going on a cruise....we came home...mom had shingles.....doctor said......you didn’t go in the hot tub did you? Yeah she did.....We have never gone in one since. Ick!
  2. Just remember the higher up the AFT the louder the music will be from H20 until 1am.
  3. No you keep the same booking number. It is basically a refresh of your pricing/perks.
  4. The problem is some people think they can manipulate / hurt other peoples perks by screwing over hard working employees, like they actually think that would matter. I could go broke in the casino and tip them on my next sailing and they would be ok with that. The irony was I hit a jackpot that sailing so I made sure to take care of them. I also made sure to let the appropriate people know who screwed them over for future reference. I find it funny that the person that made the most noise on this thread wasn't even on this sailing and she & the person they got their information from is hardly the epitome of what you would call a truth tellers.
  5. I stayed at Hard Rock AC for a few days when they opened and they had thermal imaging, 2 people got flagged when I was coming back in from the boardwalk, they had them walk through again and then told them to move to the side...about 15-17 feet away from the people on line. I hung back and watched security tell them to leave. Rooms were sealed with tape. I don’t remember if we had housekeeping service but I was able to get extra ashtrays, towels & toilet paper when I saw them in the hallway. Resorts only had a sign with a bunch of questions about fevers, where you traveled from etc...I was not impressed with those standards. I am heading back to Hard Rock soon, I will update if I see any changes to my prior trip.
  6. I am a casino player, you assume my price was more than the sailaway rate. You assumed wrong. I don’t pay retail. My price used to be about $80-$120 a week plus port fees before they standardized the admin fee to $20 per day with no fees on drinking and dining. It was free.
  7. It was free, really free for most of Kevin Sheehan's tenure. It was only towards the end of his career that NCL started charging....my guess was Frankie was already calling the shots at that point.
  8. He is the same person that had his phone reps lie to people regarding Covid-19. He also has not turned in a safety guideline to the CDC. It sounds like he is standing up for one thing only....
  9. Sorry to hear that. Good luck in your future endeavors.
  10. Oasis out of Bayonne for October is cancelled.
  11. Last year Royal Caribbean had a glitch on their beverage package, they honored the $18.00 a day and wrote a clever email about how they were going to go drown their sorrows while everyone else enjoyed the cheap booze package.
  12. But it is ok for NCL to sell those perks and basically downgrade the value to people who actually earned them like they did last year? FYI...I did not receive any phantom points so I don’t have a horse in this race....just stating my opinion. I also think if Kevin Sheehan was still at NCL he would have let the points stand as a gesture of good will...something that is lacking in the current management.
  13. Play hell would wind up with them locked in their room for the entirety of the cruise. It would serve them right too.
  14. Does anyone have a list of Lift & Shift comparable cabins by category?
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