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  1. It’s called a CYA and limit the damage email. Captured the text and saved it so when mine are screwed up I can quote the email back to RCL.
  2. March 10, and we received these FCC credits on the first two cruises on March 19.
  3. We cancelled four cruises the day that the CWC program was announced, and before any suspensions went into effect. Our first two FCC receipts for our March and April cruises clearly show the expiration date as 12/31/21. We haven't received the FCCs yet for the two July cruises we cancelled on the same day.
  4. IMO, the old, small ships will all eventually go. Any ship going into "cold" layup will never sail under the RCL banner again. Vision class will be first active ships to disappear, followed by radiance class. I also expect that RCL will begin replacing these ships with newbuilds that have similar vertical profiles (so RCL can continue to service popular markets like Baltimore, Tampa, Alaska, and European, but they will be both longer and wider to allow for capacity and amenities found on their larger ships.
  5. Yes, we had a B2B the end of march and the first week of april, and cancelled them as soon as the CWC announcement came out. Since they were fully paid off, we got FCCs on both of them, and applied the larger of the two to an existing September 7-night cruise. When RCL enhanced the CWC program, we cancelled the September cruise as well. We took the original FCC and reapplied it to a 7-night Harmony cruise at the end of January 2021. We did the move using the online link.
  6. Had a completely different experience. Cancelled an April 4-night cruise under CWC, and applied the FCC to a September 2020 cruise. Then cancelled the September cruise and was able to move the FCC to a January 2021 cruise.
  7. We also received FCCs for a cruise we cancelled under CWC for July 10, 2020. The expiration date was listed as May 28, 2021. My best guess is that the email is system generated, and they never bothered to update the underlying code that generates it.
  8. it may be that late has all been pre-booked already. Try calling and see if you can at least waitlist.
  9. Don’t think reducing capacity will be as big an issue as some believe. There are a lot of cancellations currently for both 2020 and 2021cruises, and all a RCL has to do to effectively reduce capacity on those cruises is to simply take the cancelled cabins out of inventory. For cruises later out in 2021 and 2022 that might have the same capacity restrictions ( a big unknown at this time) that haven’t been fully booked yet, they just need to take the unsold cabins out of inventory.
  10. According to the Bahamian Government, Coco Cay is privately owned by RCCL. It is still part of the Bahamas, as are several other privately owned islands in the chain.
  11. IMO, Cruise Lines will avoid porting in the Bahamas until or unless this requirement is withdrawn. Even though Coco Cay is privately owned, it is still part of the Bahamas, and it uses Bahamanian staff to keep it running.
  12. The true definition of getting the "Covid 19"
  13. Yes, but access to sick bays are generally closed off when ships are in port.
  14. Then your first one should have said bear not bare😉
  15. Is it that the L&S has to be executed before 8/1, or is L&S good for cruises booked before 8/1. The language is confusing.
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