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  1. Is the Apex going to now sit in port until cruises resume next year?
  2. In the 3 years I traveled to Beijing I remember only seeing a "blue" sky maybe once, people wore masks in the streets not for a virus but for the terrible pollution.
  3. Thank you. I flew to Beijing and or Shanghai twice a month for almost 3 years, but I got over my loss and got into another line of business that turned out to be very profitable. While things were good we were treated by the Chinese officials like hero's, once things started going bad they would literally turn their backs on us and walk out of meetings. At one of our last meetings we told our Chinese partners we were going to file law suits against them and they basically said good luck with that since they controlled the court system in China. and any judgments in the USA would be unenforceable.
  4. I was a partner in a company that negotiated a contract with the Chinese government in the late 1990's. After two years of getting screwed over by the Chicoms we pulled out of the deal. I personally lost over $400,000 and learned a good lesson, do not trust the Chinese on anything. They do not believe in the rule of law and the sanctity of contracted deals. They are one of the most corrupt countries in the world and yes look back at how many viruses over the last 30 years have originated in China. It doesn't take a Brainiac to know they have lied to the world about Covid 19 and their infection and mortality rates from the very beginning. I refuse to ever travel to or in China and try hard to never buy anything made in China.
  5. Are you sure? My understanding is that the drinks packages include gratuities except for any portion of the cost that is above the maximum $9 (Classic) or $15 (Premium) drinks cost. For example, if I you order a $9 drink there is no extra charge for any gratuity. Or a $10 drink on the classic would be charged the $1 plus 20% ($.20) gratuity or $1.20. My question above is more about how the BT or server is compensated for drinks served to someone with either of the drinks packages. Our cruises for next year both have drinks packages included from booking promos, the first time we have ever used any drinks package on a cruise. I also believe the gratuity for drinks is 20% not 18% on Celebrity.
  6. How about those of us on a drinks package, how are the BTs or servers compensated since the drinks package includes the gratuities?
  7. Our first cruise back in the 1990's was on the Carnival Fascination from Puerto Rico (It was a free cruise too) and we decided the same thing that there had to something better than a ship full of people eating and drinking 24/7.
  8. What was the publication date of the article? I think it was from last week.
  9. Ken, where in Alabama do you live? We lived in Helena Alabama from 2004 to 2014 before we moved back to Texas.
  10. Some places are free and others take my Medicare Advantage insurance. For example the local Shriners Temple has drive up free testing but they have long lines so we use an Urgent Care located close to our home and they take our insurance with no waiting lines, just walk in and do the test. However, the Urgent care will not do the test if you come in with a fever, if you have one they will refer you to drive up sites like the Shriner's Temple. We get the results back in 48 hours or less by email from the Urgent Care.
  11. I can understand your thoughts. Sounds like you have PCTSS, Pandemic Cruise Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Hope time and a vaccine will relieve your fears.
  12. Thank you, she is doing well so far and the prognosis is very good.
  13. Here in San Antonio, Texas anyone can use one of the many testing sites without any symptoms to be tested. Our daughter is going through 6 months of Chemo for breast cancer and we get tested before we travel to Dallas to visit just to be cautious and protect her suppressed immune system.
  14. In one of the medical articles I read this week, that here are only 5 world wide confirmed cases of reinfection with Covid 19 if true is extremely rare. and should not be an issue to worry about.
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