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  1. I suppose I should humor you, so I'd love to hear your "good advice" on this. We have seven cruises booked for 2022, and once RCL releases its next slice of itineraries we will probably book 5-10 more. Right now we have two that qualify for double points, two more that would qualify if RCL moved the sail by date out to the end of April, and three that are well outside of any conceivable 2022 Double Points window. So in your expert opinion: Which of our 2022 cruise would you suggest we "Cancel and take the refund. No one knows how this will turn out, take your money now and reb
  2. https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/public-health/states-ranked-by-percentage-of-covid-19-vaccines-administered.html
  3. Probably not far off. I presume that the CDC CSO requirements are for a ship to certify out of its "Home" port. Since Allure is scheduled to begin her PC home port run on May 3, she may very well be getting ready to start her test cruise procedures.
  4. I would expect that the issues in New Hampshire are a combination of limited supply, dispersion of population (there's a lot of miles between population centers, and a relative lack of medical infrastructure (not hospitals per se, but hospitals that are equipped to handle the vaccines currently on the market). Throw in a typical New England winter, and even the best laid plans go out the window. Even with all of that NH is doing better than a lot of states: 20. New Hampshire Doses distributed to state: 162,950 Doses administered: 93,338 Percentage of distributed v
  5. I would be happy if they did both, I just don't think they will.
  6. They may extend the sail by date, but I doubt they will extend the book by date - at least for the double points promo. L&S is a different value proposition for them.
  7. JMHO, but I would expect that once we are past the 1/31 “book by” date that locks in the promos that it gates, we will see the double points and L&S promos extended to line up with the proposed May 1 restart.
  8. Just an attempt to get back remotely close to the topic the OP started...
  9. Got our first Moderna on 12/30. Getting our second dose on 1/26. First one was painless with no side effects. Hopefully the second one will be as well.
  10. Makes sense. The hospitals are probably the major bottleneck in administering the Pfizer vaccine because the way that the vaccine was designed and its highly restricted storage almost demands that it has to be administered in the hospital (or in closely controlled facilities within earshot of the hospital). It is unfortunate that the one piece of the broader distribution process that is lagging is the one piece that is under direct control of the Feds. Hopefully that will change. Here in Florida, FDs and EMTs are going to long term care facilities and doing ~500 jabs a day. The gov has also e
  11. Arcane state reporting system that can’t handle the demand, so health departments are just letting the paperwork pile up until they have time to bludgeon it into the state’s systems. Tough to input 2000-3000 immunization records/week x 67 counties into a system that was never designed to handle more than a small fraction of that inflow.
  12. It isn’t so much that new allocations aren’t coming in, as much as it is which vaccine is in use. Pfizer requires completely different parameters than Moderna. What I’ve seen in Florida is that administration of Pfizer is lagging because of the storage requirements - which limit its use to hospitals and large counties that have invested in the freezers necessary. Moderna is going into arms as fast as it comes in to the state.
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