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  1. I think I already stated that. I will gamble where I can smoke.
  2. Smokers have 1/4 of the casino floors in New Jersey and non-smokers have 3/4 of the casino and yet they still complain. Who should be more accommodating?
  3. How in the world would you know what Casino Marketers know........
  4. Not true. I live 15-20 minutes from a non smoking casino that I do not go to. I would rather drive 2.5 hours and go to a casino I can smoke in. Same thing with restaurants, if they do not have an outdoor deck I can smoke on, I do not go there either. Don't make blanket assumptions due to your own bias as people who assume............
  5. Add one more reason to never go to a Washington casino.
  6. I think it’s great that Kevin Sheehan is on top of it. His predecessor at NCL is to busy trying to figure out how to get that last nickel out of people’s pockets. #TeamSheehan
  7. The cruise lounge page as well as the others listed above.
  8. Well it did, and as yesterday there have been 27,552 deaths in my state alone and you are whining everywhere about lost commissions and chargebacks. The fact that you cannot see the level of obnoxiousness your threads are just astounds me.
  9. Just because you think someone looks able bodied doesn’t mean they are. That is an obnoxious assumption.
  10. No, Empire City, though I am probably 20 minutes from Aqueduct also but I assume it is no smoking either so I never bothered going there.
  11. Spoken like a true non gambler. You are exactly the kind of person a casino host does not want to cater to.
  12. When people use a bottle of leu-du-stink instead of antiperspirant I am pretty sure the non smokers smell it too.
  13. At that point smokers like myself had no interest in the property, so yes it went under and that was the main reason. Since the takeover and before the Covid crisis the new property allowed smoking and was finally turning a profit. So in answer to your question.......YES allowing smoking made all the difference in the world.
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