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  1. I agree and from what my TA found out do not expect any more Revolutionizing on Celebrity until 2022 at the earliest. I have been on older ships many times and other than maybe a few rust spots I have not ever seen anything I would classify as "Shabby". I would have enjoyed having the Infinity refurbished for next years cruise, but not having it will in no way effect our enjoyment of the cruise. We choose cruises for the itinerary not the age or when the last refurbishment was done. Last summer we did an Alaska cruise on the HAL Noordam which underwent refurbishment after the Alaska season last October. We saw terrible reviews talking about how "shabby" and tired looking the Noordam had become , but other than some carpet wear and tear and a few rust spots on our balcony, we saw nothing that looked shabby. It was a great cruise on a very nice ship.
  2. Yes I remember those days too and on our first and only X cruise in 2008 (pre Aqua Class) that was the case and we saw no difference between HAL and X. Now with the 4 perks we got for both of our 2021 cruises, we have free drinks, prepaid gratuities, free internet and OBC and all we will have to pay out of pocket are our shore excursions. One other X advantage is with the classic drink package you can pay the difference for any drinks over $9 or upgrade to the Premium package for $12 more pp per day, neither of these, you can do on HAL. We already plan on upgrading to the Premium drink package for the better wine by the glass selections, which will eliminate us needing to buy bottles for dinner. With all the X perks and OBC there will be no nickel and dimming charges like we got on HAL . We are very excited to be back on X next year.
  3. After 10 years of cruising with HAL we are coming back to Celebrity for the same above reasons. But the big thing that is brining us back is the exclusive fleetwide dinning room, Blu for AQ Class , something HAL does not have. HAL is starting something called Club Orange for Suite guest dinning but it is not fleetwide yet and will be just a roped off part of the MDR in most older ships. On HAL we usually booked Signature suite cabins that compare in price with Aqua Class but with very few amenities other than a larger cabin size. A Signature Suite is a suite in name only and has few extras and does not include free access to Club Orange dining unless you want to pay an extra $50pp per day fee. HAL rarely offers any perks when booking like the drinks package, pre paid gratuities, 150 OBC and free internet we got for our two 2021 X cruises.
  4. My TA got us better deals for both of our 2021 cruises on the Infinity in Europe than we found online. I have always used a TA and always will for several reasons, the main one being she works for me and not the cruise line. I have seen prices for 2021 cruises going up as more people who had 2020 canceled cruises are rebooking for next year.
  5. My TA got the 10% loyalty discount off the original low price we booked for our two cruises for next year, we also kept the same perks and OBC deals we got when we first booked that were not available currently. We are booked A1 AQ Class if that makes any difference.
  6. From what my TA found out, all Celebrity Revolution Refurbs that were canceled this year will not happen until 2022 at the earliest. It makes no sense that the FV cabins will not still be FV for the 2021 season, my understanding is they do not become the new Sunset Suites until the Revolutionizing is finished on the ship.
  7. We booked two cruises in 2021 on the Infinity believing that she would be revolutionized this November. We got a great deal on both cruises and are disappointed that she will not be refurbished but we will be on two great cruise itineraries and no way will we cancel. Being on an older ship that needs refurbishing is still way better than staying at home.🤣
  8. I got the email and my TA got it added to both of our cruises already booked for next year, it saved us over $1400 and we got to keep all of the previous perks and OBC deals when we originally booked. I am a very happy camper!!
  9. Thank you for this great response to yet another cheap skate who obviously hates auto gratuities on a cruise. Since he thinks he is in the RCCL forum he is just anther anti tipping troll!
  10. In M and S class ships Suite guests can order from both the Blu and MDR menu items for dinner in Luminae, so why do they need to take up the limited space in Blu? The Celebrity web site says AQ Class passengers get "exclusive" use of BLU for breakfast and dinner. To me Exclusive means exclusive for only AQ Class passengers. The Blu as a benefit for Suite guests should have ended when X added Luminae to the whole fleet for Suite guests and needs to be implemented in the post Covid virus sailings to maintain social distancing in Blu.
  11. I do not see what the problem is, just do it all at once and get it over with. Takes no more than 30 minutes as it is done now. So now this thread about the Celebrity revolution of their ships has been officially highjacked to one about Muster Drills.😵
  12. We have 2 cruises scheduled next year on the Infinity. We booked them believing that the Infinity would be revolutionized this November, which has now been canceled due to the Pandemic. We are very disappointed that the this update will not happen with new furnishings and updated room electronics in our AQ Class cabins, but we will be on a cruise ship going places we want to see.
  13. HAL has the MDR only open for lunch on sea days.
  14. We are booked on two cruises on the Infinity next year. Originally she was to be dry docked in November of this year to be Revolutionized but that was canceled due to the Pandemic. Has this been rescheduled for next year? We booked based upon the fact the ship was to be upgraded this year with new cabins and furniture. Quote
  15. I received the same email but it doesn't say it is good for any existing bookings. I have 2 cruises booked for next year. One is with a NDR and the other has a fully refundable deposit, can I rebook for this fare and save with the NRD booking and not lose my deposit?
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