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  1. I know many disagree with the return of the "Cruise Atlas" or "wish book" but it is so much nicer and somehow feels more personal to thumb through this hard copy than to shop for cruises on the internet!
  2. Thanks. Our next cruise is with Princess. Your positive comments have convinced me that we made a great decision!
  3. I think I need a disagree button! It definitely is not BS for people to be cautious and continue wearing masks on land as well as at sea!. Many areas in both Canada and the U.S. still have high case rates of Covid. And if people continue to wear masks they are NOT beaten into submission.
  4. In the past (before Covid), there would be a note in your cabin when you boarded. You would take this note to the dining room and give to your waiter. He would call over the head waiter and then you could make arrangements with him regarding what foods are nut free or can be modified. When we have gone to a specialty restaurant I just speak to the waiter and he has always looked after getting the head waiter for me.
  5. Congrats to the OP on 2 retirements and a 30th anniversary! All huge accomplishments!!! I will be following along.
  6. I agree with AZjohn... been there once and that was enough. Flew in the day of and because of delays, missed the ship. With the itinerary we were doing, we didn't catch up until Day 3.
  7. This was rolled out shortly before the pandemic. First time we enjoyed this was on the Sky, last cruise before shutdown. One evening the Captain and some senior officers joined the group which was an added nice touch.
  8. Thanks for giving us the schedule poffles. I forgot to tune in or record last night but will set up to record the rest. We were on the Sky when they were filming ... will have to see if we made the finished cut! LOL.
  9. Our last cruise was on the Sky Princess (Feb to March 2020). There was a film crew from Mighty Cruise Ships on during our first week ... will have to watch and see.
  10. That is "the pot calling the kettle black!"
  11. We are staying in Canada as well this year. Have spent 2 weeks at a resort and 4 days in Niagara on the Lake. Hopefully our cruising will resume in 2022 (20 days in March and 28 in the fall booked). We just moved another cancelled cruise to May 2023.
  12. I would take the upgrade for that increase. We have done fall crossings - sometimes the weather has been mild enough to sit outside other times we have just enjoyed the sun from in the cabin.
  13. Booked this this morning, some repeat ports and some new. It will be a long wait until May 2023!
  14. The peanut allergy is the reason. Even the smell of peanuts can affect some people,
  15. Not booked lately, however we do have a cruise from Florida in November. Originally booked well over a year ago -- a Med, followed by a TA and then followed by 10 days Caribbean. The first 2 were cancelled by the cruise line but not the last one. Final payment is not until late August so we have some time before making a final decision. We are vaccinated and depending on border openings and the testing/quarantine situation we will weigh the pros and cons.
  16. We got it as well... very disappointing. 4 cruises booked so $400. OBC gone.
  17. Yes I did. I was replying to someone that inquired about buying one package that was for 4 devices and could be shared. Obviously you missed something.
  18. I know ... it has been so long since we cruised it is hard to remember. Last few cruises were just DH & I and we had Princess + but early 2018 took son & DIL and was 4 devices on one (one at a time). Perhaps it had changed to allow all on at once. Who knows how anything will be when we cruise in the future?????
  19. 4 can share, done it with our son & DIL, however only one can be on the internet at a time and you have to all use the same log in.
  20. We have kept the Nov. 30 sailing as well. Hoping all goes smoothly on the 10th & 20th sailings before we board.
  21. Lets hope so. Like srpilo, our first choice would be the lunch.
  22. I see it every time I go in as well on all of our upcoming cruises.
  23. My choice this afternoon will be the concert with Annie Lennox and afternoon tea before heading up to get dressed for formal night. And the only U.S. royal palace is in Honolulu. The progressive trivia questions were difficult! I didn't do too well/ Gail
  24. Hi Ellie, Just joined in again and will try my hand at the questions: 1. I think London is further north??? 4. Ecuador own the Galapagos Islands. 5. Schubert's String Quartet 14 is called Death and the Maid. Hope I win, I need a trip, not sure where I will return yet!
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